Health Tip: Toddler-Proof Your Home

Protect your child from injury

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(HealthDay News) -- As your baby grows and learns to walk, it's important to prepare your home to keep your toddler safe and injury-free.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine suggests how to toddler-proof your home:

  • Use safety devices such as electrical outlet covers, baby gates, window guards, and toilet seat and cabinet locks.
  • Never leave your toddler alone, even for a short time. More toddlers have dangerous accidents than do children of any other age.
  • Prevent falls by keeping doors closed, stairs gated off, and keep chairs and ladders away from your toddler.
  • Keep all medications and household cleaning products locked up and out of your toddler's way.
  • Keep your child out of the kitchen to prevent burns and other injuries.


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