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Health Tip: Daughter's First Gynecological Exam

Prepare her to ask question and answer questions to guard against 'surprises'

(HealthDay News) -- Most doctors recommend a young woman have her first gynecological exam at the latest, age 18.

The Nemours Foundation recommends parents give their daughters a sense of what to expect during the exam to make her feel more comfortable.

Parents should ask their daughters what kind of health professional she prefers. For example, would she feel more comfortable seeing a male or female, someone older or younger? Also, ask your daughter if she would prefer your being in the room with her during the exam. If this is the case, always allow for alone time between the doctor and your daughter so she doesn't hold back any important information.

It's also a good idea to tell your daughter what procedures are performed during the exam to alleviate any anxiety. Notify her of the questions the doctor may ask as well.

After the exam, be sure to talk to your daughter about the experience, and make sure she was comfortable with her doctor. Encourage her to visit the gynecologist every year to remain healthy and informed.

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