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Severe Sepsis Can Harm the Immune System

Lab studies after death found evidence of decreased immune function

Drug Users With HIV at Much Higher Overdose Risk

Opioids, illegal drugs can threaten recent lifespan gains

Dengue Fever Cases Subside in Florida, But Threat Remains

Report finds no outbreak in Key West this year, but many residents may still be infected

Med Students Need Hand Holding on Hand Washing

Too many don't know when they're supposed to wash up, study finds

Some Causes of Stillbirth May Be Avoidable: Studies

Lifestyle factors like drinking, smoking and diabetes management might influence risk

Americans Encouraged to Get Flu Vaccine

Too few take advantage of easily available protection against influenza in U.S., experts say

Preemies Infected With More Dangerous Types of Bacteria: Study

These babies also have fewer types of microbes than those born full-term, researchers say

CDC Issues New TB Treatment Guidelines

They're aimed at shortening, simplifying the regimen used to prevent active disease

Vaccine Might One Day Prevent 'Cruise Ship' Stomach Bug

Experimental vaccine reduced effects of norovirus in small study

Common Hospital Infection Lengthens Patient Stays

An estimated 10% of those infected with C. difficile will die, study finds

Few Contact Lens Users Follow All Care Guidelines, Study Finds

New strategies needed to improve compliance, researchers say

How to Stay Flu-Free for the Holidays

Regular handwashing, 'air kissing' are two of several suggestions

Advocates Push for Greater Awareness of HIV/AIDS

White House, numerous organizations say too many Americans are still becoming infected

Older Women Have More Post-Surgical Breast Reduction Infections

Researchers say lower hormone levels in women over 50 may explain it

Surgery May Boost Survival With Dangerous Heart Condition

Heart valve replacement is better than drugs alone for some endocarditis patients, researchers say

Colon Surgery Linked to High Readmission Rates

Patients often return to the hospital for preventable surgical-site infections, researchers say

Southeast U.S. Still Using High Levels of Antibiotics, Study Shows

But overall, use of antibiotics fell nationwide about 12% between 1999 and 2007

Health Tip: Why Antibiotic Resistance Is Serious

It can lead to life-threatening infections

Alcoholics More Likely to Die of Cancer: Study

Alcohol itself and poor lifestyle choices both increase risks, researchers say

Pneumonia Most Common Infection After Heart Surgery

Nearly half of serious infections occur 14 days after patients are discharged, study shows

More Teens Getting Vaccines Against HPV, Other Infections: CDC

Still a long way from full coverage, experts note

Sepsis Plus Heart Rhythm Disorder Linked to Stroke, Death

Hospital patients with severe blood infections and new atrial fibrillation found at higher risk

Health Care Workers Often Trade Hand Hygiene for Gloves

More than half didn't wash hands after treating patients, risking spread of infection, study says

Death Toll From Listeria Outbreak Hits 29

Another 139 people sickened in 28 states, CDC reports

It's Possible to Come Down With Two Flu Viruses at Once

Report confirms cases of people infected by H1N1 and another flu strain at the same time

Hospital Rooms Crawling With Drug-Resistant Germs: Study

Nearly half of patient rooms sampled tested positive for Acinetobacter baumannii

'Fecal Transplants' Show Promise for Gastrointestinal Ills

Help restore bacterial diversity, ease infections, studies show

Many Parents Skipping Kids' Shots, Putting Other Kids at Risk

In California study, 1 in 5 children at some schools intentionally unvaccinated, raising concerns

Stomach Bug Easily Passed Among Pro Sports Teams: Report

CDC researchers urge athletes, staff to take steps to prevent spread of norovirus

Scientists Identify Gene Linked to Cold Sores

Findings could eventually lead to new treatments for outbreaks of oral herpes, researchers say

Health Tip: Child Bites Can Lead to Infection

Monitor for these warning signs

Death Toll From Listeria Outbreak Hits 28

Another 133 people sickened in 26 states, CDC reports

Drug-Resistant Infections in Hospitals May Be Less Deadly Than Thought

Study found patient's overall health, injury severity more likely to determine survival

Could HPV Raise Women's Risk for Heart Disease?

Study suggests a link, but more research is needed

Robins Are 'Super-Spreaders' of West Nile Virus, Expert Says

Common bird a favorite meal for mosquitoes that harbor the disease, research shows

Hospital Programs to Reduce Antibiotic Resistance Working: Studies

But not enough hospitals following the guidelines, research finds

U.S. Man Diagnosed With HIV Develops Leprosy

Dormant infection likely caused by armadillo exposure decades earlier, doctors report

Health Care-Related Infections Declined in 2010: CDC

While drop is encouraging, more needs to be done, experts say

FDA: Dirty Conditions Likely to Blame for Listeria Outbreak at Cantaloupe Farm

Toll now stands at 25 people dead, 123 sickened in 26 states

Get Your Flu Shot Now, CDC Urges

Levels of infection are low at the moment, but that's expected to change, experts say

1 in 6 Cellphones in Britain Contaminated With 'Fecal Matter'

Study often turned up E. coli, pointing to poor hand-washing as the culprit

TB Outbreaks in Texas Schools Show Disease Still a Threat

At least 100 people have tested positive for the respiratory ailment

Death Toll From Cantaloupe-Linked Listeria Outbreak Now Stands at 23

More fatalities may come since illness from the bacteria can take weeks to emerge, CDC says

Genome of 'Black Death' Bacterium Sequenced

Plague-related research furthers understanding of modern infectious diseases, expert says

Blood Infection Costliest U.S. Hospital Condition: Report

Septicemia treatment totaled $15.4 billion in 2009, agency says

21 Deaths From Cantaloupe-Linked Listeria Outbreak: CDC

More fatalities may come since illness from the bacteria can take weeks to emerge, experts say

ER Crowding May Encourage Poor Hand Hygiene

Gloves are no substitute for infection-preventing hand-washing practices, researchers say

Oxygenating Blood of Hospitalized H1N1 Flu Patients Saved Lives: Study

Those who got the special procedure were half as likely to die

18 Deaths From Cantaloupe-Linked Listeria Outbreak: CDC

More fatalities may come since illness from the bacteria can take weeks to emerge, experts say