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Surgery May Beat Antibiotics for Appendicitis, Study Finds

But the drugs should be tried first in uncomplicated cases, an expert says

Heart Bypass Surgery Rates Drop Dramatically, Study Finds

But researchers say it's still the best option for certain patients

Women Often Deprived of Life-Saving Heart Procedures: Study

Doctors more likely to perform angioplasty, heart surgery on men, researchers say

Breast Cancer Recurrence Rates Appear Different When Radiation Used

Early finding shows fewer local recurrences in short term, more invasive recurrences in long run

Most Cancer Survivors Would Sacrifice Healthy Breast Again: Study

20 years after double mastectomy, 97% say they would make same decision

New Clues to How Gastric Bypass Surgery Combats Diabetes

Levels of amino acids linked to insulin resistance drop right after procedure

No Long-Term Effects Seen From Anesthesia in Infancy

Study offers reassurance for parents of babies who need surgery, but more research urged

When Size Matters, Men Can Turn to Penile Extenders: Study

Technique is non-invasive, effective, researchers claim

Shorter Hospital Stays, More Readmissions After Hip Replacements

Many patients also discharged to skilled nursing facilities, long-term analysis of Medicare data shows

Breast Implants, Lymphoma Link Seen

RAND researchers don't find cause and effect, however

People With DNR Orders More Apt to Die After Any Surgery

Death and complication rate higher even in non-emergency procedures, study found

Hungover Surgeons Make More Mistakes: Study

In simulated surgeries, students and experts who drank excessively the night before performed more poorly

Donor Lungs Kept Alive Outside Body

Technique could dramatically increase number of lungs available for transplant, says surgeon

Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis Seems Effective Years Later: Study

Spines remain healthy a decade after surgery, researchers say

Could Stomach 'Pacemaker' Be New Weight-Loss Tool?

Not yet approved in the U.S, the device sends tiny impulses to nerves to signal fullness sooner

Weight Linked to Complications in Some Hysterectomy Patients

Bleeding, infections more likely in obese and underweight women, study finds

Implantable Device May Lower Tough-to-Treat Hypertension

Electrical jolt tricks body into regulating blood pressure, researchers say

Clamp Device for Leaky Heart Valve Seems Effective

Small study suggests MitraClip may help some with mitral regurgitation avoid open-heart surgery

Bypass Surgery Best for Some Heart Failure Patients

It may be better than medication alone, researchers report

Minimally Invasive Heart-Valve Procedure Shows Promise: Study

FDA approval still pending; at least one doctor says it's not ready for widespread use

Nerve Block Treatment May Ease Stubborn High Blood Pressure

Procedure normalized levels in 39% of patients with resistant hypertension, early research shows

Weight-Loss Surgery May Cut Migraine Pain in Obese Patients

Frequency of disabling headaches was reduced for more than half, small study finds

Teens' Weight Loss Surgery May Weaken Bones

Benefits may still exceed risks, but experts urge caution for young patients

'Surgeon Enthusiasm' May Spur Higher Rates of Back Pain Procedures: Study

The number of these operations varies widely across the U.S, researchers point out

Eye Surgery May Benefit Some Patients With Facial Paralysis

Treatment to close the eye improves comfort, quality of life, small study says

40% of Gastric Banding Patients Have Complications

Nearly half must have the weight-loss bands removed years later, small Belgian study finds

Pressure to Look Young May Be Sending More Men to Plastic Surgeons

Report finds increase in range of cosmetic procedures among American males

Bypass Surgery, Stents Seem to Bring Same Level of Relief

Certain heart patients fare equally well, researchers report

Gastric Bypass Patients Take Longer to Process Alcohol, Study Finds

They should not drink and drive, experts say

Hospital Referral Program May Not Improve Surgery Outcome

Initiative to increase use of high-volume facilities has negligible results, study finds

Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery May Outweigh Risks for Some, Experts Say

American Heart Association statement points to heart health improvements in severely obese people

No Complications From Quitting Smoking as Surgery Nears: Study

And quitting is always a good idea, researchers add

Early Rehab May Help Speed Recovery After Knee Surgery

Joint replacement patients who began therapy within 24 hours were discharged sooner: study

For Severe Sinusitis, Oral Steroids an Option, Study Says

But experts note that the drugs, while beneficial, run the risk of side effects

Spinal Fusion Surgery May Leave Some Back Pain Patients Worse Off: Study

Those who got operation were less likely to return to work than those treated in other ways

Kids With Perforated Appendix May Benefit From Early Surgery

Benefits include less time lost, fewer complications, study finds

Going 'Green' May Cut Hospital Costs

Even surgical staff can reduce waste without harming patients, study says

Gastric Bypass Best for Weight Loss, Study Finds

Also better than lap-banding, sleeve surgery at improving, eliminating type 2 diabetes

Study Finds Too Many Surgical Breast Biopsies Performed

More U.S. women with abnormal mammograms should be getting less invasive needle biopsies, experts note

Weight Loss Surgery May Cut Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Obese patients who lost 57 pounds in 6 months saw significant improvements, study finds

Views on Pitchers' Elbow Surgery Called 'Disturbing'

Survey finds effect of pitch counts underestimated, benefits overestimated

That Squeaking Sound Might Come From Your New Hip

Noise can arise from ceramic hip replacements, but experts say users shouldn't be alarmed

In-Hospital Blood Sugar Levels Should Be Higher: Report

New recommendations slightly higher than those of leading diabetes group

Facial Surgery May Offer Long-Term Migraine Relief for Some

But it should be used only as a 'last resort,' expert cautions

Fetal Surgery Could Boost Outcomes in Severe Spina Bifida

Delicate in utero procedure cut rates of disability, but does come with risks, study finds

Not All Birthmarks Harmless, Expert Says

Because of size and potential growth pattern, some may need dermatologist's assessment

Removing Many Lymph Nodes in Early Breast Cancer Not Always Needed: Study

With lumpectomy and radiation, only taking out one or two did not harm survival

Heart Enzymes May Predict Outcome After Bypass Surgery

Elevated levels linked to increased risk of death, researchers say

As Economy Picks Up, So Do Number of Nips & Tucks

Facelifts alone jumped by 9% in 2010, plastic surgeons' groups says

Minorities With Severe Leg Blockages at Higher Risk of Amputation

Study finds they tend to have lower incomes, seek care at smaller hospitals