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Some Monkeys Naturally Resist AIDS, Research Shows

Even a high viral load doesn't cause the disease to develop in sooty mangabeys, scientists found

Travel for Surgery May Help Spread New Superbug

Antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria found in patients who underwent procedures in India, researchers say

Discovery Moves Use of Stone Tools Back 800,000 Years

Team found evidence of two animal bones that had been marked by eating tools

'Biomarkers' Could Spot Alzheimer's Disease Early, Studies Suggest

Levels of 3 proteins might point to impending trouble and someday help with diagnosis, treatment

Scientists Unravel Secrets of Sound Sleep

Bursts of brain activity called 'spindles' may keep loud noise from disturbing sleep, study suggests

What Caused 2009 H1N1 Pandemic?

Researchers say they've identified biochemical process behind 'swine flu'

Bat Species Facing Regional Extinction From Fungal Disease

Millions of bats have died over the last 4 years from 'white-nose syndrome,' research shows

New Drug Studied for Hard-to-Treat Vascular Condition

Clinical trials suggest icatibant safe, effective against life-threatening swelling of hereditary angioedema

Device May Help Spot Hidden Graves Without Digging

Air test allows investigators to detect bodies buried beneath concrete, scientists say

A New Marker to Spot Aggressive Breast Cancers?

Levels of a cellular protein seem to fall as tumor lethality rises, study finds

Genome Studies Point to Cholesterol-Regulating Genes

But researchers caution any possible clinical application is many years away

Signs of Autism May Show in Early Infancy

Abnormal arm muscle tone, visual processing evident in month-old babies, study says

Review Suggests Bias in Drug Study Reporting

Industry-funded trials more likely to have positive findings than other studies, analysis shows

Ketamine Eased Depression in Treatment-Resistant Bipolar Disorder

But improvement from anesthetic infusion was only significant for three days, researchers found

Scientists Use Stem Cells to Help Rabbits Grow New Joints

Animals were up and hopping again within weeks, but experts say human trials still far off

For Some Female Birds, Infidelity Boosts Offspring's Survival

Seychelles warblers pair up for life, but females often go elsewhere to sire their young, research shows

New Drugs Eyed for Huntington's Disease

But tests on mice needed first, researchers say

Genetic Risk Score Can Predict Odds For Breast Cancer

Scientists find different variants affect different tumor types

Sniffing Device Allows Disabled to Write, Run Wheelchairs

Israeli team found sniffs could be translated into directives with special machine

Caterpillars' Creep May Hold Clues for Advanced Robotics

Understanding their unique system of movement could be key to future biomechanics, report suggests

Study Points to Molecular Origins of Celiac Disease

3 protein fragments may drive immune response to gluten in those with genetic predisposition to the disorder

Procedure Rejuvenates Aging Arteries in Pigs

Combination of nanoparticles and stem cells cleans, heals clogged vessel walls, study shows

Human Sperm Gene Hasn't Changed for 600 Million Years

This DNA is shared across species and seems 'so important it can't change,' researcher says

Scientists Create 'Malaria-Proof' Mosquito

Gene-tweaked insect can't be infected by parasite that spurs the disease, researchers say

New Clues to How Cancer Patients' Genes Influence Treatment

Major study is already confirming links between certain therapies and specific DNA, researchers say

New Pill Found to Cut Weight With Few Side Effects: Study

Lorcaserin one of three new anti-obesity medications up for review by the FDA

Medical Studies Involving Kids May Be Prone to Bias

Industry-funded trials at greater risk of distortion than nonprofit or government-sponsored: review

New Criteria for Alzheimer's Diagnosis Proposed

First guideline changes in 25 years would seek earlier identification of the disease

Brain Grows Quickest in Areas Where Apes, Humans Vary: Study

Research focuses on cerebral cortex, seat of higher mental functions

Alzheimer's Research Spotlights Protein 'Tangles' in Brain

Studies in animals suggest buildup of 'tau' can be repressed, but will it help curb the disease?

Gene Linked to Obesity May Also Raise Dementia Risk

But finding is early and needs to be replicated in other research, experts say

Scientists Engineering Advanced Wound Dressings

Embedded antibiotics would be released only when infection is detected, researchers say

Rat Study Sheds Light on Cocaine Addiction

Researchers discover tiny molecules that may be key to human addiction as well

New Anti-HIV Weapons Found in Immune System

Powerful antibodies could someday be key to developing an AIDS vaccine, researchers say

Clues for Burning Fat Without Exercise Found in Mice

Brain chemical seems to help melt calories but research may not apply to humans, scientists say

Research Sheds Light on How Herpes Virus Invades Cells

Finding may lead to new target for genital herpes drug treatments, study suggests

Researchers Find Gene Behind Four-Leaf Clover

Finding could lead to new variations, for ornamental plants or forage

Three-Legged Dogs Aid in Robot Design

How they compensate for missing limb may help scientists design robot that adapts to 'injury'

Sleep Seems to Fuel Energy Surge in Rats' Brains

Regions needed to function during waking hours got a boost during shuteye, study says

Parkinson's Transplant Mystery Solved, Researchers Say

Study suggests a way to prevent the uncontrolled movements that halted earlier trials

Experts Optimistic About Solving Puzzle of Alzheimer's

Promising research could lead to early detection, better treatment

Clues to Preventing Return of Liver Cancer

Small study finds antiviral therapy halts recurrence in patients with chronic hepatitis B

Artificial Pancreas Continues to Show Promise

New research finds it improves blood sugar control overnight in type 1 diabetics

How Brain Organizes Info Doesn't Depend on Sight

Scans revealed that thought processes occurred in same areas for sighted and blind people, study found

Scientists Fashion New Lung for Rats

Feat might one day help those with lung diseases, researchers say

Brain Stimulation Seems to Boost Language Skills in Alzheimer's Patients

But the research is early and needs to be replicated, experts say

Tailored Treatment for Advanced Lung Cancer?

Patients with certain genetic profile respond better to the drug Iressa than to standard chemo, study found

Stem Cell Technique Restores Sight to Burn-Injured Eyes

Lab-grown graft provides 'biological contact lens' for cornea, experts say

Mouse Study Sheds Light on Diabetes-Heart Disease Link

Blood sugar woes may hamper important nerve cell signaling, scientists say

More Evidence That B Vitamins Alone Won't Counter Heart Risks

Heart attacks, strokes not reduced in those taking B12 and folic acid supplements, study finds