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Health Tip: Infections May Strike Bones

Who's at risk for osteomyelitis

Nose May Be Best Place to Screen for MRSA Infection

High levels of the bacteria there means other body sites are likely colonized, study finds

Circumcision Helps Cut HPV Transmission Rate, Study Finds

Procedure in males offered partial protection from STD among female partners in Uganda

Rabid Stray Dog Spurs Shots for Shelter Workers: Report

Case in which 36 dogs were euthanized puts spotlight on need to vaccinate pets, CDC says

Guidelines Issued for Drug-Resistant Staph Infections

Infectious disease specialists seek to standardize treatment for potentially deadly germ

Tooth Loss May Be Linked to Memory Loss

Gum infection may cause inflammation that affects the brain, researcher suggests

Anesthesiologists Spreading Germs During Surgery: Study

Expert calls for more compliance with hand-washing guidelines before operations

Timely Surgery Appears to Cut Infection Risk, Costs

Elective procedures should be performed on the day of admittance, researchers suggest

New Drug Strategy Shows Promise Against HIV

Experimental agent disrupts mechanism virus uses to enter cells, scientists say

Take Precautions Against Cholera if Headed to Haiti: CDC

Simple steps can help shield against the potentially deadly disease

Primate Immune System Differences Identified

Research may also help explain why chimpanzees don't routinely develop AIDS after HIV exposure

Health Tip: Reduce the Risk of Pinworm Infection

Can affect people of all ages and economic status

Food Poisoning Hits 1 in 6 Americans Each Year: CDC

Numbers have fallen since 1999, but that could be due to better-quality reporting, agency says

Flu Spreads Easily in High Schools, Study Suggests

Students, teachers had more than 760,000 opportunities daily to pass illness via airborne droplets

Secondhand Smoke May Put Kids at Risk for Diseases

Study reports link to trio of bacterial illnesses

Research Finds Not All HIV Affects Immune System Same Way

In some cases, virus has mutations that keep it from killing immune cells, study finds

Outbreaks Signal Another Flu Season, CDC Says

Georgia now reporting spike in cases among kids, agency says, but vaccine seems to be good match

Species Extinctions May Spell Trouble for Human Health

Scientists warn that loss of plants, animals could increase spread of infectious diseases

Spread Cheer, Not Germs, at Holiday Gatherings

Expert suggests keeping some distance while making merry with family and friends

Hair Stylists Mobilize to Snip Away Ignorance of HIV/AIDS

Hairdressers Against AIDS campaign launched to promote stylist-client chats across U.S.

Hospital-Acquired Infections a Serious Threat to ICU Patients: Study

But antibiotic resistance only increases death risk slightly

Toxins from Staph Bacteria Disrupt Immune System

'Superantigens' unleash a furious T-cell response, illness, say researchers

Record Number of Americans Tested for HIV

Still, more than 200,000 don't know they're infected, CDC says

Peripheral Arterial Surgery Outcomes Worse for Women: Study

Higher risk of death, complications compared with men, researchers found

Health Tip: Does Your Child Have Mastoiditis?

Common signs of the infection

Daily Pill Lowers Odds for Infection With HIV

Study found Truvada could cut risk by 73 percent in people who took it faithfully

Health Tip: Treating an Ear Infection

Suggestions for what to do

Smarten Up About Antibiotics, CDC Urges

Knowing when to use, refuse can help prevent deadly 'superbugs'

Antibiotics a Mixed Bag for Kids' Ear Infections: Analysis

The number of kids who benefit is similar to the number experiencing side effects, researchers find

Sponges, Surgical Tools Sometimes Left in Kids After Operation

Such mishaps are rare but to family 'one event like this is too many,' study author says

Uniform Methods Urged for Grading Hospital Report Cards

Inconsistent surveillance practices threaten validity of rankings, researchers say

New Malaria Drug Proves Effective in Study of African Children

Artesunate should replace quinine as the treatment of choice worldwide, researchers say

Many U.S. Travelers Uninformed About Health Risks Abroad

Only 54% heading to poorer nations sought advice about potential risks before flying, survey found

Health Tip: Prevent Illness From Infected Pets

Suggestions to reduce your risk

Exercise May Help Beat the Common Cold

Each bout of aerobic actvity revs up the immune system, study authors suggest

Many Parents in the Dark About Drug-Resistant Infections: Study

Efforts to educate, reassure caregivers will benefit kids with MRSA, researchers say

Brain Deficits Higher in Seniors Who Survive Blood Poisoning

Severe sepsis raises odds of some brain impairment, researchers say

MRSA Strain With Outbreak Potential Among Reports at Disease Conference

Presentations also track antibiotic prescriptions, new drugs

New Virus 'Jumps' From Monkey to Scientist, Causing Serious Illness

Adenovirus strain is under study but experts say there's no immediate cause for alarm

Flu Meeting Highlights Latest Research

Studies look at trends in vaccination rates, effectiveness

Invasive Dentistry May Raise Short-Term Heart, Stroke Risk

But it's still safer to treat gum disease than not, experts say

H1N1 Unlikely to Cause Flu Pandemic in 2010-11: Analysis

Canadian researchers urge everyone over age 50 to get immunized this fall

Too Few Adults Vaccinated Against Whooping Cough: CDC

Those who skip Tdap shot put unvaccinated babies at risk for potentially deadly infection, experts say

Studies Tout Alternative HIV Regimens for Women, Babies

Current treatment may cause drug resistance later

Scientists Identify Molecular Blueprint for Lyme Disease

The discovery may eventually speed effort to prevent, treat it, researchers say

Non-Prescription 'Fashion' Contacts Can Harm Your Eyes

Lenses should be fitted by a professional to prevent damage, expert says

Many Americans Plan to Skip Flu Shot This Year

Surveys suggest more than 40 percent of adults will forego vaccine, while a third of moms won't vaccinate kids

Bacteria Identified as New Foe for Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Infection with S. maltophilia may cause serious flare-ups, study says

Most Americans Unfamiliar With Sepsis, Survey Finds

The bacterial infection can lead to organ failure, death

Breast-Feeding for 6 Months May Prevent Infant Infections

The longer a baby is exclusively breast-fed, the lower the risk, research shows