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Does Deodorant Ingredient Affect Breast Cancer Risk?

Small study finds suspect chemical even in women who never used the product, further muddying the debate

Gene Research Sheds Light on Rare Immune Disease

One symptom, cold urticaria, is a potentially serious disorder triggered by exposure to low temperatures

Mouse Study Give Clues to Why Exercise Is Healthy

Naturally occurring muscle protein has 'clear therapeutic potential,' researcher says

Tests Might Someday Help Spot Early Lung Cancer

Tissue samples, sensitive blood analyses show promise for early diagnosis, treatment

Novel Stem Cell Treatment May Hold Promise for Type 1 Diabetes

Scientists try to 're-educate' patient's immune cells to begin producing insulin

Autism Gastro Problems May Be Linked to Gut Bacteria

Study found children with the disorder have different type of microbes in stomach than other kids

Mixed News on Tough-to-Treat Lung Cancer

One drug made little difference, another showed promise in mice with genetic mutation

Alzheimer's Med Seems Ineffective in Those With Down Syndrome

Patients taking memantine had more serious adverse events than those given placebo

Nicotine Patches, Gums Won't Help Smokers Quit Long-Term: Study

Researchers say finding underscores real-world challenges facing those looking to quit

Mice Exposed to Smoke Helped by Blood Pressure Drug: Study

Research may hold hope for treating smoking-related lung diseases in humans

Scientists Create First Monkeys With Mixed Genomes

Genetic material from six genomes made babies, researchers report

Potential Herpes Vaccine Disappoints Researchers

Only partially effective against one type of virus, ineffective against second type, study found

Novel Hepatitis C Vaccine Shows Some Early Promise

But any clinically valuable treatment is years away, researchers say

MRI Scans Show Brain Changes in Kids With Schizophrenia

Progressive loss of gray matter linked to worse prognosis for young patients, researchers say

Changes in Cerebrospinal Fluid May Signal Early Alzheimer's

Study found they preceded actual development of disease by 5 to 10 years

Study Looks at Deep Brain Stimulation in Bipolar Patients

Research is still preliminary, with few patients involved so far

Gene Mutation May Be Key to Familial Pancreatic Cancer

Research may lead to a screening option for those who might be at hereditary risk

Doubt Cast on Use of Genetic Test Before Plavix

Research review suggests test won't help docs determine who would benefit from heart drug

Study Shows How Busy Reindeer Keep Their Cool

Research involved monitoring the animals' brains while they trotted on treadmills

Scientists Ponder Santa's High-Tech Secrets

He seems to possess scientific savvy -- quantum theory, anyone? -- that lets him circle the globe in one night

Journal Retracts Faulty Chronic Fatigue Study

Science statement puts to rest two-year controversy, dashes hopes for treatments

Research Sheds Light on Gene Mutation's Role in Rare Tumors

Findings could spur new treatments for more common cancers, study suggests

40 Years On, the Triumphs and Challenges of America's 'War on Cancer'

In many cases, what was a death sentence is now a manageable condition, although roadblocks remain

Experts Urge Limits on Medical Research on Chimpanzees

U.S. government-mandated report says the animals need only be used in select instances

Brain Changes May Be Tied to Parkinson's Dementia

Study finds differences between patients with and without mental decline

Snakes Make Your Skin Crawl? Study Suggests Why

Frequent python attacks on preliterate tribe explain longstanding fear of snakes

Adult Sickle Cell Drug May Benefit Kids, Too

It was well-tolerated by children younger than 4, study finds

Chimps Shed Light on How Humans Learned to Share

Their behavior seems to be affected by their environment, research suggests

Targeted Radiation May Not Be Better for Breast Cancer

Study found brachytherapy had double the risk of mastectomies, compared to radiation of entire breast

Research With Worms May Shed Light on Women's Fertility

Egg cells aged earlier than body cells in roundworms, study found

Gene Mutation Helps Clear Fats From Blood, Study Finds

But it is unknown if the beneficial effect actually cuts heart risks, researchers say

More Evidence Links Specific Genes to ADHD

Future treatments might target these genetic pathways, researchers say

Rare Seizure Disorder Gives Clues About Brain's Laughter Center

Brain lesions in the hypothalamus trigger laughing seizures, study shows

FDA Moves to Speed Development of Artificial Pancreas Systems

Agency suggests more flexible requirements for clinical trials leading to approval

Studies in Mice May Offer Clues to Cleft Lip

Scientists corrected the birth defect in mouse embryos, study says

AIDS Research Holds Promise for Reducing HIV Transmission Rates

'Extraordinary advances' prompt some to dare to dream of a cure

Drug May Dampen Dangerous Side Effect of Stem Cell Transplants

Low doses of interleukin-2 eased most severe symptoms of graft-versus-host disease in cancer patients

Yawning May Cool the Brain When Needed

Study also found sinuses act like a bellows, help keep brain the right temperature

1st Artificial Windpipe Made With Stem Cells Seems Successful

Using patient's own cells to create custom airway cut risk for transplant rejection, scientists say

Scientists Reveal Monarch Butterfly Genome

Research will shed light on understanding of long-distance migratory species, report says

Gene Shortage Might Lead to Shorter Height, Study Says

In two separate groups, shortest people were missing copies of genes

Young Chimps Play Much Like Children Do

Finding could shed light on human behavior, scientists say

Cholesterol Drug Shows Promise in Early Research

If proven, it could cut bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, but more study needed

Stem Cells Show Promise in Healing Damaged Hearts

3 studies show cells sourced from bone marrow or the heart itself may help after heart attack

Shot Might One Day Help Lower Cholesterol

In early trial, it lowered LDL levels by up to 64 percent

Study Suggests Exercise May Help Memory of Fibromyalgia Patients

The trial was small, however, and the researchers were hoping for better results

Cave Art Accurately Depicted Horses of Different Colors

DNA evidence proves that 'leopard-spotted' horses in ancient paintings existed, report says

Experimental Drug Slims Obese Monkeys

Killing fat cells in the blood signals potential new approach to weight loss, but more research needed, experts say

Computer 'Pathologist' Could Help Assess Breast Cancer Survival

Model under study may someday help, not replace, physicians, researchers say

Autistic Children May Have Too Many Brain Cells

Small study finds excess number of neurons in region responsible for communication