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Health Tip: Food for Fido

What dogs shouldn't eat

Do Pets Really Boost Kids' Health?

In a study that'll give you paws, researchers find no mental or physical benefit from a household friend

Health Benefits of Pets

Does having a pet keep a kid healthier and more physically fit?

Health Tip: Avoiding Animal Bites

It's usually someone's pet

Stress of Flying Doesn't Dim Abilities of Search-and-Rescue Dogs

Though their bodies reacted, their performance wasn't affected, study showed

When Disaster Strikes, Don't Forget Your Pets

Prepare kit of essential supplies, evacuate early when you have animals, veterinarians say

Can Dogs Teach Doctors New Tricks?

Dermatologist says yes because there's overlap between some canine and human skin problems

Walking the Dog, All the Way to Better Health

Even in bad weather, seniors get about 30 minutes of daily activity by taking care of their pet

Study Traces All Dogs to Gray Wolves in Europe

It disputes previous research that domestication occurred twice, and included wolves from East Asia

Not All Fidos Are Friendly

Teach kids ways to prevent dog bites, pediatricians' group says

The Neighborhood Sandbox: A Breeding Ground for Germs

Bacteria, parasites and other nasty surprises may be hiding in the sand

It's a Tough Flu Season … for Dogs

Humans can't catch it, but new canine virus can make your pet 'sick as a dog'

Stay Safe as Summer Temps Soar

ER physician offers advice on avoiding heat health problems

Fido May Be a Fit Senior's Best Friend

Study finds walking a dog helps older people meet goals for moderate to vigorous exercise

Fido or Fluffy Can Bring You a Big Health Boost

And here are tips to help choose the right pet for you

Health Tip: Caring for Pets

Are you ready for an emergency?

Kitties Absorb Flame Retardants -- How About Your Kiddies?

Cats test positive for harmful chemicals found in house dust, so tots might, too, study suggests

America's Porky Pets Face Health Woes, Too, FDA Says

More than half of dogs, cats in the Land of Plenty weigh too much

Who's Top Dog When It Comes to 'Social Intelligence'? Kids or Pets?

Toddlers and pups are near equals, study suggests, with evolution favoring 'survival of the friendliest'

No, Your Cat Isn't a Threat to Your Mental Health

Study designed to allay fears that kitty poop parasites raise odds for schizophrenia, other disorders

New Flu Vaccines for Dogs Unleashed in Lab

Researchers say the shots may help to protect people, too

Pet Meds Sending Kids to the ER

It's not uncommon for toddlers to ingest drugs intended for dogs and cats, study finds

Smokers Unleash Harms on Their Pets

Dogs, cats and more suffer from secondhand smoke, FDA warns

8 People Infected in Rare U.S. Outbreak of Rat Virus

Those handling rodents in breeding facilities in 2 states contracted Seoul virus, CDC reports

Skin Cancer Cream Linked to 5 Dog Deaths: FDA

Even ingesting small amounts of fluorouracil can kill family pets, agency warns

Bird Flu Strain May Have Jumped From Cat to Human

New York City health department says veterinarian treating sick cats likely was infected with the virus

Canned Food May Boost BPA Levels in Dogs: Study

They are good indicator of how exposure to the widespread industrial chemical may affect people, researchers say

For People With Mental Health Woes, Pets Can Be Invaluable

6 out of 10 patients put furry or feathered friends at the top of their support list, study finds

Kids React Differently When a Beloved Pet Dies

Some want a new animal right away, while others feel they need to honor the memory

Dogs Too Smart to Follow Useless Advice

'They draw the line at copying irrelevant actions,' researcher reports

'Paws' for Pet Safety This Fall

Be wary of potential threats to your furry friends

Cat Scratch Can Sometimes Lead to Serious Illness: CDC

But there's no need to banish your feline friend -- just send fleas packing instead

For College Freshmen, Four-Legged Friends Chase Away Homesickness

Dog therapy helps boost students' life satisfaction, researchers say

Not All Dogs Are Man's (or Kids') Best Friend

Study suggests young children need to be told they shouldn't approach a scared dog

Hungry Wolves Take More Risks Than Dogs

Experiments suggest Fido prefers a reliable source of food

'Good Dog' Usually Does the Trick

Heap on the praise, not the food, study suggests

New Take on Man's Friendship With Fido

Surprising findings emerge about domestication

Dogs Having Tough Time Maintaining Fertility

Veterinarians think chemical pollutants may be to blame; finding might have implications for human males

Some Foods 'Pawsitively' Off Limits for Pooches

Grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, onions and garlic are some of the most dangerous, FDA says

Fido a Friend to Parents of Kids With Autism

Study suggests family dog may help ease parental stress

The English Bulldog's Health Has Gone to the Dogs

Aggressive breeding to change appearance dampened the pooches' immune systems, study says

Water Therapy May Ease Labs' Lameness

Dogs with elbow dysplasia benefited in small study

Pet Turtles Continue to Spread Salmonella

15 outbreaks in U.S. linked to the illegal reptiles

Pet Pooch May Help Ease PTSD in Veterans

Dogs also helped reduce depression and loneliness, researchers found

7 Ways to Give Ticks the Slip

Don't become the next meal for a disease-carrying parasite

Sugar-Free Gum Can Be Deadly for Dogs

Keep all products containing the sweetener xylitol out of your pooch's reach, FDA warns

Could Canine Research Offer Clues to Human Brain Cancer?

Scientists identify three genes thought to raise risk for glioma tumors

Walking Fido Is Doggone Good for Your Health

Host of benefits unleashed for older folks, researchers find

Why Labradors Often Get Fat

One copy of a gene variant led to an additional 4 pounds, on average, study found