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Company Testing Cannabis-Based Drug

It could help people with multiple sclerosis, other painful illnesses

Britain's GW Pharmaceuticals will begin clinical trials in Canada for a cannabis-based drug that could help people suffering from multiple sclerosis and other medical conditions that cause pain.

According to an article from the CBC News, the company has received approval to begin Phase III trials, the last hurdle before drug makers can offer a drug to the public. The trials will involve a wide range of patients in several locations, the story says.

Cannabinoids, the active ingredients in marijuana, help prevent pain. People using marijuana to treat medical conditions generally have to buy it illegally, the article says.

The new drug is sprayed under the tongue. It relieves the pain and spasms of multiple sclerosis, and pain from spinal-cord injuries, say company officials quoted in the article.

To find out more about "medical marijuana," you can read this information from the American Academy of Family Physicians. To learn more about marijuana and multiple sclerosis, check this article from ABC

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