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Many Hispanics Shut Out of U.S. Health Care System

Immigration status and health insurance play key roles in access to care, survey finds

ER, Doctor Visits Topped 1 Billion in 2006

As America grows older, that's an average of 4 a year per person, CDC report says

What's in a Name? When It Comes to Drugs, Plenty

Doctors and pharmacists struggle to keep pace with medications that sound alike but aren't

Surgical Errors Cost Almost $1.5B a Year

Insurers paid thousands more per patient for avoidable mistakes, U.S. study finds

Disease Prevention Programs Worth the Investment

Within five years, $16 billion a year could be saved, report claims

Medicare Costs for Cancer Treatment Soar

Increased expenses for chemotherapy may affect treatment decisions, expert says

Weekly Drug Helps Type 2 Diabetics

Longer-lasting exenatide maintained glucose levels, helped patients lose weight, study reports

Spending Doesn't Improve Patients' Perception of Care

Sense of quality higher in low-expenditure areas than in high-expenditure ones, study shows

Day of Admission Dictates Length of Stay for Heart Failure

Patients admitted to a hospital on Thursdays or Fridays have longer stays, study found

New Latent TB Drug Saves Lives, Money

Rifampin improved compliance, reduced side effects, saved $10,000 per patient

Partnerships Effective Communicators of Cancer Advances

Treatment guidelines quickly disseminated to community physicians, audit finds

Telemedicine a Cost-Effective Alternative to ER Visits

Study finds more than 25% of pediatric 'emergencies' could have been handled online

Mental Illness Costs U.S. Billions in Lost Earnings

Study say figures are most likely too conservative

Bipolar Disorder Might Be Overdiagnosed

Availability of meds and pharmaceutical marketing might be swaying clinicians

Costs Can Vary By $100 or More for Same Drugs

It pays to shop around for the best prescription prices, survey finds

1 in 4 Uninsured Are Eligible for Aid But Aren't Enrolled

Expanding coverage, subsidies best way to meet low-income group goals, report says

Increase in Diagnostic Imaging Fueled by Self-Referring Doctors

Revamping reimbursements could ensure high-quality care at best cost, study says

Antipsychotic Drugs Linked to Pneumonia in Elderly

Mechanism unclear, but nursing home study says risk greatest week after meds begin

Review Urges Aggressive MRSA Screening for Health Workers

Even good adherence to infection control did not entirely prevent transmission, study finds

Patient-Controlled Health Records Could Change Future of Research

Used wisely, they may spur discoveries, but some warn privacy needs regulation

Cardiac Patients Admitted During Week More Likely to Survive

Those going to hospital on weekend faced 13.4% lower chance of recovery, study finds

Clinical Trial Volunteers Uneasy About Some Financial Ties

They were least surprised when researchers got paid but more upset when they owned stock

Cancer Drug Trials Often Halted Early

Without thorough review, Italian study says the trend poses risks to patients

User Registry May Help Docs Stem Painkiller Abuse

Stricter policies could protect patients and physicians from consequences of misuse

Medical Errors Costing U.S. Billions

Mistakes resulted in 238,337 preventable deaths from 2004-06, survey finds

Small Firms Shoulder Burden of Increasing Health Costs

But spike in plan fees did not cause employers to abandon benefits, study finds

Off-Label Drug Use Needs Strong Oversight

Stanford researcher chides FDA for proposing less governance of the practice

Majority of U.S. Doctors Back National Insurance Plan

Survey finds 59% feel fragmented system is obstructing good patient care

High Costs Force Third of Americans to Skip Needed Health Care

AFL-CIO report found 95 percent of those surveyed feel U.S. system needs overhaul

Genetic Test Predicts Response to Warfarin

Using it could save money and lives, expert says

Blacks in Poor Areas Less Likely to Be On Kidney Transplant Lists

Distance to care not a factor, study finds, urging greater outreach to bridge racial gap

Experts Propose Rules to Rate Hospitals' Safety

Concise reporting would ensure validity of patient safety findings, group says

Many Americans Dissatisfied With Their Medical Care

They're more likely to skip care because of costs and experience medical errors, survey finds

Theater Classes Help Docs' Bedside Manners

Just six hours of instruction improved relationships with patients, study claims

High-Tech Home Devices Spur 'Smart' Health Care

They instantly transmit health info to doctors, loved ones, developers say

AMA Wants Probe of Pharmacy-Based Health Clinics

Doctors' group cites possible conflict of interest; stores say they're responding to public's needs

Rise in Child Chronic Illness Could Swamp Health Care

Diabetes, asthma will follow American kids as they age, experts warn

New Cancer Drugs Prove Their Worth

They may cost more, but they extend lives, improve quality of life, studies find

Quality of Health Care Varies Widely Among U.S. States

New review says care tends to be better in Northeast and Upper Midwest

Hospital Markups on Care Toughest on Poor: Study

Uninsured, self-payers charged 2.5 times more than what health insurers pay

Electronic Medical Records Proved Their Worth in Katrina's Wake

Some doctors and nurses could save lives by accessing patients' histories

Doctors' Ties to Drug Companies Called Commonplace

Study authors raise the possibility of conflict of interest with patient care

Majority of State Medicaid Programs Plan 'Pay-for-Performance' Standards

Nationwide survey finds focus is on improving quality of U.S. care

U.S. Hospital Errors Continue to Rise

Rate increased to 3% between 2003-2005, analysis finds

Report Finds Fault With Health Insurance

High deductibles, co-payments could leave many in financial bind, authors say

Industry-Funded Breast Cancer Trials Show More Positive Results

Study also found lack of comparison group in research backed by drug makers

Ads on Sexy TV Shows a Turnoff for Women

Product pitchers may want to avoid racier programming, British study finds

More Americans Paying Their Medical Bills With Credit Cards

Higher costs, dwindling insurance pushing people to financial brink, report says

End-of-Life Caregiving Is Rewarding But Challenging

And the task typically falls to relatives, survey finds

Growth in U.S. Health Care Spending Slows

But out-of-pocket costs continue to rise, annual government report shows