Health Tip: Dermabrasion

It smoothes out wrinkles and acne scars

(HealthDayNews) -- If you consider a face lift too extreme, you may want to try dermabrasion to smooth facial wrinkles.

Dermabrasion involves a surgeon using a high-speed, hand-held device to scrape off layers of skin until a wrinkle or scar becomes less visible, explains Detroit Medical Center. The skin is then protected using an ointment, a wet or waxy dressing, a dry treatment, or a combination of these.

It usually takes about 10 days to heal, and most of the skin's normal color returns within eight weeks.

Dermabrasion is not suitable for everyone, and your eligibility should be based on factors such as skin type, coloring and medical history. Black skin and other darker complexions may become permanently discolored or blotchy after the procedure.

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