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Improve your lifestyle with HealthDay Living videos, daily 60-second to 80-second videos on topics that influence your day-to-day life. HealthDay Living provides accurate, credible, relevant and timely videos that are entertaining, quick and easy to watch.

HealthDay Living’s weekly lineup is:

  • Monday: These videos will focus on diet, including creating a lifelong eating plan for permanent weight loss and tips and tricks to use every day.
  • Tuesday: Experts will explore healthy cooking such as streamlined favorites with easy-to-follow recipes, seasonal foods and cooking techniques.
  • Wednesday: Topics will focus on exercise, including activities for weight loss, muscle toning, heart health and overall well-being.
  • Thursday: Practical health news and strategies will be explored, from advice on diabetes to heart issues.
  • Friday: Lifestyle topics will include research-based ideas for better relationships and getting more out of life for singles, couples and families.