Health Highlights: Feb. 17, 2023​

Health Highlights: Feb. 17, 2023​
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CBD could worsen effects of THC in brownies, other products. The finding from a new study runs contrary to the belief that CBD counters unwanted side effects of weed, like anxiety and sedation. Read more

Prior COVID infection brings strong, lasting immunity, a new study shows. Still, experts believe vaccination remains the safest way to gain immunity, because infected people always run the risk of serious illness and long COVID. Read more

Kicking the coffee habit but scared of withdrawal? Try decaf. Years of associating the taste and smell of coffee with a java fix means even decaf can elicit the same response, research shows. Read more

Complication risks rise in teens to very young moms. When 10- to 15-year-old girls get pregnant, they and their newborns are more likely to have health issues, new research shows. Read more

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