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Pets a Plus for Your Health

Pet therapy helps many with chronic ills

No one needs to conduct a scientific study to prove that pets can bring many positive things to their owners' lives, but research has verified that interaction with pets also provides genuine health benefits, as the Deseret News explains.

Some hospitals and long-term care facilities now use pet therapists. In many settings, the pets and their human handlers are both certified for the job. For example, pets in nursing homes can draw patients out of depression and increase their interaction. Medication costs also drop when pets are introduced into the environment.

A feature from Rhode Island's Providence Journal describes how professional pet therapists can help people with chronic disabilities or illnesses. Two accompanying stories summarize some of the many ways pets can improve the health of people and lists links to pet therapy groups in the United States.

The Delta Society collects articles, research and other resources on the benefits of interacting with companion animals.

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