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IVF Won't Raise Risk for Breast Cancer

New findings should reassure the many women who undergo the fertility procedure, specialists said

Many Smartphone 'Fertility Apps' May Not Work

In study, only 6 had perfect score in predicting fertile days

Who's Most Likely to Seek Infertility Help

They're more likely to be better educated, wealthier and older, study finds

Fertility Treatments Not Linked to Twins' Birth Defects

But study, while reassuring, is based on limited data

Fertility Info Lacking for Young Women Who Beat Cancer

Two-thirds said they would've liked more advice on preserving ability to have children, study shows

Many Fertility Apps, Websites Miss the Mark

Study found only 4 of 53 online calculators accurately predicted best days for conception

Two Genes May Raise Odds for Fraternal Twin Pregnancies

Variants make the release of multiple eggs more likely, researchers say

Births of Triplets, Quadruplets on Decline in U.S.: Report

Improvements in infertility treatments led to fewer risky multiple births by 2014, experts say

Breast Cancer Gene Might Lower Women's Fertility: Study

The BRCA1 mutation may speed the aging of a woman's ovaries, researchers report

Caffeine and Conception

Couples' pre-pregnancy caffeine habits linked to miscarriage risk.

Scientists Spot 'Switch' That Helps Sperm Penetrate Egg

Finding could eventually lead to unisex birth control, or infertility treatments, researchers say

Anxiety, Depression May Reduce Women's Success With IVF: Study

Researchers link these mental health problems to lower rates of pregnancy and live births

Surgeons Perform First U.S. Uterus Transplant

'Life-enhancing' procedure offers womb-less women a chance at pregnancy

In Mice, Scientists Turn Stem Cells Into Sperm

Researchers from China say lab tests produced fertile offspring

Male Childhood Cancer Survivors Less Likely to Have Kids, Study Finds

But Norwegian researchers also found no increased risk of birth defects or delivery complications

Women With Asthma May Be Prone to Fertility Problems: Study

It might take longer to get pregnant and that difficulty increases with age, research suggests

Could IVF Raise Children's Odds for Blood Cancer?

Study of in vitro fertilization shows slightly elevated risk, but experts aren't sounding alarms

Gene Mutations Linked to Rare Form of Female Infertility

Screening could spare these women unnecessary treatment, researchers say

Kids Born Through IVF Show No Higher Risk for Developmental Delays: Study

Other infertility treatments also don't seem to interfere with child development

Hormone Therapy Safely Helps Preserve Fertility for Breast Cancer Patients: Study

However, in many cases doctors and patients don't discuss the issue, experts say

More IVF Tries Improve Odds of Having a Baby

Some couples have success after six cycles or more, researchers say

Active, Passive Smoking Tied to Infertility, Early Menopause: Study

Researchers found link between both types of exposure and women's health problems

Infertile Men May Have Higher Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes

Doctors should look for underlying health problems, experts suggest

Health Tip: Getting Ready for Pregnancy

Suggestions before you conceive

Controversial Fertility Treatment Resulted in Live Births

Italian scientists used 'chromosomally abnormal' embryos to produce 6 healthy babies

Male Infertility Might Signal Higher Odds of Testicular Cancer

Abnormally low sperm count tied to greater risk, study suggests

First Uterus Transplant Planned in U.S.

Innovative procedure would potentially allow infertile recipients to become pregnant

Technique Could Preserve Fertility for Wounded Soldiers

Sperm retrieval might help injured servicemen have children in the future, study says

Good Results From IVF Egg Donors Over Age 35

Pregnancy, live birth rates from older and younger women appear comparable

Common Gene Variant May Raise Miscarriage Risk, Study Finds

Associated with abnormal number of chromosomes in a cell, it's also linked to failed fertility treatments

Ovarian Tissue Transplant Can Help Some Women Have Kids After Cancer Treatment

Researchers in Denmark report a success rate of about 30 percent

For Unexplained Infertility, Breast Cancer Drug No Better Than Standard Treatment

Study found letrozole did not result in more pregnancies compared to two other fertility drugs

Harvesting Eggs Earlier May Boost Older Women's Pregnancy Chances

Study finds changing timing of fertility treatment process might lead to more success

Frozen Donor Eggs May Lead to Fewer Births Than Fresh Ones

But statistics might not tell full story, experts say

A Man's Meat Intake Might Influence His Fertility: Study

Couples undergoing IVF treatments fared worse if his consumption of processed meats was high

Many Young Cancer Patients Unaware of Fertility Preservation Options

Almost 1 in 3 weren't told cancer treatment might affect ability to have a baby later

Woman Gives Birth Using Ovary Tissue Frozen in Childhood

Transplant led to functioning ovary and then normal pregnancy, researchers say

First Part of Ejaculate May Be Primed for Conception

Researchers find early sperm more likely to achieve a pregnancy

IVF Kids May Have Higher Odds of Autism, Study Finds

But multiple births, mother's age may account for the increased risk, researchers say

Physically Tough Jobs May Harm a Man's Fertility: Study

Other factors that seemed to have an effect were high blood pressure, taking many medications

In Vitro Births Continue to Rise in U.S.

Researchers also report drop in number of multiple embryo transfers, twin and triplet birth rates

Female Hormone Disorder Linked to Numerous Health Conditions

Study found women with polycystic ovary syndrome more likely to be hospitalized for variety of reasons

Thyroid Trouble May Harm Women's Fertility, Study Finds

Experts urge routine testing of glandular function for women who have problems conceiving

Better Outcomes for Children Born With Fertility Treatments

Implanting just one embryo a significant factor in the change, study author says

Use of Male IVF Procedure Doubled in the Past Decade

But the procedure is expensive and not always tied to better outcomes, study suggests

Fertility Treatments Have Low Complication Rates, Study Finds

Improvements through the years have made these procedures safer, researchers say

Poor Sperm Quality May Signal Health Issues, Study Finds

Medical conditions or treatments may affect fertility, researchers say

No Link Seen Between Celiac Disease, Infertility

Researcher says findings should reassure women with the digestive disorder

Fertility Treatments Aren't Significantly Linked to Birth Defects

Expectant parents can be reassured by findings, researchers say

Experimental Infertility Treatment Seems Effective, Cheaper

Fertilization occurs in the vagina, instead of petri dish, researchers say