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Most Physicians Report Being Satisfied With Career Choice

Forty percent would choose a different path, with frustrations including third-party interference

MONDAY, Sept. 9 (HealthDay News) -- Most physicians report being satisfied with their career choice, although 40 percent would rethink their path given the chance to choose again, according to the 2013 Great American Physician Survey published in Physicians Practice.

Researchers surveyed 1,172 physicians during a four-month period starting in January 2013. Respondents were asked their opinions on subjects ranging from politics to work-life balance, and about their career satisfaction and overall happiness.

According to the report, respondents ranked their overall happiness as eight on a one-to-10 scale, and the majority reported being satisfied with their career choice. Given the option to choose again, 60 percent said they would still become a physician. Looking ahead, 46 percent of physicians expect to continue to practice the same way in five years, while 14 percent report that they expect to retire in the next five years. Of the 40 percent who said they would not become a physician given the opportunity to choose again, 32 percent cited too much third-party interference in practice operations. The physicians were of the opinion that the largest barriers to good health care for their patients were lack of adequate insurance coverage (37 percent) and not having enough time to educate patients on better health strategies (19 percent). About half of respondents (49 percent) reported strongly supporting the Affordable Care Act reform law or supporting it with minor changes.

"With the Affordable Care Act's full effect looming in 2014, U.S. physicians remain optimistic about health care and their role in keeping patients healthy," according to a press release.

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