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Health Insurance 'Mandate' Deemed Best Value for Money

More people covered, federal dollars saved with U.S. health insurance requirement, analysis says

Electrical Brain Stimulation May Strengthen Memory, Study Says

Preliminary results suggest method might hold promise for dementia patients

Could a Blood Test Help Spot Depression?

Small study suggests 'biomarker' levels might help support a diagnosis, but more research needed

Pleasure in Scratching an Itch May Depend on Location

Sensation is especially intense in ankles, researchers say

Mouse Study Suggests Alzheimer's Spreads Through Brain Like an Infection

If validated, finding might open doors to new therapies, even a vaccine, experts say

Scientists May Be Closer to Developing 'Red Wine' Drug

Resveratrol's secrets revealed in work with mice

Same Genes Key to Early & Late-Onset Alzheimer's: Study

Individual risk factors may influence when the brain disorder develops, researchers say

Type 1 Diabetes Treatment Disappoints in Trial

Vaccine-based approach didn't affect insulin needs or other markers

Experimental Drug Might Beat Aspirin in Preventing Repeat Strokes: Study

It's not yet FDA-approved, but apixaban cut clot risk caused by abnormal heartbeat

Scientists Use Brain Waves to Eavesdrop on the Mind

Computer model seeks to decode heard language, but research is preliminary

Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise for Stroke, Studies Say

Patients may regain some function after treatment, preliminary research suggests

Stem Cells May Further Hepatitis C Research

Using liver-like cells, scientists hope to learn how some people resist infection

U.S. Advisers Explain Request to Censor Bird Flu Research

Published details of experiments could be used for harmful purposes, experts warn

Ultrasound As a Male Contraceptive?

High-frequency treatment lowered sperm counts in rats, study says

Native Americans May Have Trekked From Siberia

Anthropologists trace origins to region known as the Altai

People May Lie More When Texting: Study

Researchers suggest it's easier to deceive than when in person or during video chat

Test Might Predict Risk of Lung Cancer's Return

But it's not clear yet how helpful the molecular exam will be, experts say

Active Ingredient in Viagra Shrunk Disfiguring Growths in Kids

But, the finding is preliminary and the treatment is expensive, researchers note

Oldest Known Dinosaur Nesting Site Found

Containing fossilized eggs and tiny footprints, it's estimated to be 190 million years old

Could 'Magic' Mushrooms Ease Depression?

Small studies found key ingredient lowered activity in areas of brain linked to mood disorder

Small Stem Cell Study Claims Early Success in Treating Eye Disease

Two patients appeared to benefit from therapy for macular degeneration

New Genetic Clues to Breast Cancer?

Researchers say they've identified three more genomic regions associated with the disease

Scientists Agree to Delay Controversial Bird Flu Research

Fears that altered virus could escape from lab or be used by bioterrorists feeds debate

Can Coffee Really Thwart Type 2 Diabetes?

Three potentially beneficial compounds identified in lab study

New Drug Combo for Hepatitis C Shows Promise

Called 'watershed' research, study reports success with oral meds

Melanoma Drug's Link to Other Skin Cancers Identified

New study suggests ways around the risk for patients

U.S. Wants to Buttress Alzheimer's Arsenal by 2025

Left unchecked, the number of Alzheimer's patients could triple by 2050, experts say

Experimental Drug Might Help Some a Bit With Colon Cancer

Drug extended survival by one month in those with advanced disease

Experimental Blood Thinner Given Before Surgery Shows Benefit

Cangrelor has potential to reduce clot risk with low bleeding problems in heart patients, study finds

U.S. Wants to Buttress Alzheimer's Arsenal by 2025

Left unchecked, the number of Alzheimer's patients could triple by 2050, experts say

Knee Arthritis May Speed Up Process Linked to Cell Aging

People with osteoarthritis have increased cell deterioration nearest to damaged joint, study finds

Heavier Ex-NFL Players May Be Prone to Brain Decline

But experts say the new study findings may not include all contributing factors

Drug Duo May Help Fight Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer

Response rate increased with two-drug approach, researchers report

Your Taste for Fat May Reside in Your Genes

Individual sensitivity might influence what and how much you eat, small study suggests

Salt Water Won't Stop Python Invasion in Florida: Experts

Burmese snakes survived in salty environment, suggesting they might spread from Everglades

'Exoskeleton' Helps Paralyzed Stand, Take Steps

More research needed to see if it strengthens muscles, experts say

Does Deodorant Ingredient Affect Breast Cancer Risk?

Small study finds suspect chemical even in women who never used the product, further muddying the debate

Gene Research Sheds Light on Rare Immune Disease

One symptom, cold urticaria, is a potentially serious disorder triggered by exposure to low temperatures

Mouse Study Give Clues to Why Exercise Is Healthy

Naturally occurring muscle protein has 'clear therapeutic potential,' researcher says

Tests Might Someday Help Spot Early Lung Cancer

Tissue samples, sensitive blood analyses show promise for early diagnosis, treatment

Novel Stem Cell Treatment May Hold Promise for Type 1 Diabetes

Scientists try to 're-educate' patient's immune cells to begin producing insulin

Autism Gastro Problems May Be Linked to Gut Bacteria

Study found children with the disorder have different type of microbes in stomach than other kids

Mixed News on Tough-to-Treat Lung Cancer

One drug made little difference, another showed promise in mice with genetic mutation

Alzheimer's Med Seems Ineffective in Those With Down Syndrome

Patients taking memantine had more serious adverse events than those given placebo

Nicotine Patches, Gums Won't Help Smokers Quit Long-Term: Study

Researchers say finding underscores real-world challenges facing those looking to quit

Mice Exposed to Smoke Helped by Blood Pressure Drug: Study

Research may hold hope for treating smoking-related lung diseases in humans

Scientists Create First Monkeys With Mixed Genomes

Genetic material from six genomes made babies, researchers report

Potential Herpes Vaccine Disappoints Researchers

Only partially effective against one type of virus, ineffective against second type, study found

Novel Hepatitis C Vaccine Shows Some Early Promise

But any clinically valuable treatment is years away, researchers say

MRI Scans Show Brain Changes in Kids With Schizophrenia

Progressive loss of gray matter linked to worse prognosis for young patients, researchers say