Health Tip: Treating Baby's Diaper Rash

Watch for signs of infection

(HealthDay News) -- Diaper rash can be caused by ill-fitting diapers or a soiled diaper being left for too long. The irritation may simply be reddened skin, or the skin may break out in blisters or pimples.

If your baby gets diaper rash, you should change a soiled diaper immediately, and keep the irritated skin clean and dry. Leave your baby without a diaper for short periods, allowing air to reach the skin.

The American Academy of Family Physicians suggests changing the diapers or wipes you use, in case they are causing the irritation. You may also want to wash your baby's bottom with only warm water and mild soap until the rash has disappeared. Follow up with a diaper rash ointment, the AAFP suggests.

Very red or swollen skin may indicate an infection. If your baby has a fever, loss of appetite, or has developed large bumps around the rash, call your doctor.

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