Health Tip: Protect Your Child From Backpack Injuries

Learn the warning signs

(HealthDay News)- Loaded backpacks can strain young backs and shoulders, causing pain and injury.

Prevent backpack injuries by lightening the load. Check your child's backpack each day, and remove any items that aren't needed. Also, make sure the child uses both straps, to distribute the load evenly.

Here are warning signs that your child's backpack may be too heavy, courtesy of the U.S. National Safety Council:

  • A difference in posture when wearing the backpack.
  • Significant difficulty in putting the backpack on or taking it off.
  • Complaints of pain or discomfort when the backpack is on.
  • Red marks on the skin from the backpack straps.
  • Feelings of numbness or a tingling sensation, especially in the back or shoulders.
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