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Studies in Mice May Offer Clues to Cleft Lip

Scientists corrected the birth defect in mouse embryos, study says

AIDS Research Holds Promise for Reducing HIV Transmission Rates

'Extraordinary advances' prompt some to dare to dream of a cure

Drug May Dampen Dangerous Side Effect of Stem Cell Transplants

Low doses of interleukin-2 eased most severe symptoms of graft-versus-host disease in cancer patients

Yawning May Cool the Brain When Needed

Study also found sinuses act like a bellows, help keep brain the right temperature

1st Artificial Windpipe Made With Stem Cells Seems Successful

Using patient's own cells to create custom airway cut risk for transplant rejection, scientists say

Scientists Reveal Monarch Butterfly Genome

Research will shed light on understanding of long-distance migratory species, report says

Gene Shortage Might Lead to Shorter Height, Study Says

In two separate groups, shortest people were missing copies of genes

Young Chimps Play Much Like Children Do

Finding could shed light on human behavior, scientists say

Cholesterol Drug Shows Promise in Early Research

If proven, it could cut bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, but more study needed

Stem Cells Show Promise in Healing Damaged Hearts

3 studies show cells sourced from bone marrow or the heart itself may help after heart attack

Shot Might One Day Help Lower Cholesterol

In early trial, it lowered LDL levels by up to 64 percent

Study Suggests Exercise May Help Memory of Fibromyalgia Patients

The trial was small, however, and the researchers were hoping for better results

Cave Art Accurately Depicted Horses of Different Colors

DNA evidence proves that 'leopard-spotted' horses in ancient paintings existed, report says

Experimental Drug Slims Obese Monkeys

Killing fat cells in the blood signals potential new approach to weight loss, but more research needed, experts say

Computer 'Pathologist' Could Help Assess Breast Cancer Survival

Model under study may someday help, not replace, physicians, researchers say

Autistic Children May Have Too Many Brain Cells

Small study finds excess number of neurons in region responsible for communication

New Drug Shows Promise Against Huntington's Disease

Study suggests pridopidine eases symptoms, but doesn't attack origins of the disease

Scientific Brilliance Doesn't Always Peak Young

New study of Nobel Prize winners suggests many discoveries made in late adulthood

Vitamin D, Interferon Alpha Vaccine Show Promise Against Lupus

Experimental treatments altered immune response in small, preliminary studies

Common Breast Cancer Gene Test May Be Flawed, Study Says

Researchers found high rate of false-negative results for HER2 gene

Possible Genetic Link to Autism Identified

In boys, the gene variation was associated with about a 15% increased risk, study finds

More Targeted Treatments Key to Progress in War on Cancer: Report

Major cancer organization also calls for streamlined clinical trials

Improved Allergy Shots Might Be on Horizon

Methods being investigated could offer quicker, longer-lasting results, experts say

Using Drug for Prevention Might Help in Hard-to-Treat Hemophilia

For some patients, using medicine to stave off, not just treat bleeds, could decrease joint damage

Clearing Out 'Old Cells' Might Make for Healthier Old Age

In mouse study, eliminating derelict cells seemed to postpone diseases of aging, scientists say

Red Wine Antioxidant Could Give Metabolism a Boost

Small study in obese men shows benefit from supplement containing resveratrol

New Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Promising in Early Trial

Experimental drug, ocrelizumab, reduced active brain lesions in study patients

High-Tech Suit Lets You Know What It's Like to Be Old

Creation will help make products, services more user-friendly for an aging population, scientists say

Python Findings Shed Light on Human Heart Health

After feeding, snake blood has high levels of enzymes that protect the heart

For Those With Mystery Illnesses, a 'Clinic of Last Resort'

Americans with rare, debilitating diseases come to national center hoping for diagnosis

Viagra-Like Drug May Help Children With Rare Disorder

Study found those with pulmonary arterial hypertension could exercise more easily after taking sildenafil

HIV Medication Patch Shows Promise in Early Trial

Could help patients adhere to treatment regimens, researchers say

Experimental Vaccine Shows Promise for Lung Cancer: Study

Combined with chemo, the shot appears to slow progression of non-small cell form of disease

Steroids Given to Preemies May Harm Brain Growth: Study

The drugs help breathing but should be used with utmost caution, researchers say

Link Explored Between Colon Cancer, Bacterium

Research could provide clues for diagnosing, treating malignancies, study says

Report Tracks Patient Outcomes at 5,000 U.S. Hospitals

Researchers also outline who is using the Internet to compare doctors, hospitals

Foundation Aims to Raise Awareness of Brain Diseases

American Academy of Neurology Foundation marks 20th anniversary with call for research support

Genome of Cancer-Free Rodent May Give Clues to Human Aging, Disease

Naked mole rat, humans share some genetic similarities, researchers find

Study Suggests Origins of Pregnancy-Linked High Blood Pressure

Father's cells inside the placenta trick mother's immune system, research says

New Alzheimer's Drug Shows Early Promise

Small trial found it lowered levels of brain-clogging plaque, but unclear if that will slow disease

Scientists Spot New Clues to HIV-Linked Dementia

Distinct types of the virus hide out in cerebrospinal fluid, research shows

Monkeys Use Brain Power, Not Hands, to 'Move' Virtual Objects

Researchers say findings from animal study might help quadriplegic patients some day

Scientists Engineer Mice That Have Autism

Researcher says other mouse models of disease exist, but this comes closer to mirroring disorder in humans

Raw Sewage a New Frontier for Scientists

Diverse collection of viruses awaits exploration, researchers say

Cocaine Increases Risk for Glaucoma: Study

Abusers with the eye disease significantly younger than other glaucoma patients who did not do drugs

Abnormal Protein May Explain Loss of Smell With Alzheimer's

The protein kills nerve cells in the nose, animal study finds

'Magic Mushroom' Compound Triggered Positive Personality Change in Study

Sixty percent of volunteers became more 'open' -- and stayed that way for more than a year

Study Suggests Link Between Sleep Deprivation, Alzheimer's Risk

Body seems to use brain's downtime to clear away disease-related material, researchers say

U.S. Scientists Map Genome of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Researchers discover genetic 'hypermutations' that help tumors resist common therapies

Study Suggests Link Between Stress and Aggressive Breast Cancer

But research with minority women doesn't prove cause-and-effect