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Cell Transplant Tested as Treatment for Nerve Pain in Mice

Findings might someday help people living with chronic pain

Scientists Turn Skin Cells Into Cardiac Cells to Help Failing Hearts

Research with human cells worked well in rats, but trials in humans are years away

Stem Cell Study Shows Promising Results Against Heart Failure

Injecting patient's 'enhanced' bone marrow into damaged heart improved symptoms

Researchers Rejuvenate Blood-Forming Stem Cells in Mice

Scientists hope to apply findings to human aging in future

Researchers Repair Damage Caused by Heart Attacks in Mice

Non-beating scar tissue was transformed into beating heart muscle

Improved Stem Cell Line May Avoid Tumor Risk: Study

New line of stem cells may have application for disease-modeling, researchers say

Stem-Cell Trial Failed to Treat Heart Failure

But small improvement detected in one measure of heart function, study found

Stem Cell Therapy Could Boost Kidney Transplant Success: Study

Short-term rejection rates better for recipients than those taking standard drugs, study finds

Transplant Procedure Creates 'Hybrid' Immune System to Combat Rejection

Bone marrow cell transfer possible way to prevent common problem with organ donation, preliminary study suggests

Stem Cell Finding Could Expand Women's Lifetime Supply of Eggs

Research might lead to new reproductive technologies, older pregnancies, researchers say

Stem Cell Treatment Might Reverse Heart Attack Damage

Patients' own cardiac stem cells reduced scarring in preliminary study

Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise for Stroke, Studies Say

Patients may regain some function after treatment, preliminary research suggests

Stem Cells May Further Hepatitis C Research

Using liver-like cells, scientists hope to learn how some people resist infection

Small Stem Cell Study Claims Early Success in Treating Eye Disease

Two patients appeared to benefit from therapy for macular degeneration

Novel Stem Cell Treatment May Hold Promise for Type 1 Diabetes

Scientists try to 're-educate' patient's immune cells to begin producing insulin

Scientists Create First Monkeys With Mixed Genomes

Genetic material from six genomes made babies, researchers report

Drug May Dampen Dangerous Side Effect of Stem Cell Transplants

Low doses of interleukin-2 eased most severe symptoms of graft-versus-host disease in cancer patients

1st Artificial Windpipe Made With Stem Cells Seems Successful

Using patient's own cells to create custom airway cut risk for transplant rejection, scientists say

Stem Cells Show Promise in Healing Damaged Hearts

3 studies show cells sourced from bone marrow or the heart itself may help after heart attack

Stem-Cell Transplants Restored Pituitary Function in Mice

Expert said findings might someday help people with pituitary gland failure

'Mini' Stem Cell Transplant May Help Seniors With Blood Cancer

One-third of study patients over 60 had improved overall 5-year survival, researchers report

As One Life Starts, Another May Be Saved

Donating umbilical cord blood, rich with stem cells, could help others for decades to come

Leukemia Survivor Credits Her Life to Tiny Blood Donors

Cord blood donation moves her from imminent death to 'good to go'

Stem Cell Therapy Might Help Kidney Transplant Patients

In small, early trial, some recipients no longer needed drug 'cocktail' to prevent organ rejection

Mouse Study Could Give New Clues to Fighting Baldness

Stem cells within skin's fatty layer seem to help trigger hair growth

Scientists Use Stem Cells for Blood 'Self-Transfusion'

Though preliminary, process might help those too ill to donate blood before needing a transfusion

Specialized Adult Stem Cells Re-Grow Fingertips

Study finds they are not 'jack of all trades' cells, as previously thought

Stem Cell Therapy Holds Promise for Kidney Disease

Studies show that collected kidney cells can be reprogrammed to grow into any type of kidney cell

Human Stem Cells Used to Fix Damaged Mouse Heart

Findings could help in the advancement of stem cell therapy, scientists suggest

Mouse Study Uncovers the Roots of Gray Hair

A particular type of signaling between two types of stem cells may be to blame, study finds

Discovery of Lung Stem Cells May Herald New Treatments

But the research is preliminary, so human benefits won't come any time soon

Most Leukemia Patients Recover From 'Chemo Brain' After Transplant: Study

But nearly 42 percent had memory, motor skills issues that lingered 5 years post-treatment

Progress Seen in Creating Eye Cells From Stem Cells

Lab success may someday help people with macular degeneration, researchers say

Stem Cell Transplant May Help Aggressive MS: Study

But procedure is too risky, one expert counters

Stem Cell Therapy Shrinks Enlarged Hearts

Study is small and more research is needed, but approach might someday be a breakthrough

Scientists Use Stem Cells, Skin Cells to Create Brain Cells Lost to Alzheimer's

Breakthrough should be boon to research, but therapeutic uses still decades away, experts say

Need for Blood and Organ Donors Continues to Grow

Many unaware of the ease of donating, and saving a life, experts say

Scientists Spot Genetic Areas Key to Embryonic Development

More than 2,000 'enhancers' uncovered that activate at specific times

Docs Claim Transplant Cured Man of HIV, But Experts Urge Caution

Treatment has beat back virus for 3 years but may be too risky, impractical for widespread use

States Now Fund Most Embryonic Stem Cell Research in U.S.

Study finds federal government still contributes more overall on other types of stem cell research

Researchers Turn Stem Cells Into Intestinal Tissue in Lab

Feat may further understanding of bowel-related diseases

Sperm-Producing Cells Coaxed to Produce Insulin

Technique let researchers 'cure' diabetes in mice for a week, but effects in humans uncertain

Study Hints at Stem Cells From Belly Fat as Treatment for Heart Attack

While results are 'promising,' the research is in its early stages, expert says

First Patient Treated in U.S.-Approved Embryonic Stem Cell Trial

Unnamed individual is receiving controversial cells to treat spinal cord injury

Most Americans Back Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Poll

Wide range of support, including Republicans, Catholics and born-again Christians, Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll finds

Obama to Appeal Stem Cell Ruling

Experts say judge's injunction on using federal funds effectively halts work in labs across the country

Scientists Dismayed by Stem Cell Research Ruling

Experts say the injunction on using federal funds effectively halts work in labs across the country

Scientists Create Fertile Ground for Growing Stem Cells

New synthetic surface should 'make it easier for the cells to divide and grow,' they say

Stem Cell Treatment May Offer Hope Against Fatal Skin Disorder

Therapy's potential could extend beyond care of epidermolysis bullosa, researchers say

Procedure Rejuvenates Aging Arteries in Pigs

Combination of nanoparticles and stem cells cleans, heals clogged vessel walls, study shows