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Lengthy Hospital Transfers May Hamper Heart Attack Care

Recommended time is seldom met in switching patients to angioplasty or stent facility, study finds

Older Women Have More Post-Surgical Breast Reduction Infections

Researchers say lower hormone levels in women over 50 may explain it

1st Artificial Windpipe Made With Stem Cells Seems Successful

Using patient's own cells to create custom airway cut risk for transplant rejection, scientists say

More Blacks Die in Hospital After Diverticulitis Surgery

Racial differences in survival were seen even among those with health insurance, study finds

Surgery May Boost Survival With Dangerous Heart Condition

Heart valve replacement is better than drugs alone for some endocarditis patients, researchers say

Thin People May Be at Greater Risk for Post-Surgery Death

40% higher risk in low weight than overweight patients but reasons aren't clear, researchers say

Colon Surgery Linked to High Readmission Rates

Patients often return to the hospital for preventable surgical-site infections, researchers say

Painkiller Dependence Before Knee Surgery May Slow Recovery

Researchers suggest weaning patients off opioids before procedure is performed

Sunken Chest Demands Prompt Evaluation, Expert Says

Though rarely life-threatening, pediatric condition could indicate underlying disorder

Losing Weight May Help Fight Gum Disease

Obese people who shed pounds showed improvements in gum health

Pneumonia Most Common Infection After Heart Surgery

Nearly half of serious infections occur 14 days after patients are discharged, study shows

New Bypass Surgery for Stroke Riskier Than Drug Treatment

Medicine is safer for mini-stroke patients, as effective as new procedure, study finds

Timing May Be Key to Successful Back Surgery

Waiting longer than six months to repair herniated disc may hinder recovery, study says

Vitamin D Lacking in Many Spine Surgery Patients

Younger patients in study more likely to have low levels of bone-building vitamin

FDA OKs Heart Valve That Does Not Require Open-Heart Surgery

Experts believe the device will expand options for frailer, sicker patients

Obese Women Face Higher Complication Risk After Breast Surgery

Post-op inflammation is 20 times more likely than in non-obese women, study finds

New Technique to Remove Skull Tumors May Mean Less Scarring

Surgeons go in through a 'natural' opening behind the molars

Exparel Approved for Post-Surgery Pain

Provides relief up to 72 hours

Thyroid Surgery Linked to Improved Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Many patients had less snoring after thyroidectomy, study finds

Nipple-Sparing Mastectomies May Be Right for Some

Women who undergo procedure to ward off cancer may be among those best suited, study finds

Slower Walking Speed Linked to Surgical Risk in Elderly

Before surgery, older patients should be assessed differently than younger patients, researchers say

Illegal Silicone Buttock Injections Can Be Deadly: Experts

At least one woman died and others came close after illicit procedures from non-physicians

Breast Reconstruction Boosts Women's Emotional Well-Being: Study

Surgery using abdominal tissue led to rapid psychological recovery, but had physical side effects

Older Drivers More Cautious Than Younger Ones After Surgery

That makes older drivers safer drivers, experts say

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Tied to Higher Risk of Post-Op Blood Clots

Findings suggest clot-preventing measures should be considered in this patient group, researchers say

Health Tip: Health Tip: Managing Pain After Surgery

Feeling better can help speed recovery

Breast Radiation After Lumpectomy Saves Lives: Study

Recurrence rate halved compared to those who undergo breast-conserving surgery alone, research shows

Obese, Asthmatic Kids Need Special Care Under Anesthesia

Studies find obese children have twice as many respiratory complications, need less anesthetic

Weight Loss Surgery Can Help Whole Families: Study

Researchers found relatives living with those getting gastric bypass procedure also lost weight

For Many, Epilepsy Surgery Effective Long-Term

Almost half of patients are seizure-free 10 years later, study finds

Blacks Fare Worse Than Whites After Colon Cancer Surgery

Researchers say various factors, including biology and health care access, may be to blame

Many Medicare Patients Get Surgeries in Last Year of Life: Study

Wide variations seen in number of procedures, depending on region where patient lives

Anemia Could Add to Surgical Risks

Likelihood of complications, death higher for patients with this blood disorder, study says

General Anesthesia Does Not Boost Cancer Risk, Study Finds

New research doesn't support previous reports of a link between cancer and anesthesia

Could Surgery, Anesthesia While Very Young Hamper Kids' Development?

Study suggests link for multiple procedures for those under 2, but more research needed

Small Study Links Surgery and Anesthesia With Alzheimer's

Post-op changes in cerebral spinal fluid may indicate progression of brain disease, experts say

Surgeon Experience Matters in Neck Artery Procedure: Study

Patient death rate within 30 days higher if doctor has less experience with carotid stenting

Spinal Surgery Riskier for Certain Patients, Study Finds

Researchers pinpoint factors that make some more vulnerable to complications after surgery

Check Plastic Surgeon's Credentials or Risk Tragic Results, Experts Warn

Some doctors lack training and certification, botch operations, plastic surgeons say

Most Patients Want Experienced Surgeons, Not Trainees

Most support teaching hospitals, but few want a junior resident performing their operation

Too Few Uninsured Women Get Info on Breast Reconstruction

All women should be informed of post-mastectomy options, researchers say

Many Unaware of Plastic Surgery Options After Weight Loss Procedures

Plastic surgeons want follow-up 'body contouring' procedures to be covered by insurance

Two Varicose Veins Treatments Equally Effective

Laser procedure was linked to better cosmetic outcome and blood flow, study found

Gene Variant May Raise Death Risk After Heart Bypass

Finding may someday help doctors better assess patient's prognosis, study says

More Mammograms Equal More Mastectomies: Study

But experts urge women to continue to get screened

For Young Breast Cancer Patients, Breast-Conserving Therapy Appears Effective

Two studies find similar survival for women under 40 with a lumpectomy or a mastectomy

Is Breast Reduction After Weight Loss Surgery Best?

Small study finds obese women tend to be unhappy with appearance if they get breast surgery first

Babies Born With Heart Disease Often Harmed by Gut Bacteria

Toxins that get into blood can affect organ function in these vulnerable children, study finds

Heart Disease May Pose Problems in Orthopedic Surgery Patients

Risk of clotting or bleeding complications higher among this group, study says