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Whole-Body CT Scans Can Miss Traumatic Injuries: Study

ER doctors should wait 30 minutes before ordering them, researchers say

Bullying May Raise Risk of Suicidal Thoughts: Study

Both victims, bullies more likely to consider taking own life by age 11

Support for Tougher Liquor Laws Rises When Booze, Crime Linked

Study shows people more likely to back idea after seeing news coverage connecting the two

Good Football Helmet Fit Key to Preventing Brain Injuries

But there's no such thing as a concussion-proof helmet, studies show

U.S. Teen Driving Deaths Up: Report

Fatalities for 16- and 17-year-olds rose 11 percent in 2011, the first increase in years

'Needlestick' Law Linked to Drop in Health Worker Injuries

Researchers found a 38% decline in these skin-puncture wounds after 2001 law took effect

Many U.S. Teens Hit the Road Without Driver's Ed: Survey

Hispanics, blacks, males less likely to get formal training when it's not required by state law

One 'Silver Lining' to Recession: Fewer Broken Bones?

Florida study finds less orthopedic trauma cases as construction workers lost jobs

Health Tip: Help Prevent Ice Skating Accidents

Follow these safety guidelines

Health Tip: How to Protect Seniors From Injury

Devise a home safety checklist

Science Shows How Massage Eases Sore Muscles

Getting one post-workout can spur cellular processes that cut inflammation and pain

Health Tip: Strained a Hamstring?

Here's how to help it heal

Health Tip: Clean a Wound Carefully

And help reduce the risk of infection

Severe Brain Injury When Young May Have Long-Term Effects

Good home environment helps overcome some deficits, studies find

Protect Yourself From Ski-Fatigue Injuries

Expert recommends conditioning exercises to keep skiers, snowboarders healthy

U.S. Work-Related Injuries, Illnesses Take Toll on the Till

Costs related to occupational health reach $250 billion annually, researcher says

British Troops Have Lower Rate of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Study looked at prevalence among U.S., U.K. military personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan

Antidepressants Might Raise Fall Risk in Nursing Homes

Residents with dementia taking so-called SSRIs seem to be at higher risk of injury, study suggests

Knee Arthritis May Speed Up Process Linked to Cell Aging

People with osteoarthritis have increased cell deterioration nearest to damaged joint, study finds

Younger Adults on Multiple Meds at Risk for Falls: Study

Injury risk was doubled compared to those with fewer prescriptions

Injuries to Pedestrians Wearing Headphones Tripled Since 2004

Unaware of surroundings, they're hit by cars, even trains, report says

Brain Structure Adapts to Arm Injury, Study Says

Finding could influence post-stroke rehabilitation

'Safety-First' Playgrounds Linked to Bored, Inactive Kids: Study

Review of daycares suggests many preschoolers play less now, but safety experts support newer equipment

Maggots Quickly Clean Up Wounds, Study Shows

Use of bagged fly larvae can be effective for standard lesions, but only within first week

Study Looks at Stroke Risks in Teen Football Players

Possible factors include obesity and anabolic-steroid use, researchers say

Toy Safety Tips Help Protect Kids

Experts offer precautions for parents and gift-givers alike

Millions of Americans Are Victims of Sexual Violence: CDC

Rape, stalking, physical violence widespread in the U.S., report finds

Walking While Drunk Can Lead to Deadly Accidents: Expert

Many pedestrians struck and killed by cars have been drinking

Injuries Linked to Holiday Decorating on the Rise

Fires from candles, frayed electric light wires can prove deadly, experts warn

U.S. Safety Board Urges Nationwide Ban on Drivers' Use of Cellphones

Recent texting-linked tragedy in Missouri points to the need for national approach, board says

Burn-Casualty Soldiers at High Risk for Kidney Injury, Study Finds

Condition can be deadly for U.S. troops evacuated from Iraq, Afghanistan

Few With Acute Kidney Injury See Specialists, Study Finds

Researchers urge greater efforts to identify and treat these patients

Taxi Drivers Show How Learning Changes Adult Brain

New study suggests brain is adaptable, learning is lifelong

Girls More Prone Than Boys to Headaches After Head Injury

They can last for months but in most cases will disappear, study finds

Kids of All Weights Benefit From Car Seats

Even overweight children safer when using the correct seat for their height and weight, study finds

Could Soccer 'Headers' Cause Brain Injury?

MRI study suggests repetitive hits might be harmful, but more research needed

One-Third of Firefighter Injuries Are Exercise-Induced: Study

Sprains and strains most common injuries on the job

Acupuncture Safe for Children, Review Finds

Serious side effects generally related to less well-trained practitioners

Routine Head Hits in Sports May Injure Brain, Experts Warn

Scans of young athletes reveal concussion-like damage from repeated mild blows

One in 12 Teens Engages in Self-Harm: Report

Practice often disappears by adulthood, but can be a predictor of suicide

Former Football Players' Brains May Benefit From Healthy Lifestyle

Better diet, more exercise might delay cognitive decline linked to head trauma, study says

Doctors Might Miss Some Cases of Child Abuse

Primary care providers failed to note some suspicious injuries, study found

Newer Not Necessarily Better for Football Helmet Design

Comparison of old 'leatherhead' and modern polycarbonate helmets shows updates still needed

Earthquakes Put Millions of Lives, Major Cities at Risk

One of three victims will die from their injuries in massive temblors, researchers estimate

Spooky Contacts Can Be a Nightmare for Your Eyes

Infections, even blindness, may result from nonprescription contact lenses, FDA warns

Experts Offer 'Lucky 13' Tips for Safe and Healthy Halloween

List includes what to wear, trick-or-treating pointers, food and drinks to avoid

Experts Offer 'Lucky 13' Tips for Safe and Healthy Halloween

List includes what to wear, trick-or-treating pointers, food and drinks to avoid

Spooky Contacts Can Be a Nightmare for Your Eyes

Infections, even blindness, may result from nonprescription contact lenses, FDA warns

Children With Head Injuries Can Face Lifetime of Problems

Study documents persistent skill deficits two years after moderate or severe trauma

Car Crash Injury Risk Greater for Women Drivers: Study

Their smaller size, preferred seating posture may make them more vulnerable