Preparing Pets for an Emergency

Have a copy of your animal's medical records

(HealthDay) -- Pets can offer their owners great comfort in times of crisis. But if you want to benefit from that potential comfort, you need to be ready for an emergency, like a flood or a house fire, says the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The agency says you need to do several things to make sure you and your pet are prepared. For starters, because most emergency shelters don't allow pets, find out which hotels and motels in your area accept them. Second, make sure you have a secure pet carrier handy. Also, be certain your pet has identification on its collar that is securely attached.

FEMA also recommends that you put together a pet emergency kit that includes food, a dinner dish, medicines and copies of medical records so you can easily take them with you if you have to leave your home.

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