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More Than 1 Million Americans Now Living With HIV: CDC

While advances in care are leading to healthier lives, preventing new infections is key

Saliva Test Spots Virus That Can Cause Hearing Loss in Newborns

Study found it outperformed heel prick test currently used to diagnose CMV infection

Hospital Visitors' Cellphones May Carry 'Worrisome' Germs

Dangerous bacteria twice as likely to enter facility via patients' phones than staff's, study finds

Studies Refute Virus' Link to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Contamination of human samples in the lab led to errors in influential 2009 study, scientists say

Dificid Approved to Treat C. diff Diarrhea

Bacterial infection commonly acquired in hospitals

CDC Report Shows Bacterial Meningitis Cases on the Decline

Vaccines have reduced disease rate in young but death rate remains unchanged

Closing Schools Seems to Prevent Flu's Spread

Social distancing reduced transmission in Mexico in 2009 by more than one-third, experts say

Researchers Find Cousin of Hepatitis C Virus in Dogs

Might lead to better understanding and treatment of human version of the disease

CDC Warns Against Exposure to 'Mad Cow'-Like Brain Diseases

Travel to certain countries, hunting, eating wild deer meat raises risks, experts say

FDA Approves Another New Drug to Fight Hepatitis C

Incivek cleared body of the liver-damaging virus faster than older meds in trials

New Test Detects Recent Infection With Toxoplasmosis

Parasite dangerous to pregnant women

Health Tip: Protect Feet From Fungus

Careful care can prevent infection

FDA Approves New Drug to Fight Hepatitis C

Victrelis appears to clear the body of the liver-damaging virus quicker than standard medicines

Musical Instruments a Breeding Ground for Germs: Study

Bacteria survive on shared wind instruments for several days, researchers find

Early HIV Drug Therapy Protects Sex Partners From Virus

Infection rate fell by 96% if infected individual took antiretroviral meds sooner rather than later, study found

Bedbugs May Transmit Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Impoverished communities likely most at risk, researchers warn

Scientists Find MRSA Germ in Supermarket Meats

Contamination with antibiotic-resistant bacteria probably from humans handling meat

Winter Conception Tied to Raised Risk for Autism

Study suggests environmental factors, such as seasonal viruses, may play a role

1 in 7 U.S. Nursing Homes Cited for Poor Infection Control

Estimated 400,000 residents die of infections annually

Obese Pregnant Women May Have Tougher Time Fighting Infections

Blood tests show lean pregnant women had more infection-fighting immune cells

New Hepatitis C Drugs Close to Gaining FDA Approval

Agency panel gives unanimous support to telaprevir, boceprevir as treatments for liver-damaging disease

Armadillos Give Leprosy to Humans in Southern U.S.: Study

Experts confirm long-suspected link but say risk is minuscule

Novel Hepatitis C Drug Holds Promise: FDA

Could be boon for patients with the liver-damaging disease

Hospital Infection Raises Death Risk for Bowel Patients

Those who contract C. difficile are six times more likely to die, study finds

Higher Death Rates Seen in Central Line Dialysis Patients: Study

Those who received treatment through tube in the abdomen and other methods were more likely to survive

Children With HIV at Higher Risk of Drug Resistance

Poorer adherence to multi-drug regimens could be to blame, experts say

Starting HIV Drugs Earlier May Delay AIDS But Not Death

Findings suggest that debate on when to begin treatment is still ongoing

Can Common Virus, Lack of Sunlight Boost MS Risk?

Preliminary study suggests link to virus behind mononucleosis

Problem Drinking May Make Hospital Infections More Deadly

Patients needing hospitalization should tell doctors about their drinking behaviors, researchers say

New Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections Called Promising

Probiotic could help prevent, treat recurring infections, researchers say

Drug-Resistant Staph Bacteria Found in Meat, Poultry Nationwide

Exactly what this means in terms of consumer risk still unclear

Studies Highlight Challenge of Controlling Resistant Bacteria in Hospitals

One found extra precautions helped reduce infections, while the other did not

Extended HPV Vaccine Schedule Seems Effective

Dosing options may help reduce cervical cancer rates in developing countries, study suggests

Genital Herpes Can Be Spread When Lesions Aren't Present: Study

Finding confirms suspicions experts have had for years

FDA OKs Rapid Test to Spot Dangerous Intestinal Infection

C. difficile is commonly acquired in hospitals

Travelers Bringing Measles Back to U.S., CDC Says

Agency reports 7 cases in babies during first two months of 2011

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in India Could Spread, Experts Say

Germs with a dangerous resistance gene are now in New Delhi water supply, study shows

Amount of HIV in Genital Fluid Linked to Transmission

Findings shed light on virus' spread and may advance prevention efforts, researchers say

Weight Linked to Complications in Some Hysterectomy Patients

Bleeding, infections more likely in obese and underweight women, study finds

Research Warns of Overuse of Powerful Class of Antibiotics

Effectiveness of these drugs of last defense reduced as resistant bacteria grow more common

For Young Kids With Pneumonia, Timing of Antibiotic Critical: Study

Delaying treatment just a few hours can prolong hospital stay, researchers find

Tetanus Still Diagnosed in U.S., Although It's Preventable

People over 65 and diabetics most at risk, CDC warns

MRSA Infections May Vary by Season

Warmer temps and humidity increase occurrence in kids, study suggests

Better Cleaning in ICUs Lowers MRSA Infection Rates

Study found staph infections in rooms previously occupied by MRSA patient dropped

Death Rates of Children, Young Adults Show Reversal

Global improvements among kids 4 and under not matched among those 15 to 24, study finds

U.S. Tuberculosis Cases Hit Record Low, CDC Says

But minorities, those not born in the U.S. and HIV-positive patients still most likely to be affected

Could a Type of Ear Infection Help Make Kids Obese?

Chronic infection with fluid might alter taste, causing children to eat more, study suggests

Orthodontic Retainers Can Harbor Harmful Microbes

Many of these teeth-positioning devices are contaminated with bacteria, fungi, study finds

Chemistry of Mosquito Sex May Hold Key to Disease Control

Source of yellow fever, dengue targeted in search for insect 'birth control'