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New Criteria Could Expand Number of Liver Transplant Candidates

Closer look at tumors boosts chances for those denied under current protocols, study says

Intestinal 'Sleeve' Mimics Effects of Gastric Bypass

Tests in rats show treatment device could be used to treat obesity in humans

Report Confirms Source of Contaminated Heparin

A man-made chemical was added to the blood thinner imported from China

More High-Risk Women Preempt Breast Cancer

Growing number with genetic, familial susceptibilities opt for double mastectomy

Another Study Warns of Risk From Cardiac Surgery Drug

Patients given Trasylol have a higher death risk, data review finds

Surgery a Boon for Most Common Form of Epilepsy

But too few patients are having the procedure, study says

Radioactive 'Seed' Rx Helps Women With Implants Fight Breast Cancer

In these cases, the implant makes it more difficult to treat the malignancy, experts explain

Anesthesia Type Won't Influence Neck Artery Surgery Outcomes

Study may settle debate on safety of general vs. local delivery

Limited Value Found for First-Generation Heart Pumps

But newer models are much more effective, expert says

'Fresh' Transfusions Improve Odds for Cancer Patients After Surgery

But only if the blood was less than nine days old, study found

Dental Implants Need More Work Than Root Canals

Review suggests preserving natural teeth should be top priority for patients, clinicians

Spinal Anesthesia Doesn't Cause Restless Leg Syndrome

Study also finds spinal anesthesia doesn't worsen pre-existing RLS

Airway Transplant Aided by Stem Cells a Medical First

Woman gets historic procedure in which her stem cells were combined with donated organ tissue to replace diseased organ, scientists report

Bariatric Surgery Before Pregnancy Benefits Moms, Babies

Weight-loss procedure may change fertility, nutritional needs, study suggests

Wealthy More Likely to Have Breast Reconstruction

Black women less likely than white women to have reconstruction after mastectomy

IV 'Ice Slurry' Quickly Cools Body for Surgeries

Innovative approach could give heart attack victims, other patients more time, developers say

Younger Men Fare Best After Hip Joint Resurfacing

The new procedure is an alternative to hip replacement, but complications occur, experts say

Unique Bone Marrow Transplant Said to Cure Sickle Cell

Technique is safe and effective, say Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh reseachers

With Angioplasty, More Is Better

Hospitals that perform the heart procedure more often do better, study finds

Gender Matches Benefit Heart Transplants

Best results achieved with male-to-male surgeries, study finds

New Type of Stent Shows Promise

It recruits blood vessel cells as a kind of heart-healthy coating, experts explain

Beta Blocker Use Questioned in Non-Heart Surgery

Increased risk of stroke a major issue in analysis of 33 research projects

Study Upholds Stopping Plavix Use Before Surgery

Taken less than 5 days before operation leads to more bleeding, longer hospital stay, study finds

Heart Valves Fashioned From Stem Cells in Umbilical Cord Blood

They could grow with kids who are born with heart valve defects, researchers say

Coated Stents Best for Heart Patients With Diabetes

Were safer, more effective than bare metal ones, study shows

'Scaffold' Could One Day Repair Damaged Hearts

It's the first to match structural, mechanical properties of heart tissue, scientists say

Pediatric Heart Surgeons May Be Best Choice for Adults

Study finds these doctors have better results, including survival rates

Tailored Treatment Boosts Kidney Cancer Survival

Study concludes one-size-fits-all therapy needs to be changed

General Anesthesia Tied to Developmental Woes in Kids

But findings are preliminary, and no reason to keep children from needed surgery, experts say

Questions Continue About Using Beta Blockers Before Surgery

Study finds increased risk of death, heart attacks

Tests May ID Older Patients at Risk for Post-Op Delirium

Underlying depression and less cognitive flexibility could be warning signs, study says

Study Urges Low-Tech Solutions for Medical Errors

Color-coding system worked well in simulated emergency room situations

Low Blood Pressure During Surgery Boosts Stroke Risk

Tighter control of levels may prevent complications, study suggests

Rethinking Prostate Cancer in Older Men

Research suggests aggressive treatment is viable, even for patients in their late 70s

Gene Signature for Liver Cancer Recurrence Found

A 186-gene panel, discovered in normal cells surrounding the tumor, may predict cancer survival, new research contends

Women Smokers Prone to Dangerous Blood Vessel Condition

Risk of abdominal aortic aneurysm is 8 times higher than in nonsmokers, study says

Health Tip: After a Hip Replacement

How to help your recovery

A One-Man History of Cardiac Advances

New Jersey man, 84, has benefited from 40 years of heart breakthroughs

Autumn Sees More Women With Bunion Problems

Transition from flip-flops, sandals to traditional shoes may be culprit, specialists say

Liver Transplant Patients at Higher Cancer Risk

1 in 6 likely to develop some form of disease by 20 years after operation, study says

Racial Disparities Exist in Head and Neck Cancer Outcomes

Blacks, the poor diagnosed at younger age, with more advanced disease, study says

Some Arteries Opened Safely Without Heparin

But Italian researchers warn only the lowest-risk patients can benefit

Brain Rewires Itself After Hand Transplant

Research reveals 'plasticity' of adult neurons

Form IDs Spinal Patients Likely to Stick With Therapy

13-item questionnaire predicts who will be more active in post-surgery rehab

Gestational Diabetes Risk Higher for Asian-White Couples

Pelvic size may also play role in further chance of Caesarean delivery, study finds

Extended Work Absences May Signal Risk of Death

Problems tied to surgery or circulatory or psychiatric troubles a red flag, study suggests

Gradual Exercise Best After Joint Replacement

Trying to get back in the game too soon can undo benefits of surgery, study says

Beta Blockers May Cut Mortality in COPD Patients After Surgery

Preoperative use was well-tolerated without adverse respiratory effects, study finds

Heart Pump Helps Children Waiting for Transplant

Device approved in Europe, still in clinical trials in U.S.

Seniors in Poor Areas More Likely to Die After Surgery

Study raises questions about disparities in outcomes, but offers no concrete answers