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Map Shows Where in U.S. to Beware of Lyme Disease

Northeast and parts of the Midwest are hotbeds of the tick-borne disease

Epidural Plus Fever in Mom May Raise Risks for Baby

Study found as mother's temperature rose, problems were more likely at birth

Norovirus Top Cause of Hospital Infection Outbreaks, Says Study

Gastrointestinal bug causes vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea

Malaria's Global Death Toll Much Higher Than Thought

Study estimates 1.2 million die each year, nearly double previous estimates

Pet Turtles Carry Salmonella Dangers, CDC Warns

Tougher laws needed to protect children from infection, report says

Infections Might Raise Stroke Risk in Children: Study

However, parents should note that incidence is rare, researchers say

U.S. Advisers Explain Request to Censor Bird Flu Research

Published details of experiments could be used for harmful purposes, experts warn

Tropical Trip OK for Most With Crohn's, Colitis

Symptom-free patients have no greater risk for gastro infections than general public, study finds

Statins May Stave Off Liver Cancer in People With Hepatitis B

Study found lower risk of developing disease for people taking these cholesterol-cutting drugs

Certain Seniors at Risk for Infection After ER Visit: Study

Going to hospital may spur respiratory, gastro illnesses in long-term care residents

Anthrax Vaccine Shows Promise in Monkeys

Research is part of U.S. military's anti-bioterrorism efforts

Many U.S. Adults Not Vaccinated for Hepatitis B

Missed opportunities lead to many new infections each year, study found

Vaccine Against Bacterial Meningitis Shows Promise

Disease caused by the B strain can be deadly

Flu Season Off to Slow Start, So Far

Relatively few cases reported, experts say, but that doesn't mean a surge can't happen

'Bath-Salts' Injection Leads to Flesh-Eating Disease

Patient underwent amputation, mastectomy, skin grafts after use at party

CDC Warns Against Sharing Insulin Pens

Doing so exposes people with diabetes to blood-borne infection risk

Partner's 'Viral Load' a Major Factor in HIV Transmission: Study

Condom use, circumcision lowered risk of sexually infecting partners in study of African couples

Outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease Traced to Hospital Fountain

Indoor decorative fountains should undergo periodic testing for bacteria, study says

Dementia May Lead to Avoidable Hospitalizations

Two-thirds of admissions in these patients are for preventable illnesses, study finds

Hand-Washing Key to Stopping Spread of Disease

Hands should be washed with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds, experts recommend

Fungus Found in Sinks Can Cause Serious Infections

Fusarium was the cause of an outbreak of hard-to-treat cornea infections in contact lens wearers

Hearing Devices More Apt to Fail in Children Who Had Meningitis

Once cochlear implants were replaced, hearing improvement returned, study finds

Hepatitis B Vaccine Recommended for Adults With Diabetes

Shared blood glucose monitors, finger-stick devices pose infection risk, experts warn

Health Tip: Diabetes Can Raise the Risk of Skin Infections

These bacterial infections are common

Move to Hospital Isolation Unit Linked to Raised Delirium Risk

Mental status can deteriorate after patients moved from regular room, study finds

Severe Sepsis Can Harm the Immune System

Lab studies after death found evidence of decreased immune function

Drug Users With HIV at Much Higher Overdose Risk

Opioids, illegal drugs can threaten recent lifespan gains

Dengue Fever Cases Subside in Florida, But Threat Remains

Report finds no outbreak in Key West this year, but many residents may still be infected

Med Students Need Hand Holding on Hand Washing

Too many don't know when they're supposed to wash up, study finds

Some Causes of Stillbirth May Be Avoidable: Studies

Lifestyle factors like drinking, smoking and diabetes management might influence risk

Americans Encouraged to Get Flu Vaccine

Too few take advantage of easily available protection against influenza in U.S., experts say

Preemies Infected With More Dangerous Types of Bacteria: Study

These babies also have fewer types of microbes than those born full-term, researchers say

CDC Issues New TB Treatment Guidelines

They're aimed at shortening, simplifying the regimen used to prevent active disease

Vaccine Might One Day Prevent 'Cruise Ship' Stomach Bug

Experimental vaccine reduced effects of norovirus in small study

Common Hospital Infection Lengthens Patient Stays

An estimated 10% of those infected with C. difficile will die, study finds

Few Contact Lens Users Follow All Care Guidelines, Study Finds

New strategies needed to improve compliance, researchers say

How to Stay Flu-Free for the Holidays

Regular handwashing, 'air kissing' are two of several suggestions

Advocates Push for Greater Awareness of HIV/AIDS

White House, numerous organizations say too many Americans are still becoming infected

Older Women Have More Post-Surgical Breast Reduction Infections

Researchers say lower hormone levels in women over 50 may explain it

Surgery May Boost Survival With Dangerous Heart Condition

Heart valve replacement is better than drugs alone for some endocarditis patients, researchers say

Colon Surgery Linked to High Readmission Rates

Patients often return to the hospital for preventable surgical-site infections, researchers say

Southeast U.S. Still Using High Levels of Antibiotics, Study Shows

But overall, use of antibiotics fell nationwide about 12% between 1999 and 2007

Health Tip: Why Antibiotic Resistance Is Serious

It can lead to life-threatening infections

Alcoholics More Likely to Die of Cancer: Study

Alcohol itself and poor lifestyle choices both increase risks, researchers say

Pneumonia Most Common Infection After Heart Surgery

Nearly half of serious infections occur 14 days after patients are discharged, study shows

More Teens Getting Vaccines Against HPV, Other Infections: CDC

Still a long way from full coverage, experts note

Sepsis Plus Heart Rhythm Disorder Linked to Stroke, Death

Hospital patients with severe blood infections and new atrial fibrillation found at higher risk

Health Care Workers Often Trade Hand Hygiene for Gloves

More than half didn't wash hands after treating patients, risking spread of infection, study says

Death Toll From Listeria Outbreak Hits 29

Another 139 people sickened in 28 states, CDC reports

It's Possible to Come Down With Two Flu Viruses at Once

Report confirms cases of people infected by H1N1 and another flu strain at the same time