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Health Tip: Keep Baby Safe Around Stairs

And help prevent falls

(HealthDay News) -- As babies crawl and toddlers toddle around the house, the stairs become a dangerous hazard.

The Nemours Foundation suggests how to prevent accidents involving stairs:

  • Don't allow a baby or young child to be near the stairs unsupervised, even with a gate installed.
  • Get rid of loose toys, clothes and other clutter on the stairs.
  • Cover wide spaces on banisters and railings with a guard.
  • Install a safety gate at the top and bottom of stairs; opt for one that's mounted with hardware, rather than a pressure-mounted one.
  • Don't use an accordion-style gate; your child's head can get stuck in one.
  • Once he or she is old enough, show your little one how to safely get down the stairs backward.
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