Patch May Conquer Canker Sores in Hours

Maker says it cuts healing time to less than a day

FRIDAY, June 9, 2006 (HealthDay News) -- A new patch made from edible ingredients promises victory over the annoying mouth ulcers known as canker sores in a matter of hours.

Canker sores affect 58 million Americans and occur along the inside of the cheeks, lips and gums. What starts as a small red swelling often becomes an irritated, ruptured sore covered by a white or yellow membrane. Left untreated, the painful ulcer usually heals within two or three weeks.

Quantum Health's Canker Cover covers and seals the sore for up to 12 hours, protecting it from irritants including the teeth, tongue, food and drink. A single patch heals the sore in 8 to 12 hours for most people, the company said. The patch releases menthol, sea salt, citrus oil and other ingredients to deaden pain and speed healing, Quantum said.

A Quantum-sponsored study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Science found the remedy had healed 60 percent of 248 participants' sores within 8 hours, the company said in a statement. The study was conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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To learn more about canker sores, visit the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

SOURCES: Quantum Health, news release, May 2006
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