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New Pill Shows Promise Against Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

The relapse rate was nearly halved after 2 years, researchers find

Low-Cost, Speedy Liver Test in Development

Third World nations would benefit from the paper-based system, researchers say

Drug Shows Promise Against Fragile X Syndrome, Possibly Autism

Scientists say preliminary findings show it might help social withdrawal

New Drug Might Help Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Maker-funded studies found reduction in symptoms such as abdominal pain

Experimental Dengue Vaccine Shows Some Success

The painful, potentially deadly illness is endemic to the tropics, and has reappeared in the United States

Ginkgo Won't Prevent Alzheimer's, Study Finds

This is the latest finding in debate over herb's ability to keep dementia at bay

Scientists Inch Closer to Genetic Blueprint of Diseases

Finding might change the way conditions are treated in the future

Ancient Genome Appears to Have Links to Modern Humans

Scientists who studied Denisovan DNA found shared genes with people in Papua New Guinea

Discovery May Improve Diagnosis of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

Markers in cerebrospinal fluid might help distinguish different forms of neurological disease, study finds

'Cyborg' Tissue Created Using 'Nano-Wires'

Most likely use in near future is in drug industry, researcher says

Chronic Cough Responds to Epilepsy Drug, Study Finds

But expert contends few patients really need it

Electronic Cigarettes Have Slight Impact on Heart: Study

Appear to be far less toxic than tobacco cigarettes, researcher says

Gene Might Predict Brain Tumors' Aggressiveness

Scientists zero in on DNA sequence associated with gliomas

African Chimps Carry Drug-Resistant, Human-Linked Staph

Study suggests infected caretakers might have spread bacteria to animals

Research Pinpoints Brain's 'Gullibility' Center

Changes in this region could explain why seniors, children are less doubting

Human Airways' 'Brush' Mechanism Gives Clues to Lung Diseases

Researchers say proper mucus clearance may depend on how tiny hair-like cilia operate

Microbiology and Genome Experts Quell Deadly Bacteria Outbreak

Collaboration helped control multi-drug resistant bacterial infection at research hospital

New Clues to How Alcohol May Boost Cancer Risk

Substance formed when body breaks down booze can damage DNA, research shows

Stem Cells Fix Bladder Leakage in Mice, Study Finds

In women, stress urinary incontinence is related to pregnancy, older age

Solving the Medical Mystery of Cold Feet

Scientists find more puzzle pieces to explain circulatory condition known as Raynaud's disease

Experimental Drug May Cut Severe Asthma Attacks: Study

Mepolizumab might help patients reduce oral steroid use, researcher says

Male Birth Control Drug Shows Promise in Mice

Nonhormonal method avoids side effects, researchers say

High BPA Levels Seen in People With Narrowed Arteries: Study

More of chemical used in plastics showed up in the urine of adults with coronary artery disease

New Drug Appears to Extend Survival in Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients

Study found enzalutamide helped men whose disease had resisted chemo, hormone therapy

Man's Best Friend Points the Way in Genetic Research

Dog breeds offer clues to human diseases, scientists report

New Pill Appears Effective, Safe for Ulcerative Colitis: Study

Tofacitinib relieved symptoms in short term, but effects over time not yet known

Retinal Device Restores Sight to Blind Mice

Researchers hope to start human trials next

Scientists ID New Gene Regions Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

Findings help shed light on condition's genetics, biology

Daily Aspirin May Cut Cancer Deaths, Another Study Finds

But drug has bleeding risks and shouldn't be used solely to prevent cancer, experts say

Migraines Not Linked to Decline in Thinking Skills

No difference seen over long term between those with or without the painful headaches

Electrical Brain Stimulation Curbs Epileptic Seizures in Rats

Implantable device short-circuits attacks, researcher says

New Pill Might Relieve Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis

Studies suggest drug works but may have serious side effects

Study Uses Stem Cells to Boost Red Blood Cell Production

New method could dramatically increase transfusion blood supply, researchers say

Brain's Connections May Predict Intelligence: Study

Intelligence based on prefrontal cortex's effective communication with rest of brain

Human Culture May Date Back 44,000 Years

Artifacts found in South Africa reveal earliest use of poison and beeswax

'Spray-on Skin' May Someday Heal Stubborn Leg Ulcers

But manufacturer-funded study is preliminary and treatment cost unknown

Why Women Outlive Men: Fruit Flies Give Clues

Genetic mutations affect aging patterns of males, but not females, research shows

Pregnant Mothers' Gut Changes May Support Fetal Growth

Women's gut microbes become less 'normal' and less diverse as pregnancy progresses, study shows

In Mice, Alzheimer's-Linked Protein Shows Promise Against MS

Amyloid beta has long been tied to dementia, but injections slowed MS progression

Evidence Grows That Cancer Has Its Own Stem Cells

Three new studies in mice may explain why some tumors resist aggressive treatment

Humans Might Be Hard-Wired to 'Love Thy Neighbor'

Researchers report people were less likely to punish those standing closer to them

Scientists ID New Gene Linked to Vision Loss in Infants

18 genes now associated with Leber congenital amaurosis, a rare inherited retinal disease

HIV Undetectable in 2 Men After Bone Marrow Transplants: Study

But whether procedure or continued medication is responsible remains unclear

Illegal 'Bath Salts' Mimic Cocaine in the Brain: Study

Bath salt is street name for a group of powerful, synthetic stimulants

Could Germs on Your Skin Be Good for You?

Mouse study suggests they prime the immune system to fight infections

Writing Using the Eyes Might Help Paralyzed Communicate

Although still in development, technology may help people with ALS, other movement problems

Experimental Drug Suppresses Appetite in Mice: Study

Researchers say it might someday help humans lose weight

Incan Girl's Mummy Yields Evidence of Respiratory Woes

New lip-swab test gives immune system clues to 15-year-old, who died 500 years ago

Lab-Grown Blood Vessels May Improve Heart Bypass

Researchers grow small vessels using stem cells from fat gathered through liposuction

Cancer Drug May Flush Out 'Hidden' HIV: Study

Strategy could help battle 'reservoir' of germs, but research is in early stages