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New Insights Could Help Shield Babies From Diarrhea Bug

Birth rate patterns, vaccination can greatly influence rotavirus' spread, CDC says

Germs Hold Court in Sand Castles

It's safer to keep beach underfoot than to dig in it, survey finds

Strep B Seems to Trick Immune System

Finding could lead to better treatment of sepsis, meningitis in newborns

Respiratory Issues Linger for Smallest Babies

Problems related to low birth weight continue into adulthood, study shows

New Drug Fights Anthrax Toxin

Raxibacumab being stockpiled for possible anthrax attack, researcher says

Experts Keep Wary Eye on Tamiflu-Resistant Swine Flu

Isolated cases seem mild for now, but future remains uncertain

U.S. Unveils Stricter Food-Safety Standards

Measures aimed at reducing salmonella and E. coli outbreaks

Why Swine Flu Differs From Seasonal Flu

Pandemic virus affects lungs and stomach, whereas seasonal flu doesn't, researchers say

U.S. Considers Massive Swine Flu Vaccination Program

It could include up to 600 million doses of vaccine: report

Too Few Americans Get HIV Test Early Enough

Late diagnosis costs lives that could be saved with powerful treatments, CDC says

1 Million Americans Likely Stricken by Swine Flu: CDC

The virus shows no signs of mutating as it continues global trek, officials say

Supply of Key Children's Vaccine Almost Back to Normal

CDC says production shortfalls that limited booster shots nearly over; Hib can cause bacterial meningitis

HIV 'Atlas' Shows Virus Targeting Minorities

80% of U.S. cases occur in just 20% of counties, report finds

A Pet's Bite Can Pass on MRSA

Resistant staph bacteria is being transmitted between animals and humans, study finds

Nestlé Recalls Cookie Dough Products

Move comes after FDA reports 66 cases of E. coli infection in 28 states

Swine Flu Continues to Flare Up, CDC Says

Many cases in the Northeast; health-care workers urged to take greater precautions

Group B Strep Screening Guidelines Sparing Newborns

More expectant moms being checked, treated so babies aren't infected, study finds

Lung Enzyme Both Friend and Foe

MMP-12 contributes to emphysema, but also guards against infection, study shows

New Swine Flu Strain Found in Brazil: Report

But it's not clear if it's any more dangerous than initial strain

Torn Surgical Gloves Put Patients at Risk for Infection

Giving antibiotics before operation might improve safety, study finds

Sinus Infections Can Cause Toxic Shock in Kids

Rhinosinusitis is one of several causes of syndrome, researchers say

First Batch of Swine Flu Vaccine Already Here: Company

Announcement comes a day after WHO declared H1N1 a pandemic

Swine Flu Now a Pandemic

'The virus is unstoppable,' WHO director says; U.S. health officials caution that declaration means virus hasn't gotten more severe, just more widespread

Protein Branded As Culprit in Mad Cow Disease

Misfolded protein kicks off brain cell damage, lab study finds

WHO Declaration of Swine Flu Pandemic Looks Imminent

H1N1's swift spread in Australia may meet criteria for full alert, agency says

Finding May Lead to Vaccine for Traveler's Diarrhea

Researchers discover key clues to bacteria's structure

Bird Flu Virus Can Survive Two Years in Landfill

Carcasses of infected birds continue to be infectious, study finds

Researchers Uncover Why Turmeric Helps Heal

Component of ancient spice makes cells more resistant to infection, report says

Global Testing Shows No Variation in Swine Flu Virus

Experts worry that it could mutate and become more dangerous as it travels from country to country

Two Ways to Tackle Tuberculosis

International screening program and new drug show promise in studies

Key to Wound-Healing May Be Explained in Fish Tail

Zebra fish release hydrogen peroxide to call white blood cells to injury site, research shows

WHO Close to Declaring Swine Flu Pandemic

Reports of infection on the rise in countries such as Australia and Chile; mortality rate remains low

Swine Flu Now Reported in All 50 States

While outbreak is winding down, an estimated 200,000 people have been infected in U.S.

Swine Flu Now Reported in All 50 States

While outbreak is winding down, an estimated 200,000 people have been infected in U.S.

Swine Flu Vaccine Won't Be Ready Until October: CDC

But it's still not certain that a broad-based immunization program will be needed

Swine Flu Vaccine Won't Be Ready Until October: CDC

But it's still not certain that a broad-based immunization program will be needed

Possible Return of Swine Flu in Fall Has U.S. Health Officials on Alert

Biggest concern is emergence of more virulent, easily transmitted strain

U.S. Prepares for Possible Return of Swine Flu in Fall

The concern is a more virulent and easily transmitted strain, CDC says

Viable Swine Flu Shot Closer to Reality

Meanwhile, woman's death in New York City raises national toll to 11

U.S. Closer to Viable Swine Flu Shot

Ingredients being tested could be sent to manufacturers by month's end, CDC says

U.S. Progressing on Swine Flu Vaccine

If viable, ingredients could be sent to manufacturers by month's end, CDC says

CDC Has Candidate Viruses for Swine Flu Vaccine

If viable, these ingredients could be sent to manufacturers by month's end, officials said

Swine Flu Outbreak May Be Subsiding, CDC Says

Decline seen in visits to doctors and hospitals by people with the disease

Older Adults May Have Some Immunity to Swine Flu

CDC says the strain is related to flu variant that circulated before 1957

Sicker People More Vulnerable to Swine Flu: CDC

Meanwhile, World Health Organization says potential vaccine delayed

Adequate Supply of Swine Flu Vaccine Uncertain

U.S. has enough capacity for typical season; experts less sure about global outlook

Swine Flu Fatality Rate a 'Little Bit' Higher Than That of Seasonal Flu

But U.S. health officials say the disease is no more dangerous than regular flu

Swine Flu May Have Infected More Than 100,000 Americans

CDC says confirmed cases, including 2 new deaths, may not reflect true reach of the disease

Human Nose Too Cold for Bird Flu Virus

Finding might explain why this strain isn't spreading, scientists say

Man Dies of Brain Inflammation Caused by Deer Tick Virus

Scientists believe the case could be the first of its kind