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Sharp Spike Seen in Swine Flu Cases: CDC

Number of reported illnesses has jumped 5-fold this week

High-Risk Heterosexuals Should Take HIV Prevention Pill, Too

More than 1 in 4 new HIV infections in U.S. in 2009 involved heterosexuals, research shows

Too Much Travel May Be Tough on Olympians

Study finds traveling across more than five time zones to compete raises chances of illness

New Vaccine May Offer Protection From Deadly Nipah Virus

Virus causes serious respiratory distress syndrome and encephalitis, researchers say

Steroids Won't Ease Most Sinusitis Attacks, Study Finds

Increasingly popular treatment as ineffective as antibiotics against viral infections

CDC Preparing Vaccine for New Swine Flu

No sustained person-to-person transmission yet, but this virus has a gene linked to pandemic flu

West Nile Virus on the Rise in US: CDC

Health officials recommend steps to avoid the mosquito-borne infection

Untreated Rabies May Not Be Lethal for All, Study Says

Some have natural resistance to infection from bat bites, researchers report

New Clues to How HIV Infects Body's Cells

Study of mice found the virus 'hitches a ride' on immune system's T cells to reach remote locations

Workers With Paid Sick Days Healthier, More Productive: Study

In U.S., only 40 million private-sector employees had access to paid leave in 2010, research shows

Shots Should Be on College Kids' Back-to-School List

Dorm living puts them at higher risk for potentially deadly infection, expert says

Burnt-Out Nurses Linked to More Hospital Infections

Reducing job-related emotional exhaustion among nurses could benefit patients, cut costs, study says

New Seal Flu Could Pose Threat to Humans

Pandemic strain could originate anywhere, so preparation is essential, researchers say

Smoking Tied to Risk for Hepatitis Return After Liver Transplant

Study findings indicate even ex-smokers were more likely to be re-infected within 1 year

The 'Five Second Rule' Is a Myth

Sorry, the snack you dropped is already contaminated and can't be sanitized, expert says

Could Germs on Your Skin Be Good for You?

Mouse study suggests they prime the immune system to fight infections

Certain Tick Bites Might Spur Red Meat Allergy

After exposure to Lone Star tick, some people must avoid red meat thereafter

Flu Cases From County Fair Traced to Pigs

But this strain isn't very contagious, CDC says

Incan Girl's Mummy Yields Evidence of Respiratory Woes

New lip-swab test gives immune system clues to 15-year-old, who died 500 years ago

Airports in N.Y., L.A., Hawaii Deemed Worst for Pandemic Spread

MIT researchers calculated which locations are most likely to play a role in disease dispersal

All HIV Patients Should Take Meds Early On, Experts Now Say

New guidelines reflect the improvements in antiretroviral therapy over last 25 years

Women With HIV May Not Have Higher Cervical Cancer Risk: Study

They had similar Pap, biopsy results to women not infected with virus

Mom's HIV Drugs May Pass to Baby in Womb, Breast-Feeding

Hair, blood samples revealed HIV-negative infants were exposed to antiretrovirals, researchers say

Not All HIV Patients in U.S. Show Same Characteristics: Study

Those born elsewhere more likely to have been infected through heterosexual sex

Whooping Cough Cases Reaching Record Highs: CDC

Vaccine appears to wear off, so booster shots are needed, experts say

Ahead of AIDS Conference, New Reasons for Hope

Experts say headway has been made in prevention and treatment, but challenges remain

Infection With 2 HIV Strains Slows Disease Progression

For people infected with HIV-2 and then HIV-1, it takes longer for AIDS to develop, study finds

Adding Vitamin B12 to Standard Drugs Might Help Fight Hepatitis C

Small study suggests a benefit, but experts are more cautious about the results

FDA Approves 1st Pill to Help Prevent HIV Infection

Once-daily Truvada intended for at-risk individuals, and agency says side effects must be monitored

CDC Warns of Another Emerging Tick-Borne Threat

Babesiosis can be fatal; another report shows mosquitoes continue to spread West Nile

Reused Vials, Unsafe Injections Threatening Patients: CDC

At least 10 people were hospitalized in two states, report found

Exercise, Meditation Can Beat Back Cold, Flu, Study Finds

Researchers report that both also appear to cut down on sick time and sick days at work

HIV Drug May Prevent Bone Marrow Transplant Complication

The drug, maraviroc, protects against graft-versus-host disease in the liver and gut

Studies Show Value of AIDS Drugs as Prevention

Some heterosexual African people avoided infection with HIV

Antiobiotic Resistance Spikes During Flu Season

Many more prescriptions written during those months, researchers explain

Uncircumcised Boys at Higher Risk for Infection: Study

Visibility of urethral opening makes no difference, researchers found

Parenthood Seems to Protect Against Catching Colds: Study

Risk was 52 percent lower for parents than for nonparents exposed to viruses

Test Approved to Help Treat Common Infection in Transplant Patients

CMV preys on people with weaker immune systems

300,000 People in U.S. Living With Chagas Disease: Report

Although usually spread by parasite, mother-infant transmission seen

'Superbug' MRSA Making a Retreat in Communities

Large study also found drop in serious MRSA blood-system infections

Annual Beaches Report Finds Water Quality Lacking Along U.S. Shores

Last year was third worst in two decades for advisories, closings for polluted water

Wednesday Is National HIV Testing Day

CDC urges all people between the ages of 13 and 64 to get tested at least once

Bacterial Vaginosis Increases Female-to-Male HIV Transmission Risk

HIV-positive women with the condition are three times more likely to pass virus to partners

Rare Drug-Resistant Bacteria Spotted in U.S. Hospital

Swift treatment, stronger infection control prevented spread

Once-Banned Bird Flu Study Yields Sobering Findings

Few mutations needed to allow airborne spread of H5N1 virus in mammals, scientists find

More Than Half of Resident Docs Have Worked While Sick: Study

Dedication to work a key reason, but experts say patient safety may be at risk

Colds May Be Even More 'Common' Than People Think

Infected co-eds with no symptoms outnumbered those with symptoms by 4 to 1 in study

Gum Disease, HPV May Play Role in Head & Neck Cancers

Risks for these tumors rose alongside infection with the virus and poor gums, study found

Many Homeless May Harbor Hepatitis C

Los Angeles study finds nearly half don't know it

Brain-Injury Recovery Varies Widely Among Children

Evidence review finds that cause of injury can make a difference