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Antibiotic Sponges Don't Benefit Heart Surgery Patients: Study

U.S. research finds no improvement in infection rates during trial

Lax Hand Washing Helps Drive Many Foodborne Illnesses

CDC report finds chicken, beef and leafy greens prime sources of these outbreaks

Stem Cell Treatment May Offer Hope Against Fatal Skin Disorder

Therapy's potential could extend beyond care of epidermolysis bullosa, researchers say

Some Monkeys Naturally Resist AIDS, Research Shows

Even a high viral load doesn't cause the disease to develop in sooty mangabeys, scientists found

Travel for Surgery May Help Spread New Superbug

Antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria found in patients who underwent procedures in India, researchers say

Repeated Ear Infections Seem to Plague White Kids, Poor Kids

Possible reasons include culture, access to health care, researcher suggests

Hospital-Acquired MRSA Infections On the Decline, CDC Says

Better infection control may have antibiotic-resistant Staph on the run, experts say

Your Pet's Food Dish Could Serve Up Salmonella

Study tracks the gut bugs' progress from tainted dry food to children's tummies

Adding Third Drug May Improve Hepatitis C Treatment

Study shows promise, but experts say questions remain, including issues of viral resistance

Breast Abscesses Linked to Smoking, Nipple Piercings

Other major risk factors include obesity and diabetes, study shows

Health Tip: Things That Raise Your Risk of Thrush

Watching out for a yeast infection of the mouth and tongue

Bat Species Facing Regional Extinction From Fungal Disease

Millions of bats have died over the last 4 years from 'white-nose syndrome,' research shows

Tongue Piercing Can Cause Costly Gap in Front Teeth

One woman's experience suggests a risk; other potential problems include gum trauma, infection

Spread of Whooping Cough Raises Concern

Five states involved, with California seeing largest epidemic in 50 years, officials say

H1N1 Protection in Coming Season's Flu Vaccines: FDA

Just one shot should shield against multiple strains, agency says

Too Soon to Tell Whether Dengue Fever Will Spread in U.S.

Not clear yet where 46 cases in Florida came from, CDC official says

Anesthesia's Role in Hip, Knee Replacement Infections Studied

Greater risk noted in patients who had general versus spinal/epidural method, researchers say

Avoid Mosquito Bites to Prevent Dengue Fever in Florida: Expert

Advice to cut risk includes using bug spray with DEET, eliminating still water sources

Dangerous Fungus Now Endemic in Pacific Northwest: CDC

The emerging fungal infection can be deadly, but many mild cases may go unnoticed, expert says

Many HIV-Exposed Infants in Africa Don't Get Protective Drug, Study Shows

Only half got minimal dose at clinics studied; expanded global programs urged

Screening for Sepsis Could Save Lives, Researchers Say

Emergency surgery, co-existing illness, age over 60 linked to deadly blood infection, study found

Poverty Driving HIV's Spread Among Urban Heterosexuals: Report

Infection rates climb as income falls, regardless of race/ethnicity, CDC says

Vaginal Gel Cuts Risk of HIV Infection, Study Shows

When used consistently before and after sex, antiretroviral halved chances of transmission

Aggressive Drug Therapy May Help Slow Spread of AIDS

Infections in British Columbia cut in half since regimen introduced in 1996, study finds

Many False-Positive HIV Test Results for Those in AIDS Vaccine Trials

Almost half get the erroneous result, causing stigma and hampering trial enrollment, experts say

Computers Help Beat Hospital Infections

Hospitals with automated surveillance systems can better respond to outbreaks, survey suggests

Scientists Create 'Malaria-Proof' Mosquito

Gene-tweaked insect can't be infected by parasite that spurs the disease, researchers say

Dengue Infection Re-Emerges in Florida: CDC

5 percent of Key West residents tested were exposed to mosquito-borne virus in 2009

Scientists Engineering Advanced Wound Dressings

Embedded antibiotics would be released only when infection is detected, researchers say

Summer is High Time for Bacterial Infection in Cats

Tularemia can come from ticks and can be passed to humans, experts warn

Scientists Make Immune Cells in Mice That Fight Off HIV

But it will be years until this gene therapy is tested in humans, researchers say

Sex With Recent Smallpox Vaccine Recipient Can Lead to Illness

CDC reports case of woman who contracted vaccinia virus, main ingredient in the shot

Hepatitis A Vaccine Pays Off for Kids: Study

U.S. urges vaccination for children 12-23 months

FDA Urges Limiting Antibiotics in Meat

The practice is encouraging microbial resistance to drugs that fight infections in humans, agency says

Aging Swingers at High STD Risk

Middle-aged partner swappers more likely to be infected than prostitutes, Dutch study found

Blacks Seem More Vulnerable to Deadly Blood Infection

Study suggests higher rates of diabetes, kidney disease might explain why sepsis hits them harder

New Method Proposed for Gauging Hospital Infection Rates

Current system doesn't accurately portray extent of the problem, study says

Ear Tubes Appear to Be Safe Before Cochlear Implantation

No adverse effects noted in pediatric study

Breast Milk Reduces Infections in Babies

Study finds at least 4 to 6 months of exclusive breast-feeding best

Stomach Bacteria Might Trigger Rheumatoid Arthritis

Combination of genetics, environment caused mice to develop disease, study finds

H1N1 Flu Vaccine May Shield Against 1918 Strain

Mouse studies suggest shot would do double duty, in unlikely event of older virus' return

Drug-Resistant Staph Threatens Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Risk of death is 1.3 times higher for those with MRSA in respiratory tract, study shows

Gene-Based Detection Method Might Spot HIV Earlier

Nucleic acid testing found cases missed by routine screening, researchers say

Staph Infection Risk Rises With Brain, Chest Surgeries

These two types of procedures account for most post-surgical cases, study finds

H1N1 Flu Acts Much Like Its Seasonal Cousin

Spreads at same rate, shows similar symptoms, study finds

Poor Hygiene a Danger at Outpatient Surgery Centers

CDC study finds 1 in 5 doesn't practice proper hand washing, for example

FDA Needs Food Safety Overhaul: Report

Focus must shift from reacting to illness outbreaks to preventing them, experts say

Health Tip: Understanding Fifth Disease

The viral infection is common in children

A Year After Its Emergence, H1N1 Swine Flu Lingers

It's likely that the virus, so rampant last spring, will adopt a regular fall/winter pattern, experts say

Scientist Becomes First Human 'Infected' With Computer Virus

As implantable medical device technology advances, so will potential risks, researcher warns