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A Hope: Contaminant-Free Synthetic Heparin

Team of chemists makes blood thinner in lab, but hopes for large-scale production

New Imaging Technique Could Spot Early Cancers

Lasers heat nanotubes, then docs listen for ultrasound waves released showing tumors

Study Probes Internet Health-Related Search Patterns

Use of Google Trends mirrors data sought in other countries as well, researchers say

Asthma's Course Differs by Gender

By puberty, condition may be passing phase in boys, but more permanent in girls, study says

Poor Coordination in Childhood Tied to Adult Obesity

Clumsiness at age 7, below-par motor skills at 11 linked to weight gain later, study says

Blocking Drug-Related Memories May Prevent Relapses

Animal brain receptor study suggests new treatments for addiction in humans

PET Scans May Help Detect Alzheimer's Brain Plaques

Injectable marker spots deposits, could be used to assess drugs in clinical trials

New Chemotherapy Combo Holds Promise for Lung Cancer

But expert notes research is still in early stages

Studies Refine Obesity's Risk for Heart Troubles

Not all overweight in metabolic danger, but waist size a factor even in the normal-weight

Researchers Hunt Normal Cells That Give Rise to Cancer

Identifying these progenitors may provide context for tumor formation, new treatments

Gene Treatment in Mice Makes Old Liver Cells Young

Better 'waste disposal' could one day help treat human illnesses such as Alzheimer's, study says

Scientists Create Mice Resistant to Obesity

Research with a brain chemical might lead to drug treatments for humans

New Technique Removes Gallbladder Without External Incisions

Endoscope was inserted through 1-inch cut behind uterus and into woman's body cavity

Disease-Specific Stem Cell Lines Developed

Should advance both research and future treatments, scientists say

Interrupted Night Sleep Worse for Cognitive Function

People almost 4 times groggier than those awakened during day rest, study finds

Robot Playmates Help Autistic Kids With Social Skills

Researchers say finding could be used for creation of new therapy tools

Gene Behind Rare Eye Disease in Dachshunds Discovered

If applicable to humans, could lead to new treatments, study says

B Cells Can Act Alone in Autoimmune Diseases

Finding points to new interventions to control body's attack on its own healthy tissue

Protein Key to Brain Rewiring

It sends signals, telling neurons to change connections

2 New Genes Tied to 3 Cancers

Finding could improve early detection of breast, thyroid and kidney diseases, researchers say

Fat Deposits Boost Heart Attack Risk

Globules around organ more dangerous than thick waist or high body mass, study suggests

Autistic Children Make Limited Eye Contact

Finding could offer doctors a chance to treat the disorder earlier

Medicinal Marijuana Eases Neuropathic Pain in HIV

Cannabis was well-tolerated, effective when added to existing meds, study finds

New Test Diagnoses Anemia in Chronic Disease

Tool detects concentration of active hepcidin in the blood, researchers say

Vitamin C Shows Promise as Cancer Treatment

The nutrient shrunk brain, ovarian and pancreatic tumors in mice

Immune System Protein Predicts Toxic Shock Survival

Finding may enable investigators to screen lower risk patients from trials of new therapies

Mouse Study Finds Molecule That Tells Hair to Grow

Could one day lead to treatments for baldness, researchers say

Researchers Test New Source for Blood Platelets

Japanese study in mice generates viable particles from embryonic stem cell lines

Scientists Turn Skin Cells Into Motor Neurons in ALS Patients

Feat could one day lead to tailor-made cells to treat fatal disease, researchers say

New Clues to How Cancer Spreads

Healing cells called fibrocytes create niches in healthy organs where disease can spread, study finds

Patch Helps Mend Damaged Hearts

Study finds it promotes growth of healthy tissue after heart attack

Scientists ID 'Jekyll-Hyde' Protein in Lou Gehrig's Disease

Gene mutations cause superoxide dismutase to clump up in motor neurons

Micro Molecules May Be Cancer Biomarker

RNAs regulating gene expression could detect disease in early stages, study says

Rates of Mild Cognitive Impairment Higher Than Expected

More men, women may develop Alzheimer's than previously thought, researchers say

Alzheimer's Treatment Trials May Have Special Challenges

Studies may need larger pools of participants to accurately assess if drugs are effective

Dementia Underestimated in Developing Countries

Standard criteria too restrictive, gap with higher-income nations smaller, group says

Automated, Wearable Kidney Offers Continuous Dialysis

UCLA team develops device giving patients freedom of movement, better quality of life

People With GERD More Likely to Develop Asthma

Study finds fluid back-up in esophagus can cause immune system changes

Studies Link Circadian Rhythm, Metabolism, Longevity to One Protein

New molecular clock component ties all three together, researchers say

Drug Holds Promise Against AIDS

Medication helps those with HIV who become treatment-resistant, study shows

Intestinal Gluten Receptor Is Gateway for Celiac Disease

Finding could offer new treatments for other autoimmune disorders, study says

Mouse Model to Aid Sinusitis Research

Genetically engineered rodents will help in study of loss of smell, researcher says

Spinal Cord Stem Cells May Act as Nerve Repair System

Grown in lab, then returned to body, they could lead to nonsurgical treatments

Lung Cancer Trial Targets Asbestos-Related Disease

Chemo-radiation therapy looks to kill cells on organ's surface, spare surrounding tissue

Gene Profiles Might Help Guide Lung Cancer Care

Combo of DNA activity, clinical clues could lead to smarter, tailored treatments, study suggests

Heart Blood Vessels Grown in the Lab

Could offer a future alternative to bypass surgery, researchers say

Loud Music in Bars Hastens Drinking

French researchers say blasting tunes makes patrons down more alcohol in less time

Magnetic Pulses to Brain Improve Lazy Eye in Adults

Vision improved temporarily, Canadian researchers report

Alzheimer's Research Brings Progress, Setbacks

Once-promising vaccine fails to ease symptoms, but old drug offers new hope

Brain Scans Show Heightened Risk for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Found less activity in region that curbs habitual thinking, researchers say