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WonderNet Web site teaches children about science

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TUESDAY, Dec. 31, 2002 (HealthDayNews) -- Is the weather outside frightful -- and the children are trapped inside the house?

Instead of watching them "veg out" in front of the television or spending most of the day mediating an endless series of arguments, why not suggest the kids take a gander at "WonderNet -- Your Science Place in Cyberspace." It's a chemistry education Internet site for children developed by the American Chemical Society.

It uses entertaining, easy-to-do activities to teach elementary-school-age children about the physical sciences. The activities are meant to be done by children under the supervision of parents or teachers.

The kids can learn about the science of soda pop, about stuff that floats and stuff that sticks, miraculous metals, wonders of water, and smell and taste.

For example, one program shows how to make glue, using unflavored gelatin, milk, flour, plastic cups and spoons, and a cotton swab.

Along with the step-by-step instructions for doing experiments, WonderNet has colorful pictures, riddles and poems to offer an entertaining learning experience for children.

WonderNet also includes a special section for adults that provides them with more detailed information about the various topics.

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Here's where to go to find WonderNet.

SOURCE: American Chemical Society, news release, December 2002


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