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Scientists Tally Viruses Living in Mammals

They suspect at least 320,000 viruses exist, and say finding them might reduce toll of human epidemics

New Drug Combo Helps Hard-to-Treat Hepatitis C

NIH study focused largely on black patients, who haven't fared as well with current treatments

Mexico Farm Tied to Stomach Bug Back in Operation

U.S. health officials still haven't identified source of more than 600 infections

Stomach Bug Vaccine for Infants Protects Entire Community: CDC

Lower hospitalization rates for rotavirus infection seen in all age groups, researchers report

Measles Outbreak Hits Texas Megachurch

As many as 16 unvaccinated people infected so far, reports say

Gene Study Helps Advance Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis

Findings may help determine if person has the lung disease or is a carrier, and might aid treatment

Cases Reported in Stomach Bug Outbreak Top 600

Latest CDC statistics show 601 illnesses across 22 states, 40 people hospitalized

CDC Frees Up Drug That Fights Brain-Eating Amoeba

2 U.S. children have recently been infected and made severely ill with amoeba found in freshwater

Early Course of HIV Therapy May Give Infants a Break From Drugs

Immediate short-term treatment seems to delay start of lifelong antiretroviral regimen

Experimental Treatment May Help Fight Deadly Ebola Virus

Therapy led to recovery in nearly half of study animals up to 5 days after infection

Poor Oral Hygiene Tied to Cancer-Linked Virus, Study Finds

Avoiding HPV is yet another reason to take care of your teeth, gums, experts say

More Cases Reported in Stomach Bug Outbreak

Latest CDC statistics show 586 illnesses across 20 states, 36 people hospitalized

U.S. Lyme Disease Cases Vastly Underreported: CDC

Ongoing studies suggest ticks infect 300,000 people each year

Cases in Stomach Bug Outbreak Continue to Climb

Latest CDC statistics show 576 illnesses reported in 19 states, 36 people hospitalized

Certain Antibiotics Tied to Blood Sugar Swings in Diabetics

Drugs such as Cipro, Avelox were most implicated, but experts say other factors may be at play

More Drugs Show Promise in Fighting Hepatitis C

Faldaprevir and deleobuvir are part of effort to develop treatments that avoid harsh side effects

Colon Cancer Linked to Mouth Infection, Gum Disease?

Study suggests pathway from oral bacteria to colon cells

Company Tied to Stomach Bug Outbreak Stops Shipments to U.S.

Salad mix from Mexico has been implicated in Iowa, Nebraska cases; source of other infections is unclear

Asian Tiger Mosquito Could Spread U.S. Disease

Present in more than half of states, the bloodthirsty parasite transmits a host of viruses

'Superbug' Can Spread to Nearby Hospitals

Study of antibiotic-resistant VRE found domino effect

Salmonella Outbreak Sickens 307 in 37 States

CDC says infections are linked to baby poultry from multiple hatcheries

Stomach Bug Outbreak Cases Top 500

Meanwhile, health officials still trying to track down source of infections in 14 of 16 states affected

China Bird Flu Appears to Have Spread From Person to Person

Single reported case does not mean pandemic is likely, although vigilance is needed, experts say

Stomach Bug Outbreak Source in Two States Traced to Mexican Farm

Health officials in Iowa, Nebraska point to salad mix as culprit; CDC has not confirmed a source in 14 other states

400 Now Sickened in Stomach Bug Outbreak

Health officials in Iowa, Nebraska point to salad mix as culprit, but CDC has not confirmed a source

Stomach Bug Outbreak Grows, Bagged Salad Implicated

Health officials in Iowa, Nebraska point to salad mix as culprit, but CDC has not confirmed a source

Stomach Bug Outbreak Spreads to More States: CDC

Cyclospora cases now total 353, and source of the illnesses remains unknown

Meth Use Tied to Deadly Brain Infection in Mouse Study

A generally harmless fungus caused death in animals injected with methamphetamine, researchers say

Germs in the Gym

Basketballs, volleyballs can be magnets for bacteria, study finds

Lethal New Virus in Monkeys Shows Potential to Infect Humans

Study of germ that killed primates in a California colony should spur more vigilance, researchers say

FDA Proposes New Safety Rules for Imported Food

Announcement comes in wake of recent outbreaks of foodborne illnesses

Recently Emerged MERS Virus Less Infectious Than SARS: Study

But Middle East respiratory virus has high death rates among people with chronic illnesses

U.S. Health Officials Still Tracking Source of Stomach Bug Outbreak

285 cases of cyclospora infections, 18 hospitalizations in 11 states since late June

Details Emerge on Rabies Transplant Death

Organ donor had trapped raccoons, was bitten at least twice, investigation reveals

Midwest Ticks Show Signs of 'Heartland Virus'

Recently discovered disease struck two Missouri farmers

Social Media Helps Pin Down Source of Foodborne Strep Throat Outbreak

Facebook users realized many high school banquet attendees were ill, notified health department

Signs of Potential Trouble for Nursing Home Residents

Multiple hospitalizations for dehydration, certain infections raise risk of death, study finds

2012 Texas West Nile Outbreak Linked to Mild Winter

Lessons learned in deadly resurgence may point the way to prevention, expert says

New Treatments Show Promise Against Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea

Study results were impressive, but experts say other options are still needed

Bacteria Infection Risk May Be Higher for Pregnant Women With Diabetes

But hospital-related infection not more likely with gestational-type diabetes

Infant Vaccines Also Protect Seniors Against Pneumonia: Study

It's one of the most dramatic examples of 'herd immunity' seen in recent years, researchers report

Country Singer Randy Travis Suffers a Stroke

Doctors had implanted a device to help his weakened heart pump blood

Scientists Examine New Bird Flu's Potential to Spread

They looked at transmission between humans and mammals in lab

Cat Poop May Pose Health Risk

Parasite linked to variety of diseases, experts say

Country Singer Randy Travis in Critical Condition With Heart Infection

Singer first admitted to Dallas hospital on Sunday after developing what he thought was a cold

Listeria Outbreak Prompts Cheese Recall

1 person dead, 4 sickened; source seems to be Wisconsin company, CDC says

Tick-Borne Illness Babesiosis a Hazard for Seniors: FDA

Risk highest in certain East Coast states

New Tick-Borne Illness May Be Misdiagnosed

Case reports look at 2 older patients with Borrelia miyamotoi infection

Early Respiratory Infection May Double Type 1 Diabetes Risk: Study

Researchers looked at children who had first-degree relatives with the autoimmune disease

How Safe Is Your Local Beach?

Report card rates cleanest and most contaminated beaches across U.S.