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New MRI Might Help Spot Heart Disease Early: Study

Technique uses multiple images to improve chances of diagnosing coronary artery disease

3-D Imaging Might Make Some Surgeries Safer

French doctors used virtual model to help them navigate patient's neck during operation

Many Heart Attacks May Go Unrecognized in Seniors

Study authors say these 'silent' attacks raise the risk of dying just as much as recognized ones

Combat Stress Linked to Brain Changes in Study

Some problems resolve with time, but others persist, researchers say

Frequent MRI Scanner Exposure Might Affect Memory: Study

Magnetic field remains even when imaging not taking place

Brain Scans May Spot Teens at Risk for Problem Drinking

Findings also point to harms of excessive alcohol use

Imaging Tests Up Among Advanced Cancer Patients

Guidelines needed regarding use post-diagnosis, study says

Study Gives First Evidence That Adult Human Lungs Can Regrow

Researchers speculate growth was stimulated, at least in part, by stretching caused by exercise

Sodium Buildup in Brain Linked to Disability in MS Patients

Those with advanced-stage multiple sclerosis have high levels of the mineral, study says

Does Stress Management Slow MS?

Therapy seems to stop new brain lesions but only for duration of treatment, study finds

Cell-Based 'Tracking Devices' Might Help Monitor Treatments

Following trail of tiny iron filings, docs might observe heart changes, stem-cell treatments

Huge Rise in CT, MRI, Ultrasound Scan Use: Study

But it's not clear if they're needed or overused

Breast MRI Best at Tracking Response to Chemo: Study

It was better than clinical exam in determining if treatment was working before breast cancer surgery

New Clues to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Brain scans show less activity in area related to reward response, researchers report

'No Regrets' Outlook May Make for Sunnier Old Age

Study suggests letting go of missed opportunities is linked to healthy mental aging

Diagnostic Scans Tied to Radiation Risk for Gastro Patients

Irish study finds rise in radiation exposure over decade parallels increased use of CT

Physician Groups Call for Fewer Medical Tests

Many patients could safely avoid X-rays, MRIs, heart stress tests and other common procedures, docs say

Ultrasound, MRI Might Spot Cancer in Dense Breast Tissue

Study suggests screening methods beyond mammograms may be useful in high-risk patients

The Human Brain: Not a Tangle, But a Grid

Scientists use high-tech imaging to discover simple logic of brain's layout

Brain Scans Suggest How Alzheimer's Spreads

Finding shows disease moves through linked nerve cells

Study Explains How Shock Therapy Might Ease Severe Depression

Treatment appears to reduce connections in a part of the brain involved in thought and socializing

Brain Scans Overused on U.S. Stroke Patients, Study Says

Most get both MRI and CT imaging, adding to rising medical costs

Computerization May Not Curb Medical Tests, Costs

Doctors order more scans if they have easy access to results, study shows

Brain Scans Might Spot Autism as Early as 6 Months of Age

Preliminary study says communication links in brain drop off before symptoms appear

Brain Scans May One Day Be Used to Predict Dementia

Scientists also might be able to test effectiveness of Alzheimer's meds by tracking brain changes

Brain Scans May Predict How People Learn

Small study suggests ability to sift through 'noise' determines mastery of new skill

Fear of Lawsuits Influences Care From Most Orthopedic Surgeons: Survey

More than 95 percent said they ordered unnecessary tests, referrals and hospitalizations to protect themselves

Many Docs Use Costly MRIs to Diagnose Nerve Condition: Study

Cheaper tests to spot diabetes-linked nerve damage are effective, researchers say

Lack of ZZZs May Fuel Appetite

Not getting enough sleep may lead to weight gain over time, researchers say

Dyslexia's Brain Changes May Occur Before Kids Learn to Read

Study findings might help identify at-risk children at younger age

Multiple Sclerosis May Cause Changes in Thalamus: Study

Small study finds that MS might reduce volume in area of brain affecting thought process

Breast Cancer Patients Face More Imaging Tests Today

Study finds multiple visits common in pre-op period, urges better coordination

Thinner Brains Could Signal Alzheimer's, Study Suggests

But medical value of screening isn't obvious yet

Study Questions Use of MRI Before Back-Pain Injections

Routine imaging has little clinical value for certain patients, study says

Docs Who Own MRIs Order Far More Scans

Imaging tests more likely to come back negative, suggesting they were unnecessary, researchers say

New Software Might Help Predict Difficult Childbirth

Using 3-D reconstructions, program scores a mother's likelihood of normal delivery

Head Size Tied to Regressive Autism in Boys

Larger head circumference not seen in early onset autism or in girls, study says

Violent Video Games May Alter Brain Function: Study

It's not clear what those changes mean though, experts note

Brain Pathways Seem Disrupted in Kids With ADHD

Areas involving 'visual attention' and working memory less active, MRI scans show

ADHD Brain Changes Appear to Persist Into Adulthood

Imaging shows more differences in those who still have symptoms: study

Brain Study Suggests Some Vegetative Patients Are Aware

EEG technology might one day lead to way to communicate to the outside world, researchers say

Simple MRIs Safe for Children, Study Says

But health risks rise when sedation, contrast dyes are used, researchers say

MRI Safe With More Recent Defibrillators, Pacemakers: Study

People with newer implanted heart devices can have scans for other medical problems, research finds

Stress May Affect Preemies' Brains, Study Shows

Intensive-care stressors range from diaper changes to invasive procedures

Magnetic Field May Cause MRI-Induced Vertigo

MRI magnets put force on inner ear fluid, impacting balance, researchers say

Scientists Reconstruct the 'Movies in Our Minds'

Using MRI scans and computers, they interpreted brain patterns as people watched film trailers

MRI Can Spot Breast Cancer in High-Risk Women: Study

Compared with mammograms, scans are better for those at-risk, but cost needs to be lowered

Research Reveals Why Hungry People Get Cranky

Stress, hunger trigger fluctuating levels of the hormone serotonin in the brain, scans show

Problem Drinking Linked to Brain Damage

It damages very areas critical to quitting drinking, research shows

Brain Scans Show Distinct Traits in Kids With Autism: Study

Gray matter is organized differently, researchers find