Health Tip: Log Headaches in a Diary

It may help identify triggers

(HealthDay News) -- If you have frequent or chronic headaches, it's important to figure out what's behind them. That's where a headache diary can be helpful for you and your doctor.

The National Headache Foundation offers these suggestions about what to include in a headache diary:

  • When your headache started, and where it hurts.
  • How the pain feels, such as stabbing, blinding, splitting, pounding or throbbing.
  • How you felt just before the headache began, such as a change in eyesight.
  • Any recent exposure to bright light or significant odor.
  • How often your headaches strike, what day and time they happen, and their duration.
  • Any possible associations between your headaches and factors including hormonal changes, menstrual cycle, foods eaten, activities performed, stresses, smoking or sleep habit changes.
  • If your headaches feel the same or different each time.
  • Any family history of headaches.
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