Health Highlights: Jan. 16, 2020

Risque Slogans Halt Utah Condom Distribution Plan Japan Reports First Case of New Coronavirus Congresswoman Seeks Treatment for Alcoholism

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:

Risque Slogans Halt Utah Condom Distribution Plan

Utah health officials were getting busy with an HIV-prevention effort when Gov. Gary Herbert halted the distribution of 100,000 condoms due to racy messaging.

The Utah Department of Health earlier this month started distributing the condoms with suggestive slogans and teenage humor to promote safe sex.

One condom cover, for example, spelled out "SL UT" by using two-letter abbreviations for the state of Utah and its capital, Salt Lake City. Another had a picture of a mountain and the slogan "Enjoy Your Mountin." Still another showed an image of a bed with the slogan, "This is the place."

Herbert's office said in a statement, "The governor understands the importance of the Utah Department of Health conducting a campaign to educate Utahns about HIV prevention."

"He does not, however, approve the use of sexual innuendo as part of a taxpayer-funded campaign, and our office has asked the department to rework the campaign's branding," the statement said.


Japan Reports First Case of New Coronavirus

Japan has reported its first case of new coronavirus that's caused an outbreak in China.

A Chinese man in his 30s tested positive for the pneumonia-like coronavirus, Japan's Health Ministry said Thursday, The New York Times reported.

The man lives just south of Tokyo and returned to Japan on Jan. 6 after traveling to the central Chinese city of Wuhan, where dozens of people have been sickened by the coronavirus.

The man was hospitalized but discharged five days later after he had recovered, the health ministry said.

This was the second confirmed case of the new coronavirus reported outside of China in the last week. In Thailand, authorities detected the virus in a 61-year-old Chinese woman who was visiting from Wuhan, The Times reported.


Congresswoman Seeks Treatment for Alcoholism

Arizona Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick says she's taking time off from her political duties to seek treatment for alcoholism.

Following a serious fall she suffered last week, Kirkpatrick said in a statement Wednesday that, "I am finally seeking this help after struggling to do so in the past, and I am ready to admit that I, like countless other Americans, suffer from this disease."

"Hard work and determination -- which have brought me success in life -- have not been enough to win this battle," the Democrat added. "Other than being a wife, mother and grandmother, the most important job in the world to me is representing my fellow Arizonans. I know I must get better in order to do my best in each of these roles."

In her statement, Kirkpatrick said her offices in Washington and Arizona will remain open during her absence.

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