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Drug-Resistant Staph Bacteria Found in Meat, Poultry Nationwide

Exactly what this means in terms of consumer risk still unclear

Studies Highlight Challenge of Controlling Resistant Bacteria in Hospitals

One found extra precautions helped reduce infections, while the other did not

Extended HPV Vaccine Schedule Seems Effective

Dosing options may help reduce cervical cancer rates in developing countries, study suggests

Genital Herpes Can Be Spread When Lesions Aren't Present: Study

Finding confirms suspicions experts have had for years

FDA OKs Rapid Test to Spot Dangerous Intestinal Infection

C. difficile is commonly acquired in hospitals

Travelers Bringing Measles Back to U.S., CDC Says

Agency reports 7 cases in babies during first two months of 2011

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in India Could Spread, Experts Say

Germs with a dangerous resistance gene are now in New Delhi water supply, study shows

Amount of HIV in Genital Fluid Linked to Transmission

Findings shed light on virus' spread and may advance prevention efforts, researchers say

Weight Linked to Complications in Some Hysterectomy Patients

Bleeding, infections more likely in obese and underweight women, study finds

Research Warns of Overuse of Powerful Class of Antibiotics

Effectiveness of these drugs of last defense reduced as resistant bacteria grow more common

For Young Kids With Pneumonia, Timing of Antibiotic Critical: Study

Delaying treatment just a few hours can prolong hospital stay, researchers find

Tetanus Still Diagnosed in U.S., Although It's Preventable

People over 65 and diabetics most at risk, CDC warns

MRSA Infections May Vary by Season

Warmer temps and humidity increase occurrence in kids, study suggests

Better Cleaning in ICUs Lowers MRSA Infection Rates

Study found staph infections in rooms previously occupied by MRSA patient dropped

Death Rates of Children, Young Adults Show Reversal

Global improvements among kids 4 and under not matched among those 15 to 24, study finds

U.S. Tuberculosis Cases Hit Record Low, CDC Says

But minorities, those not born in the U.S. and HIV-positive patients still most likely to be affected

Could a Type of Ear Infection Help Make Kids Obese?

Chronic infection with fluid might alter taste, causing children to eat more, study suggests

Orthodontic Retainers Can Harbor Harmful Microbes

Many of these teeth-positioning devices are contaminated with bacteria, fungi, study finds

Chemistry of Mosquito Sex May Hold Key to Disease Control

Source of yellow fever, dengue targeted in search for insect 'birth control'

Report Highlights Shortage of HIV Care Providers in U.S.

Gap widening between number infected and those trained to treat these patients, experts say

Germs Thrive on Horns Passed Around in School Bands: Study

Instruments tested from one troupe were contaminated with bacteria, fungi

HIV Infection Passed Via Donated Kidney: U.S. Report

Donor screening didn't use most sensitive test, leading to infection of recipient, researchers say

Haiti Cholera Epidemic Could Sicken 779,000 This Year

New estimate much higher than U.N. projections, which were used to allocate resources

Adults With HIV at Increased Risk of Bone Fractures, Study Finds

Annual fracture rates up to 3.69 times higher in HIV-infected patients, researchers say

Hospital Safety Varies Widely Nationwide: Report

Where patients go for treatment can mean the difference between life and death, researchers say

Risk of Drug-Resistant Staph Infection in Gym Low: Study

No MRSA found on equipment tested, so extensive cleaning not always necessary

Diabetes Ups Death Risk Overall, Study Shows

Cancer, infectious diseases, even suicide, more common among diabetics

Gene Therapy Against HIV Not a Proven Cure, Experts Say

While promising, more research is needed to see if technique really works

Dramatic Drop in Blood Infections Among ICU Patients: CDC

But number of cases still too high in other health care settings, agency adds

Hospital Spending Doesn't Affect Sepsis Survival Rates

Lower costs for treatment would have saved $332 million, study finds

Half of U.S. Men Infected With HPV, Study Reveals

The more sex partners, the more likely a man will have the cancer-linked virus, research shows

Rectal Gel Could Help Ward Off HIV: Study

But more research needed before treatment can be released to the public, experts say

Virus Unlikely to Advance Deadly Lung Disease: Study

Research contradicts previous finding that viral infections worsen idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Plague Kills U.S. Lab Worker

First case in lab work in 50 years reported by government

Timely Care May Be Key to Treating Infected Cuts

Type of antibiotic mattered less than good first-aid, even for resistant staph, study in kids suggests

Fast Response Crucial in Outbreaks of Food-Borne Illness: Study

Scientists say swift action can contain the problem, limit number of infections

Kids With Perforated Appendix May Benefit From Early Surgery

Benefits include less time lost, fewer complications, study finds

Zinc May Help Ease Common Cold: Analysis

Review of 15 trials suggests it can shorten duration, severity of sickness

Skin Infections Can Spread Easily Among Athletes

But outbreaks of herpes, ringworm and MRSA are preventable, dermatologist says

Mom's HIV May Lower Baby's Immunity to Other Diseases

Lower levels of antibodies to whooping cough, tetanus seen in newborns exposed but not infected

'Universal' Flu Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Trial

Such a shot would eliminate need to reformulate vaccine each year, but it's still years away, experts say

New Antibiotic Helps Prevent Recurrence of Dangerous Gut Infection

Fidaxomicin targets C.difficile but leaves most 'good' bacteria unharmed, researchers explain

Pediatricians Issue New Vaccination Recommendations

Meningitis, whooping cough targeted in new schedule

Infectious Disease Experts Call for More Focus on Hepatitis C

Rates among drug users have not plummeted like HIV, study finds

Wild Hogs in Texas Pose Infection Risk to Humans

Use caution when handling wild game, officials urge

CDC Issues Guidance on Daily Pill to Prevent Infection With HIV

Truvada should not been seen as a replacement for condom use, agency stresses

Fear of Vaccines Has a Long, Persistent History

Multiple factors may keep some people suspicious of even routine shots, experts say

Commuters May Catch More Than the Bus, Tram

Study finds public transit passengers at risk of respiratory infection, but daily use more protective

Pets May Pass Illnesses to Owners

Sleeping with or being licked by dogs or cats can be conduit for disease, experts warn

H1N1 Flu Is Raging in Britain; Could U.S. Be Next?

Different strain predominates now among Americans, but that situation could change, experts say