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Lawmakers Getting Closer to Health Care Reform

Bill would expand coverage to 30 million uninsured Americans, seek to control soaring costs

Health Care Reform, Swine Flu Top Health News for 2009

Furor over cancer screening changes and lifting of embryonic stem cell ban also grabbed headlines

Senate Passes Health Reform Package

Next step is compromise with House plan, before proposal can become law

Health Reform Package Continues to Advance

Some experts support the Senate bill, which could be approved by Christmas, but others have misgivings

Poor Education May Lead to Poor Health

Navigating a complex health system takes a more literate consumer, experts say

Many Doctors Still Don't Disclose Consulting Fees

Potential for conflict of interest in recommending products to patients, experts say

As TV Drug Ads Increase, So Do Concerns

Experts question commercials' value to patients and health-care system overall

Workplace Wellness Seems to Really Work

Investing in employee health cuts medical costs and ups productivity, heart experts say

U.S. Health Costs Will Continue to Cause Financial Pain

Medical services expected to take up more of the American economy in the future, experts say

Retail Medical Clinics Offer Quality Care: Study

Fine for routine illnesses, researchers say

Congress Braces for Showdown Over Health-Care Reform

Cost, financing remain volatile issues in the drive for bipartisan support

Health-Care Reform Could Be Obama's Toughest Challenge

But experts say time might be right to succeed where others have failed

The Nuts and Bolts of Reform Proposals

Suggestions range from greater emphasis on preventive care to universal electronic records

Online System Could Cut Referrals to Dermatologists

Suspect skin conditions evaluated by e-mail may also keep lid on costs, study suggests

Small Drug Promo Items May Influence Young Doctors

Exposure to brand-name pads, pens and the like bears closer monitoring, study suggests

Panel Seeks Fuller Disclosure of Drug Company Payments

Government report also suggests gift ban, drug sample limits

Most Teens Aren't Getting Preventive Health Care

Almost two-thirds lacked this type of service within past year, study found

Few Hospitals Embracing Electronic Health Record Systems

Researchers say cost, doctors' reluctance to change are main barriers to adoption

Tiniest Babies Carry Biggest Costs

Businesses urged to help lower health costs and prevent preterm births

Electronic Communication May Be Boon to Doctors' Time

System doesn't enhance patient satisfaction, however, study finds

Doc-Patient Relationship May Be Key to Quality

Level of 'connectedness' could help explain disparities in care, experts suggest

Add More Facts to Drug Ads, Experts Urge

Study wants FDA to mandate boxes that clearly state how well medication works

Sponsor Dollars Key to Flu Vaccine Study Publication

Researchers urge full funding disclosures since drug firms buy space in journals

Poll Shows Strong Support for Obama Health Care Reforms

Majorities approve of such initiatives as Medicare-negotiated drug pricing or a 'national health insurance exchange'

Private Health Care Info Needs Better Safeguards

Current government rules are inadequate, new report finds

Skyrocketing Health-Care Costs Could Double Premiums for Many Americans

Report says waste, inefficiencies need to be cut out of system in coming years

America's Top Hospitals Cut Patient Death Rate 27%

If all centers performed as well, nearly 153,000 lives might be saved annually, report finds

Certified ER Docs in Short Supply to Meet Future Needs

Even in best-case scenario, study says more than a decade needed to achieve goals

Health Care Spending in U.S. Grew at Lowest Rate in a Decade

But consumers are still paying more for out-of-pocket expenses, reports say

Psych Patients With Cost-Sharing Plans Use More Services

Study finds enrollees without parity insurance less likely to get timely outpatient care

Circumcision Rates Too Low

Study points to 16 states where Medicaid doesn't fund procedure

Government Launches Nursing Home Rating System

Five-star rankings aim to help families choose best option

Among Cardiologists, Women Cite Discrimination

Survey finds roadblocks still plague female practitioners

U.S. May Soon Face Shortage of General Surgeons

It means people will wait longer for ER treatment, elective procedures, study says

A Third of Medicare Clients Unfamiliar With Benefits

Findings cut across race, education levels, and could affect quality of health care, study says

Heart Failure Accounts for 37% of Medicare Spending

Patients with the condition see doctors far more frequently, study finds

Use of Imaging Technology Skyrockets

But study questions if MRIs, CT scans are always worth the cost

'Prescription Switching' Would Make Most Patients Unhappy

Substituting cheaper drug for more expensive one should be transparent, experts say

Caring for Aging Loved Ones Can Be a Catch-22

Journalist Gail Sheehy's painful passage through U.S. health system echoes that of many caregivers

Doctors Know Little About Consumer-Directed Health Plans

They're not prepared to counsel patients on medical budgeting, study finds

Seniors in Poor Areas More Likely to Die After Surgery

Study raises questions about disparities in outcomes, but offers no concrete answers

Scams and Shams That Prey on Cancer Patients

In some cases, unproven 'therapies' can be dangerous, experts say

Physical Exam as Good as High Tech in Assessing Heart Failure

Estimates of fluid in body compared favorably to results of invasive procedure, study finds

FDA Goes After Unapproved Eye Washes, Skin Ointments

Salt solutions, topicals containing papain face seizure after adverse events reported

Palliative Care Programs Could Boost Hospitals' Bottom Line

Better treatment of sickest patients can save more than $300 a day, study says

Retail Clinics Attracting Those Without Regular Doctors

Users mostly seek preventive care or assistance with easy-to-treat illnesses, study says

Patient-Centered 'Medical Home' Models Lag in Key Areas

Efforts to put primary-care docs in charge of treatments face hurdles, study finds

Med School Diversity May Help Whites Care Better for Minorities

Findings urge push for broad-based admission policies that reflect ethnic variety

Direct-to-Consumer Drug Ads Have Little Effect on Sales: Study

Industry's $5B a year marketing campaigns may provide less bang for the bucks

Single Rooms Becoming the Norm in New Hospitals

Trend could reduce spread of infections, medication errors, report says