Health Tip: When Headaches Are More Than a Pain

Signs that you should call your doctor

(HealthDayNews) -- During the past year, nearly 90 percent of men and 95 percent of women have had at least one headache, according to the American Council for Headache Education.

Although very few headaches are signs of serious medical conditions, call your doctor immediately if:

  • You have three or more headaches per week.
  • You must take a pain reliever every day or almost daily.
  • You need more than the recommended doses of over-the-counter medications to relieve headache.
  • You have a stiff neck and/or fever in addition to a headache.
  • Your headache is accompanied by shortness of breath, fever, and/or unexpected symptoms that affect your eyes, ears, nose or throat.
  • You also are dizzy, unsteady, or have slurred speech or weakness.
  • You also have persistent or severe vomiting.
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