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Life 'Surreal' for Nurse Under SARS Quarantine

Must be isolated even from closest colleagues

Testing for Stomach Bacteria Doesn't Help With Peptic Ulcers

Study finds treating it usually doesn't ease ulcer symptoms

The Virus Behind the Bacteria

Some infectious diseases may be spread by 'bacteria-eating' viruses

SARS Update: May 23, 2003

- WHO lifts travel warning for Hong Kong and Guangdong province
- Taiwan remains SARS hot zone
- Toronto reports 4 new possible cases
- Civet cat may be source of SARS

SARS Theory Not Universally Accepted

Researchers suggest virus could have come from outer space

Antibacterials Not the Best Germ Fighters

Cleaners containing them don't make much difference in homes, study finds

Soothing Mom When Baby Can't Be Soothed

Breathing teddy bears soothe mothers more than their babies, study finds

SARS Roundup: May 10, 2003

- WHO casts doubt on China's containment of disease
- Taiwan may be losing control of its outbreak
- U.S. warns Internet sites on bogus SARS remedies

SARS Roundup: May 9, 2003

- No major mutations in SARS virus
- 80,000 students OK'd for travel to Beijing
- Beijing unable to trace 60 percent of its cases
- Economic damage in Asia could total $28 billion

SARS Roundup: May 8, 2003

- WHO revises estimate of SARS death rate as fatalities top 500
- Travel advisories issued for Taiwan and 2 more Chinese provinces
- Russia reports first probable case
- China tries to minimize disease's economic impact

SARS Roundup: May 7, 2003

- SARS deadlier than previously thought, new study says
- U.S. approves use of force to detain some international travelers
- China's rural health system not prepared to cope with epidemic
- U.S. offers more assistance to China

Baby's Womb Wetsuit Has New Potential

Vernix protects skin, say researchers working on synthetic version of substance

SARS Roundup: May 6, 2003

- SARS serum seems effective
- WHO official says disease can be contained and eliminated
- U.S. lifts travel advisories to Singapore and Hanoi, Vietnam - More mass quarantines in China
- UC, Berkeley bars Asian students

SARS Roundup: May 5, 2003

- Chinese villagers protest, riot
- Access to Beijing reservoirs blocked
- Virus may be more resilient than thought
- WHO watching Taiwan

West Nile Outlook Is Biting

Experts already see disturbing trends for this year

SARS Roundup: May 4, 2003

- Feces can spread SARS virus
- Disinfectants can kill the germ
- Beijing to keep schools closed
- WHO experts to visit Taiwan
- Women's soccer championships moved from China
- U.S., Britain given clean bill of health

SARS Roundup: May 3, 2003

- WHO experts to visit Taiwan
- Beijing says outbreak stabilizing
- Women's soccer championship moved from China
- U.S., Britain given clean bill of health

SARS Roundup: May 2, 2003

- WHO delayed global SARS alert, newspaper says
- Virus is mutating quickly
- Epidemic may be nearing peak in Beijing
- Many Americans believe U.S. will suffer its own epidemic

SARS Roundup: May 1, 2003

- U.S. girds for possible SARS spike
- China death toll mounts
- Virus limits May Day celebrations in Beijing
- Toronto offers valuable lessons in dealing with outbreak
- SARS genetic pattern authenticated by experts

Anthrax Genome Sequenced

Researchers say the bacterium a close relative of soil bacterium

SARS Roundup: April 30, 2003

- Beijing hospitals overwhelmed
- People suffer relapses in Hong Kong
- U.S. pushes development of vaccines and drugs
- Toronto hosts international SARS conference

Some Are Genetically Prone to Meningitis

Aberrations leave people susceptible to sepsis

Staph's Deadly Method of Attack

Study reveals how common hospital infection dismantles immune response

SARS Roundup: April 27, 2003

    China closes theaters as death toll climbs
    WHO may reconsider Toronto travel ban
    Two possible cases from Toronto monitored in U.S.
    China's health minister fired
    Cruise ship lines issue SARS ban
    Virus test inconclusive

SARS Roundup: April 26, 2003

    Two possible cases from Toronto tested in U.S.
    China's health minister fired
    Cruise ship lines issue SARS ban
    Virus test inconclusive

Clues to How Cancer Cells Grow Unchecked

Bacterial enzyme may play role in their survival

Scientists Crack Genetic Code of Exotic Disease

Leptospirosis can be found around the globe

Tea for Immunity

Study finds beverage contains a key infection fighter

Targeting Most Likely Candidates for Staph Infections

Study identifies people most at risk for disease

U.S. Calls for Expanded HIV Testing

Health officials also urge routine screening of pregnant women

Body Piercing: Do So at Your Own Risk

Infections, some life-threatening, are common

Wet Soil, Warm Weather Foster Lyme Disease

Study suggests there'll be a lot of cases this year

Antibiotics in Pregnancy Prevent Miscarriage

Effective even when infection causes no symptoms

Antibiotics Were Overprescribed Amid Anthrax Scare

FDA says tens of thousands received unnecessary prescriptions

Perplexing Pink Eye Puzzle

Conjunctivitis outbreak due to unusual bacterium

Scientists Probe Why Body Can't Best HIV

Antibodies eventually lose battle with ever-changing virus

If an Anthrax Attack Should Happen...

Study outlines best strategies to limit deaths

Common Infant Lung Infection Treatments May Not Work

Evidence doesn't support any routine therapies for bronchiolitis

Researchers Developing Pill to Treat Smallpox

Could be used in people who can't be vaccinated

Antibiotic Resistance on the Rise

Two common drugs could be largely ineffective by next year

Primary Immunodeficiency: A Potential Killer

New campaign seeks to boost awareness of the disorder

Confronting the Health Threats of the Post-9/11 World

U.S. health official outlines progress against bioterrorism

Multivitamins Don't Stop Infections, Study Says

But supplements did help diabetics stay healthy

Humidity Test May Unmask Anthrax Spores

Faster identification could save lives, researchers say

Montezuma's Revenge Against Cancer

Bug that causes traveler's bane may fight colorectal tumors

Health Workers Balk at Smallpox Vaccinations

Cite medical, financial, political reasons for not lining up

Fighting West Nile Virus

Scientists find antibodies that play key role in keeping disease at bay

Getting at the Guts of Your Gut

Researchers discover protein that kills bacteria in the intestine

Pink Eye

Self-care tips

Avoiding Medical Mistakes With Children

Fact sheet offers tips on preventing errors