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Ancient Footprints Reveal Earliest Signs of Human-Like Gait

Trails found in Tanzania suggest fully upright walking began nearly 4 million years ago

Psychological Distancing May Be Key to Wisdom

People who look at things in a self-centered way less likely to reason wisely, research suggests

Scientists Close in on Origins of Psoriasis, Eczema

Rare cases where a patient has both conditions yield up crucial information

Cheaper DNA Sequencing Coming Closer

Proponents see it as valuable medical tool, but others aren't sure it will help the individual all that much

Experimental Drug Might Help Fight Alzheimer's After All

Certain patients with mild to moderate symptoms may benefit from treatment, study finds

Human Stem Cells Used to Fix Damaged Mouse Heart

Findings could help in the advancement of stem cell therapy, scientists suggest

More Evidence That Early Treatment Can Stop HIV's Spread to Partners

When infected partner got meds soon after diagnosis, spread to uninfected partner fell by 96%, study found

Ex-NFL Players May Face Higher Brain Damage Risk, Study Says

But there's no proof of cause-and-effect, experts say, calling for more research

Dogs Adept at Reading People's Minds

Study found they use that to their advantage when begging for food

Researchers Closer to Developing Universal Meningitis B Vaccine

Novel technology may lead to protection against deadly meningococcus B, they say

Novel Virus 'Jumped' From Monkeys to Humans, Researchers Find

Infection that killed U.S. research monkeys sickened scientist and family member, study says

Antibody Finding Might Help in Search for HIV Vaccine

Researchers find 'soldiers' of immune system keep AIDS virus from getting inside cells

Scientists Spot Possible Target in Ovarian Cancer

Researchers identified one specific gene that could provide clues on how to fight the disease

Female Ancestor of All Living Polar Bears Was Brown

Historic bear lived in vicinity of present-day Ireland up to 50,000 years ago, scientists say

Patient Disparities Seen in Lung Cancer Drug Trials

Women, the elderly and blacks not well represented in research, investigators say

U.S. Database of Breast Cancer Treatment May Be Inaccurate

SEER registry lacked records of radiation after surgery in 1 in 5 cases in two cities studied

Experimental Drug Bests Chemo in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Study

Better response, progression-free survival time seen with Tarceva in trial patients

Who Should Get a CT Scan to Screen for Lung Cancer?

While the tests can save lives, they're not for everyone, experts say

More Evidence CT Scans Better at Detecting Lung Cancer

Earlier treatment improves survival chances, experts say

Gene 'Map' of Ovarian Cancer Yields New Clues to Treatment

Many tumors share similar mutated DNA, some of which might respond to available drugs, experts say

Organ Transplant Drug Might Treat Rapid-Aging Disease in Kids

Early trial with cells in lab shows promise, but much research remains to be done

Research Sheds Light on Cause of Brain Deficits in HIV Patients

Virus can weaken blood-brain barrier and infect cells that normally support brain, study finds

Trials of Type 1 Diabetes Vaccines Bring Mixed Results

One vaccine may combat disease's progression, but another fails human tests

Poor 'Fat-Tasters' May Tend to Be Heavier

They seem to be more likely to eat more rich foods, researchers report

New Drug Effectively Treats Hepatitis C

Adding Incivek to standard therapy also cut treatment time in half, researchers say

Simple Saliva Test Detects Your 'Real' Age

Assessment might prove useful in solving crimes and improving care, researchers say

Clues to Alzheimer's May Reside in Spinal Fluid

Researchers may be able to predict which people with fuzzy thinking will develop the brain disorder

Poor Brain 'Sync' a Possible Sign of Autism

Inability of right and left hemispheres to communicate might be early marker, researchers say

Scientists Zero In on Key Melanoma Links

Review of previous research ties five genetic variants to the deadly skin cancer

Experimental Vaccine Seems to Cure Prostate Cancer in Mice

Researchers hope to test vaccine in people within five years

Scientists Turn Memory On, Off in Rats With Flip of Switch

Discovery might someday benefit patients with brain injuries, researchers say

Scientists Pinpoint Parts of Brain That Help People Recognize Themselves

Finding could help in the development of prosthetics, researchers say

Gene Sequencing Helps Twins With Rare Disorder

Children thrived after results found they had a subtype of disease requiring different treatment

Sleeptime Head-Cooling Cap Eases Insomnia, Study Finds

Device was associated with a greater amount of deep, restorative sleep, researchers say

Scientists Identify Genes Linked to Migraines

Inheriting any one of 3 gene variants raises risk for severe headaches by up to 15%, researchers say

City Pavement Affects Weather, Boosting Smog: Study

Urban development can alter wind patterns, causing buildup of pollutants, researchers say

Apples Help Keep Muscles Strong, Mouse Study Finds

Discovery may lead to new treatments to prevent wasting due to aging, illness, researchers say

Two Drugs Shown to Prolong Survival in Advanced Melanoma Cases

Experts say results are first big news in years for treatment of this deadly cancer

Brown Fat Cells May One Day Help Combat Obesity

Scientists report that they grew 'good' fat cells that can burn calories in lab study

Even Ancient Men Seemed to Like Their Man Caves

Study found far more females moved away from birthplace, while males stayed close to home

Studies Refute Virus' Link to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Contamination of human samples in the lab led to errors in influential 2009 study, scientists say

Tie Between 'Biomarkers,' Disease Often Overstated, Scientists Say

Small studies more likely than larger ones to exaggerate connections, study finds

Scientists Discover 'Ultra-Bad' Cholesterol

Study of super-sticky LDL may spur new heart disease treatments for seniors, type 2 diabetics

Scientists Appear One Step Closer to Reading Minds

Scottish researchers decoded information contained within certain brainwaves related to vision

Study Finds Almost 1 in 5 Young Adults Has High Blood Pressure

Rate is much higher than was previously reported in 24- to 32-year-olds in U.S.

Airborne Germs May Spur Rain, Snow, Hail

Biological particles found at center of inner cores of hailstones, researchers say

Researchers Find Cousin of Hepatitis C Virus in Dogs

Might lead to better understanding and treatment of human version of the disease

Genes Tied to Severity of Cystic Fibrosis Identified

Researchers hope to find way to extend life expectancy for people with this inherited disease

Spinal Stimulation Helps Paralyzed Man Regain Movement

If replicated, procedure may eventually help others with spine injuries

Punches Land Harder When Delivered From Above: Study

Findings may help explain why early humans developed the ability to stand -- and fight -- upright