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Gene-Transfer Proves Safe for Vision Problem

Volunteers with rare eye disease regained partial sight with experimental therapy

Sensor Detects Levels of Brain Chemicals

Could help in treatment of Parkinson's, epilepsy and depression, researchers say

Time Teaches Brain to Recognize Objects

Research could pave way for enhanced computer vision systems, MIT study suggests

Bacterial Infections May Be Overlooked in SIDS Cases

Toxins could cause 'chemical storm' in infants resulting in death, research suggests

Chromosome Tests Help Study of Kids' Mental Anomalies

New technology offers better diagnostic model for complex developmental abnormalities

Stopping Cancer From Rebounding After Treatment

The body helps tumors recover from chemo, but there may be a way to blunt that response, scientists say

Scratched Surfaces May Trap Bacteria During Food Processing

Studies examine new countertop materials, cleaners to cut contamination

Blood Pressure Treatment Can Be Used Against Stroke

Study finds the therapy can be given in tandem with clot-dissolving drug

Study Probes Why Smokers Find It Hard to Quit

When not in a state of craving, they may underestimate intensity of future urge to light up

Job Loss Has Long-Term Impact on Social Lives

Those displaced more likely to withdraw from clubs, but older workers fare better, study finds

Serotonin Transporter Levels May Explain Winter Blues

More of brain chemical removed in fall and winter, when there's less sunlight, study finds

Brain's Memory Capacity Much Larger Than Believed

Finding could have implications for artificial intelligence, memory disorder treatments

Vitamin B12 Key to Aging Brain

Deficiency led to more brain shrinkage, study shows

Buyers Spend More With Non-Cash Purchases

Researchers say it's the 'pain of paying' that drives consumer choices

Walking Styles a Quick Cue to Gender

Looking at joint movements alone, people could spot males vs. females, study found

2 Techniques Found Effective in Carotid Artery Narrowing

Angioplasty with stenting and endarterectomy successful in preventing ipsilateral stroke

Artery Plaque Rupture Can Occur Without Symptoms

But this makes build-up more vulnerable to future bursts, researchers find

Chinese Work Sees Through Invisibility Quest

Researchers explain how theoretical 'anti-cloak' could bring objects out of hiding

Almost Half of Adults Will Develop Knee Osteoarthritis by 85

Study finds risk is greatest for those overweight or obese at age 45

Last of Woolly Mammoths Had North American Roots

Beasts established themselves earlier than presumed

Blacks With Lung Disease Face Increased Cancer Risk

Men with prior history of COPD 6 times more likely to develop malignancy, study suggests

Sleep Therapy Restores Brain Function in Insomniacs

Brain imaging suggests it could be a non-pharmacological intervention for the disorder

Genetic Mutations Linked to Deadly Cancers

Findings of 3 studies focus on brain and pancreatic tumors

Scientists Spot New Twist in HIV Infection

Discovery brings better treatments, even a cure, a bit closer

Research Unveils Earliest Cell Changes in Down Syndrome

Mouse study shows disturbance of regulating gene starts domino effect altering development

Scientists Discover How Osteoarthritis Destroys Cartilage

For sufferers of joint disease, finding could lead to preventive treatments, study says

New Drug Helps Relieve Gout

Pegloticase normalized uric acid levels within 6 hours for participants in phase II trial

Brain's Serotonin May Explain Seasonal Mood Changes

Higher binding potential in winter could clarify why people feel down when sun shines less

Breast Cancer Drug Not Tied to Cognitive Decline: Study

Researchers say finding is 'good news' for postmenopausal women taking anastrozole

Secrets of Telomerase Revealed

Researchers unlock active region of enzyme involved in cancer, aging

Some Hiroshima Survivors at Thyroid Cancer Risk

Radiation may have caused chromosomal change that raises odds for malignancy, study finds

Scientists Track Hourly Changes in Alzheimer's Protein

Recovery from brain injury, not injury itself, associated with increased plaque

Normal Cells May Predict Cancer Virulence

Finding suggests that treatment that only aims at malignant cells might fall short

Gene Linked to 'Dry' Macular Degeneration

Study also uncovers risks associated with treating 'wet' form of the eye disease

Pancreatic Cells Turned Into Insulin-Producing Beta Cells

Researchers say feat could lead to treatment for diabetes

Tools Test Debunks 'Dumb Neanderthals' Theory

Technological inferiority didn't spur their demise, researchers say

Scientists ID Pathway That Makes Antipsychotic Drugs Work

Finding could aid drug manufacturers in development of new therapies

LDL Cholesterol Tied to Increased Cancer Risk in Diabetics

Using these levels as markers could help clinicians better treat patients, Chinese study finds

DEET Works Because Mosquitoes Hate the Smell

Research upends theory that repellant masks person's odor and interferes with bugs' senses

Study Examines How Rheumatoid Arthritis Destroys Bone

Enzyme called Smurf1 acts as signaling partner that turns off building-block proteins

Intense Heat May Boost Tomato Antioxidant

Fat added to lycopene molecules appears to increase disease-fighting power, study says

Computer-Based Method IDs Alzheimer's Protein Structures

Findings hint of new treatments to prevent their formation, MIT study says

Molecule Keeps Bacteria Like Salmonella in Check

Finding could also fight other pathogens before they develop resistance to antibiotics

Scientists ID New Proteins in Programmed Cell Death

Findings may lead to novel drug targets for stroke, infectious diseases, study says

Experimental Drug Shows Early Promise Against Cystic Fibrosis

The molecule causes flawed gene to work properly, researchers say

Bone Growth Protein Also Promotes 'Good' Fat

Stimulation of brown globules helps burn calories, hints of new ways to treat obesity

Addiction Drug Causes Rapid Weight Loss in Rats

Findings offers hope of new treatments for severe obesity in humans

Calcium Might Have Taste Humans Can Detect

Tweaking tongue receptors could encourage people to consume more of the vital nutrient

Mathematical Model Helps Predict Cancer Tumor Size

Calculations were close to what was actually seen in clinical practice, Stanford team says

Immune Response May Hinder Stem Cell Treatments

This unexpected reaction must be overcome to ensure therapeutic success, experts say