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Health Tip: Use a Child-Safety Gate

How to choose one

(HealthDay News) - Safety gates are an important way to prevent injuries among children in the home.

Here are guidelines for how to choose a safety gate, courtesy of the Nemours Foundation:

  • Choose a gate that is securely mounted to the door frame with hardware, and that doesn't leave any openings to pinch little fingers.
  • Be careful with gates that use pressure or tension to keep them secured in a doorway. Never place this type of gate in front of stairs, as it may be more easily removed by children.
  • Make sure that the bar on pressure gates is on the side away from the child's access.
  • Leave no more than 2 inches at the bottom of the gate to prevent a child from trying to slide underneath.
  • Choose a gate that is difficult to climb on or over.
  • Only use gates that are safety approved and certified, and have no sharp or dangerous parts that could hurt a child.
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