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E-Prescribing Doesn't Slash Errors, Study Finds

Computer-generated scripts for outpatients often make same mistakes as manual systems

Heart Attack Victims Face Greater Risk of Dying When Ambulances Are Diverted

Medicare patients turned away from nearest hospital more likely to die, study finds

Tie Between 'Biomarkers,' Disease Often Overstated, Scientists Say

Small studies more likely than larger ones to exaggerate connections, study finds

Drug Marketing Often Targets Med Students: Analysis

Schools urged to do more to prevent drug company influence on prescribing practices

Experts Issue 'Top 5' List for Better Primary Care

To streamline and save money, reduce unnecessary antibiotics, screenings, report authors urge

Unnecessary Blood Tests Plunge After Cost Reminders: Study

Weekly reports to surgical staff on phlebotomy charges had desired effect, researchers say

When Docs Own MRIs, Back Pain Scans Increase: Study

Expert says patients should ask referring physicians if they have a stake in imaging equipment

Majority of Americans Give Quality of Health Care a C, D or F

Poll should be considered 'a wake-up call,' expert says

Most Americans Think Health Care System Needs Major Surgery

Commonwealth Fund survey unearths concerns about access, rising costs

Digital Divide Opens Up in Patient Use of Online Medical Records

Older, white, wealthier patients most likely to access health history via Internet, study shows

Conflicts of Interest Cloud Heart Treatment Guidelines: Study

More than half of guideline authors report ties with drug makers, related companies

Report: Unemployment Adds 9 Million Uninsured in U.S.

Nearly 60% looking for an individual plan found it difficult or impossible to obtain, study finds

Whether Chronic Diseases Are Diagnosed May Depend on Where You Live

Regions with most diagnoses had lower fatality rates, but why is unclear, researchers say

Major Drug Review Research Fails to Disclose Funding Sources

Author ties to pharmaceutical industry disappear when meta-analyses are published, researchers report

Hospital Spending Doesn't Affect Sepsis Survival Rates

Lower costs for treatment would have saved $332 million, study finds

Special Assistants Making Inroads in Dentistry

Some praise, others reject creation of 'dental therapist' positions

With Health Care Reform, Income Swings May Mean Loss of Coverage

Up to 28 million Americans a year might have coverage disrupted at least once, study finds

Electronic Record-Keeping Alone May Not Boost Health Care

U.S. may be relying too much on a single technology, expert says

Distrust of Health System Keeps Black Males From Getting Care

Those 'highly distrustful' were two to three times as likely to delay routine check-ups, study finds

Medicare Makes Way for Baby Boomers

Big, demanding generation expected to strain health-care resources

What You Need to Know About Medical Tests

Experts give tips on what you should ask, expect

Report Finds Baby Boomers to Gain Most From Health Care Reform

Benefits will help generation hit hard by unemployment, rising health-care costs

Online, Mail Reminders Improve Colon Cancer Screening Rates

But the advantages tend to fade over time and screening rates are still low, researchers find

Employer Insurance Costs Rising for Workers

Increases in premiums, deductibles outpacing income, new report finds

CT Scan Use Surging in Hospital ERs

Study authors extol benefits, but note concerns about increasing exposure to high-dose ionizing radiation

Long Hours Put Surgeons, Patients at Risk, Study Suggests

Many surgeons working more than 80 hours a week burned out, depressed, making errors

Race, Medicaid Status Linked to Rapid Hospital Readmission

Being depressed, obese, underweight, having a chronic disease also raised risk, another study found

Uninsured With Prostate Cancer Diagnosed With More Advanced Disease

Patients on Medicaid also more likely to have more severe cases, study finds

Medical Study Authors Often Fail to Disclose Industry Ties

Lax reporting of device makers' payments to researchers are cause for concern, report says

Doctor 'Report Cards' Not Last Word on Physician Performance

Study found data on qualifications, credentials gave better sense of caliber of care

Large Companies More Likely to Offer Dental Insurance

Only about a third of all U.S. businesses provide it, study finds

When Doctors Admit Mistakes, Fewer Malpractice Suits Result, Study Says

Michigan hospital finds an apology, offer of compensation led fewer patients to sue

Poll Shows Rise in 'Cyberchondriacs'

Debate over health care reform may be causing more people to use Web for medical info, pollsters say

More Women to Get Health Insurance Under Affordable Care Act

Report finds 15 million will get coverage, while 14.5 million will get better coverage

Americans Still Confused About Health Reform

Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll finds many don't know what's in -- and not in -- the new legislation

New Private Health Plans Must Offer Preventive Care

Goal is to improve access to early care to combat disease, White House officials say

Most U.S. Physicians Practicing 'Defensive Medicine'

Survey indicates they order more tests, procedures than necessary

Many Docs Don't Mind Taking Gifts From Industry: Study

Most don't think they're influenced by corporate marketing

Number of Uninsured Jumped By Nearly 3 Million in 2009

Last year, 46 million U.S. adults lacked health insurance, CDC finds

Putting New Medical Guidelines Into Practice Often Difficult

But face-to-face education spurred many docs to prescribe recommended treatments, study found

Homeless Americans Unlikely to Receive Basic Health Care

More than 40 percent can't get dental services, eyeglasses, researchers find

Medical Devices Driving Up Heart Care Costs

Drug-coated stents, implanted defibrillators add more than $4 billion to U.S. health bill, study shows

ER Docs Predict Jump in Emergency Room Visits

Despite health reform, they expect more crowding, fewer lifesaving services, survey shows

U.S. Cancer Costs Double in Two Decades

Study also finds that private insurance pays greater share today

Black Women Wait Longer for Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment

Insurance status didn't make a difference, study finds

Voluntary Ethics Code Set for Medical Organizations

Thirteen of 32 member societies have already adopted guidelines, group says

Poll Finds Americans Blame Insurers, Drug Companies for Rising Health Costs

But the real drivers are higher fees, increased utilization and more sophisticated and costly medical technologies, some experts say

Health Reform Summit Seems to Be Falling Short of Goal

Experts, politicians split on whether significant changes will be passed anytime soon

County-By-County Report Sizes Up Americans' Health

Rural areas tend to fare worse than urban locales, comprehensive survey finds

Poll Shows Eroding Support for Health Reform

Americans split on need to press ahead or wait; job creation is public's top priority