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Damage to Tiny Blood Vessels in Brain May Raise Alzheimer's Risk

Finding could point to new targets for treatment, prevention

U.S. Plans Billion-Dollar Project to Study the Brain

Hope is the initiative will lead to breakthroughs for diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

Lucky Dogs Get Shot at Diabetes Cure

Study finds gene therapy eliminated mimic of type 1 disease in five beagle pups; implications for humans unclear

New Antibiotic May Treat Skin Infections in Shorter Time

Study of experimental drug tedizolid also found fewer daily doses needed

Breast Cancer Research Needs More Focus on Environment: Report

Unlike family history, risk factors such as chemical exposure, obesity can be changed, experts say

Vaccine With Drug Payload Shows Promise Against Tumors

Liver cancer patients on higher dose of medication lived twice as long as those on lower dose

A Pill So People With Celiac Disease Can Eat Freely?

Scientists engineer an enzyme to stop the disease-causing process in a test tube, but more research is needed

Cancer Drug Doesn't Speed Up Tumor Growth, Researchers Say

Finding refutes earlier research in animals, could reassure patients taking Sutent

'Clot-Buster' Drug May Still Be Best Stroke Treatment

Italian study found tPA as good as invasive procedures that go into artery to retrieve, destroy clots

Nerve-Stimulating Device Might Ease Migraines

Small study found no side effects from treatment

Number of Americans With Alzheimer's May Triple by 2050

Experts say research in the next few years could be pivotal in altering those projections

Drug May Make Walking Easier for People With Artery Disease

The improvements were relatively small but significant, researchers say

Needed: Recruits of All Ages for Medical Research

Lack of awareness limits participation, study finds

Science Reveals How Owls Avoid Stroke While Rotating Heads

Bone and blood vessel adaptations let the birds escape trauma from such movement

Scientists Find Clue to Aging Reversal in Mice

'Longevity' gene inserted into mouse stem cells seemed to turn back clock on some age-related decline

More Oversight Urged for Money Spent on Research

Data analysis suggests duplicate grants may be costing U.S. funding agencies millions of dollars

Hops, Key to Flavor in Beer, May Prove Useful in New Drugs

Substances obtained from the bitter compound might help treat diabetes, some cancers, researchers say

Study: Lungs From Heavy Smokers OK for Transplant

But recipients need to know the source of the potential transplant, researchers say

Scientists Complete 1st Map of 'Emotional Intelligence' in the Brain

Scans of injured Vietnam vets show overlap of these skills with general intelligence

Fried Foods May Boost Prostate Cancer Risk, Study Says

But the research doesn't prove a link between the disease and French fries, donuts and the like

HIV-Like Virus Arose in Primates Millions of Years Ago, Scientists Say

Lentiviruses evolved to current form found in monkeys

CDC Researchers Spot Increase in New 'Stomach Bug' Strain

A norovirus from Australia caused majority of U.S. outbreaks at the end of 2012

Lowly Dung Beetle Looks to the Stars to Navigate

Insect uses Milky Way's light to guide 'poo' ball away from competitors

Why Some Wolves Became Dogs

Key genetic changes allowed certain canines to eat starchy scraps left by humans, study shows

Controversial Bird Flu Research to Resume

U.S. still on hold, but scientists in other countries ready to end moratorium

Blood Test Might Help Guide Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Preliminary results show promise for 'individualized' chemotherapy

Signs of Brain Damage Show Up in Scans of Living, Retired NFL Players

The small study isn't definitive, but hope is the findings could one day help prevent devastating injuries

Your Genetic Secrets May Not Be as Safe as You Think

Scientists able to identify men who had donated DNA to science by using their Y chromosome, the Internet

Autism Researchers Surprised by Impaired Brain Connections

Study upends common beliefs, they say

Mussels' Stickiness Inspires Surgical Adhesive

In tests with rats, synthetic product outperformed current wound healers

U.S. Launches Extensive Alzheimer's Studies

5-year, $55 million effort will look at exercise, drug treatment as therapies for early disease

Heart Muscle Cells Regenerate in Kids, Research Shows

Finding may one day lead to new therapies to repair damaged hearts, study suggests

Stem Cell Transplants in Mice Show Promise for Lou Gehrig's Disease

Rodents with the nervous system disorder increased lifespan, neuromuscular function, study shows

Pap Test Could Spot Some Ovarian Cancers, Study Finds

Widely used to detect cervical cancer, it might be much-needed screening option for other diseases

Hearing Restored in Mice With Noise-Induced Deafness

Researchers hope that treating damaged hair cells of inner ear might someday help people with hearing loss

'Love Hormone' May Aid Women's Recovery After Childbirth

Researchers suggest oxytocin might naturally protect against chronic pain after delivering a baby

New Pills Show Promise for Hepatitis C

If approved, they'll provide fewer side effects, shorter treatment time, studies suggest

Study Sheds Light on Evolution of Tree-Dwelling Humans

Lucy, a member of a prehistoric primate species, likely lived both in trees and on the ground

Scientists Shed Light on Fungus Behind Deadly Pneumonia Strain

The parasite causes Pneumocystis pneumonia in people with weakened immune systems

New Raccoon Virus May Offer Clues to Human Cancer

Rare brain tumors seen in 12 animals with polyomavirus, researchers say

Are Rhesus Monkeys Musically Challenged?

Unlike humans, they're unable to detect a beat, study says

Blood Protein Linked to Depression, Study Finds

But whether it causes mood disorder isn't clear, researchers say

FDA Panel Recommends Against 1st Drug for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Safety was a concern, and only some patients got relief from the treatment

Genes Linked to Autism Seem to Have Strong Tendency to Mutate

Study found mutations tied to many disorders tend to cluster in certain areas of the genome

FDA Panel Considers 1st Drug for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Only some patients got relief from the experimental treatment, experts say

Scientists Now See 200 Genes Linked to Crohn's Disease

Findings may eventually lead to better treatments, researchers say

Drugs Hold Promise for Severe Juvenile Arthritis Patients

Children's pain, fever, rash reduced in two studies, but questions remain

Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Rare Children's Brain Disorder

Treatment targets chemical that wreaks havoc on nerve cells in kids with Canavan disease

Here's What Keeps Rudolph's 'Nose So Bright'

Study shows tiny vessels pump warm blood there so reindeer can endure freezing temperatures

Egyptian Pharaoh's Throat Was Slashed During Coup, Research Suggests

Ramesses III probably lost life in attack staged by one of his wives and a son