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Study Hints at Stem Cells From Belly Fat as Treatment for Heart Attack

While results are 'promising,' the research is in its early stages, expert says

Gene Therapy Shows Potential Against Heart Failure

Research was preliminary and the sample size small, experts note

Death of Loved One May Trigger Elevated Heart Rate

Worrisome signs seemed to revert to normal within 6 months, study suggests

Device Improves Survival of Heart Failure Patients: Study

Resynchronization therapy also reduces hospitalizations, researchers say

Antibody Linked to Allergies on the Rise

Levels have doubled in people over 55 since the '70s, study says

A Little Alcohol May Help the Heart: Studies

But excessive consumption is always damaging, doctors say

Gene Variation Linked to Altruism

People with this DNA twice as likely to donate to charity as those without it, researchers found

Diabetes Research Made Significant Strides in Past Year

Advances in treating type 1 diabetes best news as World Diabetes Day approaches

Urine Markers May Reveal Kidney Damage Earlier

If findings lead to reliable test, kidney failure might be prevented, researchers say

Happiness Is a Focused Mind

When people's minds wandered, they reported more dissatisfaction, study found

Source of an Itch Studied in Mice

Same nerve cells that cause burn-related pain involved in itchiness, research shows

Scientists Say They've Made Blood From Skin

Discovery could benefit surgical, cancer, anemia patients, researchers say

Lung Cancer in Smokers, Nonsmokers May Be a Different Disease

Tumors in people who never smoked had more genetic abnormalities, study says

New Drug, Pradaxa, May Prevent Second Stroke in Certain Heart Patients

As effective as anticlotting drug warfarin among those with atrial fibrillation, study found

Spending Months in Space May Cause Long-Term Bone Loss

Crew members on extended missions still had lower than normal bone density a year after return

Protein Differences May Explain Long-Term HIV Control

Scientists say small variation keeps some infected patients healthy without medicine

Sleep Appears to Aid Learning

Shut-eye helped solidify vocabulary for study volunteers

Possible Genetic 'Switches' for Blood Sugar Control Detected

But applications for diabetes years away, researchers say

Dolphins Get By With a Little Help From Their (Female) Friends

Study finds dolphin moms more successful if aided by female friends, relatives

Study Unmasks the Biology of Bluffing

Brain scans spot cognitive roots of getting others to believe lies are true

Diabetes Drugs Might Lower Risk of Lung Cancer

Study buttresses preliminary findings that found same benefit

MRI Images May Pinpoint Time of Stroke

'Surrogate clock' could increase the number of patients eligible for clot-busting therapy: researchers

Scientists Report Early Success in Growing Mini Liver in Lab

Next step is to assess organ's function after transplant into animals

Mouse Study Reveals a Cancer Cell Escape Route

A small number of lymphoma cells survived by hiding in the thymus, researchers say

Noninvasive Test for Colon Cancer Shows Promise in Early Trial

Stool-based screen beats current versions, but results must be replicated in larger trials, experts say

Early Humans More Advanced Than Thought

In S. Africa, sophisticated tool-making techniques show up 55,000 years earlier than expected

Brain's Error-Detection System Demystified

Researchers identify two autonomous feedback loops in 'typo' study

New Drug Shows Promise Against Certain Lung Cancers

For some patients, crizotinib shrank tumors with a particular genetic mutation

New Insights on Who Should Take Erbitux for Colon Cancer

Contrary to previous research, some patients with KRAS gene mutation may benefit

New Polio Vaccine Shows Major Advantages: Study

Bivalent oral vaccine targets two deadly strains of virus

Aspirin May Help Patients Beat Prostate Cancer

Retrospective study found blood thinners associated with 50 percent cut in death rate

Bitter Taste Receptors Found in Lungs May Aid Asthma Patients

Acrid compounds tested in mice and humans opened airways more profoundly than current drugs, researchers report

Mosquito Evolution May Make It Harder to Fight Malaria: Study

Two distinct species developing faster than expected, scientists say

New Virus 'Jumps' From Monkey to Scientist, Causing Serious Illness

Adenovirus strain is under study but experts say there's no immediate cause for alarm

Clenching Muscles May Boost Willpower

But it only works if the goal is in line with your values, researchers say

Peer Support May Bring Better Control of Diabetes

Drop in blood sugar levels equivalent of using oral diabetes drug, study finds

New Tumor Marker May Improve Cancer Detection: Study

Hormone receptor not normally seen outside the reproductive organs shows up in many tumors

Animal Study Explores Potential Gene Therapy for Depression

Adequate levels of a certain brain protein may aid prevention, treatment, researchers suggest

Some With Once-Deadly Leukemia Can Take a Break From Gleevec

Small minority of CML patients went off the drug for 2 years with no sign of recurrence

Can Vitamin B12 Reduce Alzheimer's Risk?

Finnish study hints at a link, but experts call the trial small and preliminary

Mouse Study Sheds Light on Hearing Loss in Aging Humans

Gene research might lead to drugs to preserve auditory function, study suggests

Tyrannosarus Rex Was a Cannibal

Fossil bones of meat-eating dinosaur show 'frequent' T-Rex tooth marks, paleontologist finds

Gulf War Nerve Agent Tied to Late-Onset Heart Damage in Mice

Signs appeared 10 weeks after exposure to low-dose sarin, researchers found

First Patient Treated in U.S.-Approved Embryonic Stem Cell Trial

Unnamed individual is receiving controversial cells to treat spinal cord injury

Researchers Pinpoint Array of Obesity Genes

However, environment and lifestyle still play key roles, experts say

New Tool Shows Promise for Early Lung Cancer Screening

Optical sweep of cells from cheek lining may detect which patients need more testing, study finds

Most Americans Back Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Poll

Wide range of support, including Republicans, Catholics and born-again Christians, Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll finds

Once-Promising Heart Failure Drug Fails in Trial

It's 'the end of the story' for rolofylline against this tough-to-treat condition, researcher says

Bacteria Identified as New Foe for Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Infection with S. maltophilia may cause serious flare-ups, study says

Vaccine Studied for Deadly Brain Cancer

Appears to lengthen survival time, but study is small, researchers say