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Health Highlights, Sept. 28, 2021

Health Highlights, Sept. 28, 2021
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Could an osteoporosis drug prevent diabetes? Taking the drug alendronate (Fosamax) for at least eight years could potentially cut a person's risk of type 2 diabetes by more than half, researchers report. Read more

Delta variant convinced many to get vaccinated, poll finds: But the Kaiser Family Foundation's latest survey also revealed that among unvaccinated Americans, nearly 75% say they believe the need for booster shots proves the vaccines don't work. Read more

Fruits, veggies a recipe for happiness in kids: A nutritious breakfast and lunch is key to emotional well-being in children of all ages, a new study found. Read more

Weight loss surgery more risky for men: They are five times more likely to die within 30 days of the procedure than women are, researchers report. Read more

Common dog parasite now eludes drug treatments: Hookworms have become resistant to the three deworming drugs typically used to kill them, a new study finds. Read more

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