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Health Tip: Preventing Staph Infection

Wash those germs away

MONDAY Feb. 28, 2005 (HealthDay News) -- Staph infections have been in the news in recent years after well-publicized outbreaks among some professional football players. They are likely spread through rough play, shared towels, whirlpools and weights.

But the best defense -- on or off the field -- may be better hygiene habits. Good hygiene helps prevent both staph and methicillin-resistant skin infections, says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which offers these suggestions:

  • Keep hands clean by washing thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Keep cuts and abrasions clean and covered with a proper dressing (for example, bandage) until healed.
  • Avoid contact with other people's wounds or material contaminated from wounds.
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